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3 weeks ago

Hobi 😀 #foreverandone

last month

Why do i exist? Whats the purpose of my life? Where did life come from? What is the nature of god? Does he really exist? Is there any standard definition of what is good and what is bad? Does god i worship really exist? Is god a mere concept created by man? Does afterlife really exist? What if religion was a manmade? Why should i have a blind faith? Why everything the way it is? How did the universe come into existence? What was god doing before the bigbang? Does god have a brain? These are questions i had when was 20 yo. Just wanna tell u Now i m 24 yo..

April 2019


March 2019

Sudah dua minggu tidak bergitar, akhirnya

February 2019

Supaya tidak asal bicara.

December 2018


April 2019

Trust issue

November 2018

Gagal move on....

October 2018

Go outside, Feel the nature, Eventually You will realize that what you are worrying so much doesnt even matter. Nevertheless as soon as you are back home again.. that damn anxiety probably still persists. Well nothing last forever.. Misery disappears, and soon be replaced by the happiness and vice versa. This is life!! Is made for those who are willing to adapt. Cry dear!! We are human after all, we all cry.

March 2019

My new song "Oblivion" (crude version ) with very simple unskilled video editing, I did beatbox in this song btw, sounds nice to me. #lawrencekrauss #richardfeynman #stephenhawking #cosmos #cosmicsong #carlsagan #neilthegracetyson #billnye #michiokaku

March 2019

Goddamn her booty!

last month

Ilving on a prayer 😵😵

May 2018

Hamba yang Peragu- By zairfin. looking for the signs of Thanos in the universe 😁.

January 2019

Sapiens - Yuval Noah Harari. "Animal that became god"

September 2018

once upone a time in 3rd semester, 2014, when attendance was the only main concern, we used to team up in doing silly things

March 2019

Bet you hate this book so much. Sorry but i have to open my mind on every perspective

January 2018

A Lil Story of Science - William Bynum. Title: Reading book in indonesia I do sometimes read book in public, (if i am waiting for something or someone, lets just say my gf in supermarket ). and i must admit that i sometimes have an uncotrolable instinct (i believe everybody has it ),which is to make people think that i am smart. One day when i read book in public i was astonished to see the way how some people looked at me. It seemed like they kinda hate me for reading book in public, well I just didnt care. You know what guys, i think its better than nothing, beside Reading book in public breaks no laws.So its okay to read a book in public theres nothing to worry about. Dont give a damn about people who judge, who talk bad about you for being minta-perhatian. I think I must agree with Eleanor Rosevelt, that she said "Great minds discuss idea; Average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people" . I ll end it with two quotes from George RR martin. 1. "A mind needs book like a sword needs a wetstone" 2."A reader lives thousand lives, the man who never read lives only one" - George RR Martin

December 2017

Sometimes its not enough simply to see, we must understand.

March 2019

Lost in hyperspace - created and arranged by @zairfin You have no idea how much i appreciate life.. heres one of beautiful quote from one of the greatest scientists : Stephen Hawking "We are just an advanced breed of monkeys on a minor planet of a very average star, but we can understand the universe. Thats what makes us special" #lawrencekrauss #richardfeynman #stephenhawking #cosmos #cosmicsong #carlsagan #neilthegracetyson #billnye #michiokaku

4 weeks ago

"Just like im stuck in a frozen ocean, whenever i see you Darling i am sorry For being still" Yo guys check this out, my new song. "Being still"

June 2018

Scene : Kikyo's Resurrection (Inuyasa Backsound - Futari No kimochi! ).

4 weeks ago

. : : #lyrics Kau adalah pagi ( youre the morning ) Yg harus ku temani ( i should start with ) Kau adalah melodi ( ur a melody ) Terlena kuresapi (that makes me deffenseless ) Kau lantunan sendu ( ure a mellow tone ) Yang meneduhkan ku (that brings me a comfort ) Kau adalah rindu terbuai ku karena mu. ( The longing thats driving me crazy )

November 2018

Song : Man's Promises Created by : @zairfin

June 2017

Weve been contemplating on how to create a time-travel machine.

April 2017

Title: The medicine. Created by: @zairfin

March 2019

After watching this video, my logical thought produces a very fundamental question that can determine what kind of faith i should rely on in the future. I found something dazzling about our universe, especially the number of galaxies that exist within our universe. there are aproximately HUNDRED BILLIONS of galxies within the observable universe. well it is shaking my head.. it leaves me a question, "what the function of those galaxies, if Milky Way is the only needed galaxy for human kind.? why did The Creator, or what we might call GOD, create galaxies those much? as u know, each galaxy contains atleast 1 trilion Stars and each star may contain one solar system in which there are planets orbiting the sun (One of the stars ). Human existence in a tiny planet called earth is not even significant for the longevity of the universe. Our existence in a universe is similar to one atom in our body..So i started to think that, IF the vastness of the universe were made only for us, as my faith told so, then i am sorry i think its obviously ridiculous. Moreover.. a rabbi told that in the doomsday everything in the universe will be destroyed for the sake of punishing one fucking species called sapiens in one of trillion of trilion planets in a universe.. well.. go ahead believe in that story... i am stick with science.. i am not those kind of person that blindly believe in every information their ancestors had told them. its merely a question makes me aware toward the trully purpose of my life in this vast universe. well therefore,u dont need to take it so serious its just my viewpoint. Remember !!!! theres no restriction of knowing, therefore if u already are capable of thinking beyond the earth, u might be thinking about god (god of abraham ) presence, (does god really act like u always told me all this time? ), as a consequence. wiseman will apreciate a perception made by someone instead of mad at them. !!

March 2017

here i explain u the meaning of love scientifically.

April 2018

well, the definition of Morality can be varied since every individual is influenced by different experiences and different environmental. "Bad" for u sometimes might probably be "good" for me. i am 🚬

October 2017

You are what is being processed in ur brain. #einstein #science

March 2019

Agnostik juga perlu baca buku bertemakan agama.

December 2016

The very first time of mine having grofie with the entire members of class A. . What kind of person was i.

May 2018

To find the truth, dont be ignorant and dont pick only one version of information. pick the whole of them, although its against a particular perspective of yours (faith especially ). Then reconsile those information, make sure that it is based on the realm of reality, and must provide the evidences. Dont blindly believe in everything. #BukuUntukIndonesia

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