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last month

I am here not because they are. I am here because I knew this was the one place they went where they said I could find you. I knew that if the masses are claiming your presence is felt. It can’t be coincidence that they all felt it in the same time and same place. So here I am. On my knees. Asking. Not for forgiveness, but understanding. I don’t want to change some things in my life. I believe, this is who I am meant to be. That all of this is not for nothing. Everything I say, and choose to do. It has to be for something. I have plans. Ambition. Determination. I will succeed with this. There is reason for my ways. I just hope you can stand beside me as I walk down this path. I hope you are able to understand as a bystander and best friend. I hope you can fill me still with your spirit. I hope you will be there until the very end. Then once it is time for me to leave. I hope you can forgive me for all my sin. I love you. Amen. W.Blank #religiouspoetry #agape #church #poemoftheday #communityofpoets #poetryisnotdead #writersblock #writethetruth #judgementdetox #imonlyhuman

last month

Dear lord, I have no right to ask. But please take this pain. I know I have done wrong and enable those who do cocaine. Being a bystander lets them think it’s okay. I know I continue to ask for forgiveness when I all I feel is shame. How can I blame. Giving your only son to watch me live my life in vane. As if I don’t care to tarnish your name. Claiming I am a woman of god as I step purposely into the flame. Dear lord, please cleanse me and forgive my lies. All the sins I have made along with the tears I have cried. Always praying to be healed as I burn from the inside. This is what life feels like to be alive. Contradicting ourselves as we pretend to fall in line. 10 commandments is what we use as a means to define. Always trying to push past or test your guidelines. Praying for selfish reasons, never to just appreciate your time. Dear lord, please take this pain. Always seeking salvation when the devil seems to have me in his domaine. Locked up inside his playground shaped like a cage. Begging and bartering for any chance of you being able too disengage. Sadly it seems I always tend to procrastinate until I finally reach this mental stage. Can’t believe you have given me this many chances. How I have spent this time wasting it away on monetary happiness and the social hype of this age. Please lord, I beg you. Fix up my soul and repair the damage I have made. I know you posses the tools and in your hands hold the gage. In His name I pray and promise to stay. Just take this pain. Amen. W.Blank #poemsofinstagram #poemoftheday #poetrycommunity #religiouspoetry #imabeliever #godsplan #poetryisnotdead #writersblock

last month

“Nuzzled into my neck, Resting her demons on my shoulder. My hands grabbed a fist full of her hair. Pulling her face back as if to adjust her perspective, we observed. Looking into each other’s eyes we found solace, while everyone around us stared. As she fingered her way into my fishnets I realized this was not the first time we publicized how much for one another that we cared. Grinding together in an old beaten up pool bar. We stacked our cash as we checked off goals that we both envisioned as a pair. Looking at how far we have come from flying back and forth between coasts, and spending thousands of dollars on hotel rooms we never even shared. First class seats at 5 star restaurants never smiling nor did we even acknowledge how life for others was unfair. Always wanting more now wishing we had been more grateful and aware. Spending all of our money on people who were just purchased love affairs. Never feeling fulfilled by the lust ridden relationships that we beard. Drained years later of all our accounts and facing what we worst feared. Sitting in torn up bar stools again and dancing on wooden stages with hand print stained mirrors. At least in the end we will understand the grind it took to walk life’s red carpet, Premier. Just know I got your back as I scan the crowd for the next investor as I stroke your hair.” -W.Blank #poemoftheday #poetryisnotdead #sisters #loveislove #imdeep #poetrycommunity #poetryporn #poeticjustice

April 2019

Hemp seeds, hemp succeeds. Even the plant itself assists with cancerous disease. kids with seizures can finally sleep with ease. So why do we battle so much with the political leagues. Providing environmental friendly clothing With a catchy logo on their T’s. My friend @hgrd life designs fashion that guarantees. High quality products with a fabric that breaths. This way you can look stylish @coachella And still feel the desert breeze. Watching young adults run across hot sand just to make it to Wiz Khalifas stage and smoke some more weed. W.Blank #poetry #poemoftheday #writersofinstagram #writtenblank #hgrdlife #hempclothing #coachella #coachellaoutfit #coachella2019 #cannibiscommunity #hemphelps #hempfabric #hemp #organicclothing #crueltyfree #veganfriendly #ecofriendly #hempseeds #hempsociety #hempclothing

