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4 weeks ago

Remember to always stay inside the boundaries! But just imagine the lines that could be made if this glacier had some fresh powder on it ||| 6/24/19 • • • P.S. Due to the increase in global warming, the glaciers in Jasper National Park have been shrinking more than normal. It is estimated that they will be gone within the next 80 years • • #visitalberta #jaspernationalpark #columbiaicefield #glaciers #oneearth #nationalparks #breakingboundaries #roadtrip #alaskapack #52weeksofnature

4 weeks ago

Breathtaking view of the sunset on the the Canadian Rockies. Too bad they take place after 10pm ||| 6/23/19 • • • P.S. Make sure to bring some heavy duty bug spray when you visit, the mosquitoes here look like they came out of Jurassic Park • • #visitalberta #banff #canadianrockies #nationalparks #oneearth #findyourbackcountry #roadtrip #alaskapack #52weeksofnature

last month

Gloomy overlook of Union Pacific Depot. The depot was constructed in 1887 and currently there is a museum inside depicting how Union Pacific impacted Cheyenne and the state of Wyoming ||| 6/15/19 • • • P.S. If you never get the chance to visit the museum, I have heard AMC’s “Hell on Wheels” is pretty close to the real thing • • #visitwyoming #unionpacific_photos #trains #roadtrip #alaskapack #52weeksofnature

last month

On my way through The Sunflower State, I took the chance to visit Monroe Elementary School. From visiting, I learned the Supreme Court combined five different segregation cases into what would be known as “Brown v. Board of Education” ||| 6/14/19 • • • P.S. I also learned today, the NPS preserves more than just parks but historic sites, events, and people! • • #nationalparkservice #historicsite #history #visitkansas #roadtrip

last month

Day 2 of my journey welcomes me to St. Louis, Missouri. Home of the newest Stanley Cup Champions (sorry (not sorry ) Boston )! As a civil engineer, I thoroughly enjoyed this shot due to it including the world’s tallest stainless steel monument ||| 6/13/19 • • • P.S. Whenever you go traveling make sure you remember where you parked your car, unlike me who spent 45 minutes looking in the wrong parking deck for mine • • #stlouis #stlouisblues #civilengineering #travel #natgeo #natgeoyourshot #52weeksofnature

May 2019

Cousin Mike’s mid-drift didn’t bring any luck for us at the derby :(

April 2019

My guys • • • P.S. I yelled at @garrett magill06 for using a plastic straw

April 2019

I told ‘em I would see ‘em in a few years.. #capitolhilldc

December 2018

Merry Schmuckmas 🎅🏼

October 2018

^fyi coach CAN smile!!

August 2018

The Boys are Back in Town

September 2017

And we back #FUBU

April 2017

Be iconic or die trying

December 2016

When you take the most Ls ever in one semester, but can't help but smile because it's finally over

September 2016


March 2016

Tourism at its finest

December 2015

Shoutout to my former brother in arms, great job tonight dawg. You may be bigger than me now but you will always be lil Tay in my mind. Good luck at Kennesaw next year with everything you decide to do