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March 2017

Life is short, smile while you still have teeth!❤ P.S. because I hadn't posted a picture with my short hair👑 #smile #sonrie

December 2016

Throwback with my baby girl who has been beside me since day 1💕 Although we don't see each other everyday, she never fails to make me smile👑❤ #may142016 #takemeback

December 2016

Kathy dearest❤ I love this picture!

November 2016

Throwback to my casual XV photo shoot❤

August 2016

A day late, but #reposting I had an amazing time with you guys, I'll miss you all! ❤ #whataburger & your bed @victoria_alexiia 😂👏(I'm surprised we didn't break it! )

August 2016

I had an amazing day with you lovely girls! Thanks for being there for me, I really care for you ladies, after all you are my best friends❤