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Songwriter Music Artist VO Artist @ WME 1/2 of @storyandblue. Listen to my newest song:

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What do you do with your negative thoughts? What value do you give them? Do you believe that every thought you have is the truth? Every insecurity, every fear, every doubt, every opinion. Are they factual? Your thoughts are not always the truth. Question them. Challenge them. Don’t believe everything you think. Don’t mistake anxiety for intuition. One perspective is not every perspective. We’re not always right. // 📸: @imkyle93

5 days ago

I ain’t no @lewiscapaldi but I love this song and felt like singing it in the dark. 🤷🏻‍♂️👽. Might delete later...lol

2 weeks ago

My new song HAPPY ENDING ft. @moonwatermusic is out on all platforms! Wrote this one with @rynnsounds & @alexkoste about being thankful for a relationship and experience, even if it didn’t last forever. Hope it encourages you guys to not hate your exes. 😜 Link in bio! 🖤 // Artwork by @jaredtod

3 weeks ago

A song I co-wrote with my friends @graceogram & @notmaxmartin called This Is How It Feels will be featured in the series premiere of @racingwives on @cmt tonight! Let me know if you hear it 😜🖤

4 weeks ago

Friday night turn up. 🎶 🎧🎤🎹

last month

My duo @storyandblue released a new song called Chemicals today! We wrote this a million years ago so I’m thrilled to finally share it with you guys. Go listen on any platform and let us know what you think : ). // Co-written by @tovaonmars & @timhafermusic

last month

🎶 Where do we go when we die? Is it better on the other side? 🎶. Keep listening to Answers 😘🙏🏽. Link in bio.

June 2019

When you find out you’re a ghost but it makes sense ‘cause you’ve always felt half dead/half alive. 👻 // 📷: @tovaonmars

June 2019

My new single Answers is out everywhere now! Link in bio. This one is basically a diary entry that I turned into a song, so it’s quite confessional and means a lot to me. Hope you like it. Special thanks to the talented @macgregorleo for producing, @officialfakt for mixing, and @jaredtod for bringing my cover art vision to life. 🖤

May 2019

Catch a song I co-wrote called “Born For This” by @foxximusic in Season 2 of This Close on @sundancetv Premieres this fall. 😘

May 2019

Catch my song with @beauzmusic & @wearenightro called ”Comedown” in tonight’s episode of Fox’s Paradise Hotel! • • • @foxtv @paradisehotelfox @lyrichousela #lyrichouse #music #beauzmusic #nightromusic #tylershamy #comedown #sync #licensing

May 2019

Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you so much and I’m thankful everyday that I was raised by someone as incredible as you. Thank you for a lifetime of lessons, advice, love, support, and laughter. ❤ #happymothersday #mothersday #family

May 2019

Where is your boy tonight? I hope he is a gentleman. // 📸: @shantielalexis

May 2019

I’m getting too used to feeling used. ☠️🖤 // 📷: @shantielalexis

May 2019

USED is out everywhere now ☠️. Link in bio. Tag someone that needs to hear this song in the comments✌🏽. Thanks for all the love so far! 🖤 Lyric, melody, & vocals by Tyler Shamy // Produced by @phinisey // Cover art by @jaredtod

May 2019

Special thanks to anyone that’s ever betrayed me because it inspired me to write this song ✌🏽🖤😜. USED is out everywhere now. Link in bio. // Co-written & produced by @phinisey Cover art by @jaredtod

May 2019

Co-wrote this song for @superjunior D&E and they’ve been performing it live around Korea, which is so cool to see 😍. If you listen closely, you can hear some of my background vocals in the record haha 😜. Thank you to everyone at @smtown for making this happen! • • #SuperJunior #SuperJuniorDE #KPOP #NewMusic #SouthKorea #WatchOut #SMTown #SMEntertainment #Korean #Pop #Music #Songwriter #Topliner #Asia #Singer #Korea #Live #Concert #Tour

April 2019

Just another day waiting to be abducted by aliens. 👽 // 📸: @therealmikek

April 2019

Listen on other platforms: ampl.ink/dNOV5 Connect: facebook.com/tylershamy youtube.com/tylershamy twitter.com/tylershamy soundcloud.com/tylershamy Written by Tyler Shamy & Phinisey Produced by Phinisey Lyric video by viewmaniac.com

April 2019

The lyric video for my latest single TRUST ISSUES is finally here! Watch the full lyric video at Youtube.com/TylerShamy or Facebook.com/TylerShamy and please give it a share if you like it 🙏🏽❤️ // Co-written & produced by @phinisey

April 2019

I can see clearly now. The rain is gone 👁

April 2019

Last night was epic. Wrote a new one with @officialsachi & @trippytrev I love my job.

April 2019

My cousin @dongueraz and I actually started the “Lil” mumble rapper trend decades ago, sooo all the others are just posers. #whereareourfacetats ?

April 2019

It’s time for change @spotify Please value songwriters, the creatives that make your platform possible. Let’s evolve and operate from a place of fairness and mutual respect rather than greed. You claim to care about songwriters but your actions tell us otherwise. #spotify #secretgenius #music #musicindustry #laws #evolve #dsp #copyright #musicbusiness #songwriters #producers #composers #musicartist #singer #topliner #change #musicmodernizationact #copyrightroyaltyboard #outdatedlaws #royalties #residuals #greed #pop #revolution #fairness #change #justice #respect #recording #recordingstudio #streaming

April 2019

Stop and smell the roses, even when you can’t find the roses. 🌼

March 2019

Getting my zen on in the middle of nowhere. 🌻

March 2019

Here’s a clip of a song I wrote with @brookewilliamsmusic & @gregogan featured in @station19 on @abcnetwork 🔥🔥🔥. This is the second or third song I’ve had synced in a sex scene 😂👌🏻

March 2019

Catch a song I co-wrote with @brookewilliamsmusic & @gregogan called “They Call Me Trouble” on ABC’s Station 19 tonight!

March 2019

“Used to believe everything you say. Stupid, naive to think people change. I gave you 500 second chances. You gave up the late night kitchen dances”.

March 2019

Take me back to summer so I can be this tan again.

February 2019

My new song Trust Issues is out everywhere now! Link in bio. I hope you have as much fun listening to this song as I did writing it 😜. Comment below to let me know what you think! // Co-written and produced by my crazy talented friend @phinisey // Artwork by @jaredtod

February 2019

When you and your friend accidentally look like a Banana Republic ad. @tarakellymusic // 📸: @osseyjames

February 2019

Are we in heaven or just a radiantly white bathroom? You’ll never know.

February 2019

IN ANOTHER LIFE by @storyandblue is out everywhere now! You know I wasn’t gonna let this Valentine’s Day go by without posting something emo haha 😝. Hope you love it 💔. // Co-written with @tovaonmars & @phinisey and produced by the amazing @phinisey

February 2019

How were the Grammy’s? I’m about to watch 😬🤩

February 2019

When you unintentionally steal Little Red Riding Hood’s look 👀 😬🤪

January 2019

Craaaazy. The lyric video for Comedown just hit 1 million views. Thank you for believing in the song @taznetwork & @elxrrcrds , and shout out to the homies @beauzmusic & @wearenightro for involving me! 🙏🏽🖤🙌🏽✌🏽

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