Ai gonplei nou ste odon 🖤 @wtffjessie

dιd yoυ ĸnow тнaт dolpнιnѕ are jυѕт gay ѕнarĸѕ? - вrιттany ѕ pιerce

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1 weeks ago

Hi 👋🏼 it’s been a year since I posted my face lol been growing my hair and growing as a person. Feeling pretty good about myself lately.. getting shit taken care of and becoming the person I’ve wanted to be for a long time. I’ve been single for over two years and feeling more peaceful than ever! Change is such a good thing 🧡

last month

WCW bc 😩😍🔥 so obsessed w them

May 2019

As a lesbian and an extreme introvert I have no fear for myself that this would affect me. But I fear for all women that could be subject to this bullshit. This should have never become something that I see on all of my feeds. I don’t care that the men in power are white(only on this issue ). I care that the human beings in control are MEN deciding to control women’s autonomy. I’ve never been one to speak up about politics bc tbh I don’t understand most of what they talk about. But I understand what it’s like to be a woman that’s been raped and feared that my rapist would have left me pregnant. Under NO circumstance should any person be allowed to tell you what is best for your own body for your own health be. It is your God given right to decide what to do with your body. If you agree with the ban on abortions then PLEASE unfollow me. Also shoutout to @ijessewilliams and @colesprouse for the support. I follow a lot of men but they are the only 2 I’ve seen so far to support women on this

March 2019

#tb bc I haven’t done one of these in a while. I’m growing my hair out and changing up my style.. waiting for the right time to post a new selfie 💁🏻‍♀️

January 2019

Happy 6 months mi amor 😘🥳👏🏼

August 2018

• pυт anoтнer dιмe ιn тнe jυĸeвoх, вaвy

June 2018

When @megalodon snack puts your wife in your pic 😍😍😍😂 #wce

April 2018

• тнey ѕay all good gιrlѕ go тo нeaven, вυт вad gιrlѕ вrιng нeaven тo yoυ.

February 2018

• тнey ѕay ι dιd ѕoмeтнιng вad вυт wнy'ѕ ιт ғeel ѕo good?

October 2017

• Tell your boyfriend if he says he's got beef, That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him. 🤗🖤

October 2017

• if they test me they sorry

September 2017

• Touch me and you'll never be alone 🖤

September 2017

My favorite tatted bitch is back in Dallas and I'm so happy about it 😍😍😍 we finna turn up all damn weekend 😈

September 2017

• Frankie say relax

August 2017

• Went to my first Cowboys game w my male twin this weekend. 'Twas lit 🏈🍻

August 2017

• let me love u 🖤

August 2017

Hey hi how ya durin?

May 2017

• ѕend мy love тo yoυr new lover 😘

May 2017

He's just so handsome 😩😍 #modelmaterial

May 2017

• and dιdn'т yoυ ever wonder aвoυт тнe dread on мy тongυe? тнe вlood ιn мy lυngѕ? •

May 2017

• You took my heaven away •

April 2017

• Oh, I'm helpless when I'm oceans away •

April 2017

Time-lapse of what anxiety looks like. My hands stay busy •

April 2017

Promise me no promises 💎 #staytuned

April 2017

🖤 go aнead and laυgн even ιғ ιт нυrтѕ go aнead and pυll тнe pιn wнaт ιғ we coυld rιѕĸ everyтнιng we нave and jυѕт leт oυr wallѕ cave ιn.

March 2017

I've got a jet black heart and there's a hurricane underneath it 🖤

January 2017

Rest easy Papa. You were the absolute best person I've ever known and loved. You were sweet and goofy. You are who I strive to be like. A genuine and loving person who did nothing but smile and put out POSITIVE vibes. You have and will always be loved by the biggest family and the biggest hearts thanks to you! I love you so so so much and I can't wait to see you again and give you the biggest hug. 💜 you're my hero.

January 2017

🖤 Cassh us ousside howboutdat. #boobs #candid photo cred: @jennjeezy

December 2016

Hi guyz 👋🏼🖤

November 2016

Literally me every day of my stupid life 🙄😂 #debramorganquotes

May 2016

💜💭 yoυ are тнe lιgнт and ι wιll ғollow yoυ leт мe loѕe мy ѕнadow yoυ are тнe ѕυn, тнe glowιng нalo and yoυ ĸeep вυrnιng мe υp wιтн all yoυr love.. #happy

April 2016

⚡️ Mischief managed △⃒⃘

March 2016

💀 вυт ғor now we ѕтay ѕo ғar тιll oυr lonely lιмвѕ collιde ι can'т ĸeep yoυ ιn тнeѕe arмѕ ѕo ι'll ĸeep yoυ ιn мy мιnd.

February 2016

🤘🏼💎⚓️ Loose lips sink ships all the damn time. #selfie #justbecause

January 2016

F⃣B⃣F⃣ @braidijoactive this is my favorite pic of us lmfao love youuuu 😘

January 2016

• тнe caroυѕel never ѕтopѕ тυrnιng • #crashtide #equality #tt #tooltuesday

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