February 2019

I want to jump naked into foreign waters. Find prizes at the bottom of a cereal boxes. Plant flowers in a garden and watch them grow and change like the leaves on a tree. As if the season was meant to be, We fall into passion. Hot as the wax that burns away from the wick. I want to pull you under silk sheets and let my hair Nat up into helpless nots of endless entangled love affairs. And if I can catch my breath between moments and count the time then I have never lived. For staring at a clock is like waiting for death and I want to stand on mountains after we have hiked through unforeseen challenges. run through scolding hot sand just to feel the serenity of the cool blue ocean wrap itself around our feet. I want to fall with faith as the hammock catches our backs cradling us under constellations and lone stars that we silently wish upon. And if you had asked me what it was that I desired in the vast openness of the sky that night... I would have said, “I want to live a life of love.” -W.Blank #poetryisnotdead #lovequotes #lovepoems #poetryporn #fuckmybrain #sapiosexual #writtenblank #scorpions #collaredgirl

January 2019

Warm waters overlap my skin, as I ponder old choices that were made of sin. People staring at my legs because every human craves skin. Some finding short sensation from penetrating a woman from within. Internal madness makes me believe that love never wins. Filled with lust they seem to draw that line between the two so thin. Confusing the heart I prefer to handle my problems with sloe gin. -W.Blank #rosebath #flowers #blessedwater #poetryisnotdead #lifeasapoet #loveorlust #sloegin #bathtubfullofsin #poemoftheday

January 2019

Roses and sunflowers, surround me but never link. Murky as the water Thoughts cloud me as I think. Pouring a glass of vintage wine I begin to drink. Slipping through soft petals as I romance myself with fantasies that are filled with kinks. Using my hands I play with my own flower until it Leaks nectar past soft lips of pink. Only if a dream could reenact like karaoke as our lips sync. Drifting in the tub I recall memories of past lovers so distinct. Pulling the plug I let the roses and sunflowers sink. Swirling together they lay weathered on the brink. Just like those flowers sometimes things last longer when preserved in Ink. -W.Blank #poetryporn #poetryisnotdead #poet #bathbomb #flowerbath #royalhighnass #writtenblank

January 2018

You gave me what I thought could not be found. That feeling of a million stars burning and falling to the ground. Starving for a kiss as I hold your hand while no one was around. You proved yourself to be a true man. Making me step out of my comfort zone. Standing in the middle of the street where laughter was not frowned. Straddling me from behind as we walked awkwardly back to the car. Making what I thought to be our first touch down. Was as our lips met that I knew why I gave you such a high crown. Eleven fifteen you are different. Doesn’t matter who else is in the crowd that surrounds. Always verbally humble. So let me be the first to bow. You are King in my eyes. Creator of an inner spark. Like the constellations we see at dark. I am bound. Never wanting to leave your infinite space. As long as a telescope can trace. I will wait for you just in case Darkness. Not such a negative place. For when I close my eyes I get to see your face. Wishing amongst the universe I guess I believe in fate. Maybe I will see you again. If not. Then dreaming isn’t such a bad mental state. W.Blank #elevenfifteen #inspiration #universallove #neverstopexploring

April 2017

Love yourself enough not to settle. Life is to short to feel mediocre. Rather wait to have that feeling in the pit of my stomach when we walk by or say,"hi." Then to be with someone just to fulfill that space for the ride. Searching for an adventure, and starving to have our bodies collide. Caring for your needs, and everything that inspires your mind. Doesn't have to be a wealthy man. Just someone who enjoys my time. Sharing mutual connections. settling for mediocre will be just that, fine. If my partner is successful then I will accommodate that life. Staying on top of their health. While balancing a spiritual tide. Enhancing each other in ways where mediocre could not reside. Life is just to short. Don't settle, fight. Wait it out. Know your morals and Desire to be a wife. Let it be known that you want kids. A family to call your own. Where traditions coincide. Yes I have the mind of a business woman. Although my heart is full of love that yearns for a King at my side. Ride or die. Mediocre is just alright. W.B #mythoughtsexactly #fashionpolice #scorpio #nightoutwithmygirl #shesboss #sweetsavage #livetodance #fuckthehaters #justgivelove #noregrets #livelife #hollywood is just that... #sohollywood #catchup #nopunintended #poetryisnotdead #poetryisinmyblood #cantbreathwithoutit #comingsoon #elevenfifteen

April 2017

If you are good with secrets Then you must tell lies solemnly swear your loyalty Trick me and it's your self demise If you are good with secrets Then you must tell lies People asking questions Better tell them straight Dead poker look in all 3 eyes If I smell a rat I'll cook it up for breakfast Call me an ogre But your the ugly one stomping around. Crossing boundary lines Go back to your swamp Stankey Hoe Stole my shoes one morning but I turned a blind eye. Offered me your flip flops. But I'm good. All I got to say is If you are good at telling secrets Then you must be able to tell lies. Don't believe a word you say. While I laugh it off and wave to you goodbye. While he hugs you then walks back to my side. Don't look so sour While we drive off. Black Porsche closing the scene out from partying all night until the sunrise. All I have to say is if your good at keeping secrets. Then you must tell lies. W.Blank #mythoughtsexactly #poemoftheday #poetryisnotdead #keirabancroft #writtenblank #poetrycommunity #art 🎨 #Hollywood #palihouse #fakebitches #stolen #youcanhaveit #jealousmuch #😂 #👠

October 2016

Already Hollywood had lived up to its expectation for me, But the ride isn't over yet. I plan to master/conquer the label that has been stamped over our heads as woman. I am not an object of self release. I have a brain and choose to express it well. Yes I am very flirtatious. Although I don't give effort or pursue unless I have an interest. I have manners and self respect. The knowledge I carry is deep and I have sacrificed much to obtain it. All that I seek for now is a guide. A light of a soul to show me what steps they have made in order to succeed in this vest pool of reptilians. Show me who to trust. Show me gods people. I am ready to strike my passion. W.Blank. What I think of myself?... I am too intense for most individuals, they have enough going on. It's Hollywood. #hollywood #mythoughtsexactly #mysquad ? #familyfirst #business #build #focus #patience #scorpio #godspeople #truth #fameisntwhatyouthinkitis #imnotlookingforfame #iwantsucsess #accomplishment #positivevibes #numerology #speakfreely #showmeyourtrails #writerscommunity #writtenalloveryourface #poemoftheday #quoteoftheday #instawriter

September 2016

Driving around with eleven 15. Destination unknown, But my attention he's seen Talking of nutrition, Listing forms of vegetarian protein. Learning of one another. Finding out he once lived near Sabine. Trading favorite colors. His is bright while mine is forest green. So much in common. Driving around with eleven 15. Deciding to finally stop So we Settled on garage parking. Talking of his accomplishments. We walk in to a restaurant where the hostess intervenes. Guiding us to our table. I order white wine while he stays clean. Discussing further our interests. Our time feeling truthfully serene. Finishing my glass, we motion it's time to leave. Walking me back like a gentleman. Only wishing to reconvene. Truly I must say I enjoyed my time. Driving around with eleven 15. -W.Blank #poemoftheday #eleven15 #wine #kambucha #bodyenergyclub #acaibowl #poetrycommunity #poetryisnotdead #writtenblank #blacknwhitephotography #hollywood #healthnut #nutrition #gingerlemon #fridaynights #scorpio #astrology #numerology #4

August 2016

Your rights have been read, warned you have been. Proceed with caution. For I can't erase what you wished to begin Caught in ink. Tattooed into my skin. Forever remembered, how I etched you in. Passion/feelings, that grow quite dim. I am a writer. I quote that of witch is felt. Printed never read, but skimmed. As if feelings were meant to been hemmed. Cut short to handle better, or rushed to understand. I am a writer. No easy way between the lines. Must analyze every word to comprehend. I am a writer. Record from beginning to end. W.Blank #writersofig #writterscommunity #writersofinstagram #poetryswag #poetryisnotdead #poemoftheday #poet #writer #writtenblank #quoteoftheday #lifequotes

August 2016

Take me away. Ascend my soul. For I can bare no longer. This barren plane. Everything is hell. Burning in water. My living flesh, forces me to stay. Gambling with gods. Lord I wish, Demons didn't exist. That all would be nailed, Then crucified at the stake. Predetermined judgment. Living hell won't break. Begging with tongues. We mourn for your sake. Please, Just take me away. Ascend my soul. Promise me eternity starts today. W.Blank #writterscommunity #writersofinstagram #seaside #secretcaves #demons #god #wordsofwisdom #poetryswag #poetryisnotdead #poemoftheday #quoteoftheday #listentomywords #power #wordshavepower #lgbtq #writersofig #scuba #loveislove #forbiddencity #gatesofhell #living #lord #ascend #salvation #allgods #higherpower