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Photographer. Athlete. Dream Chaser. From deep space to the depths of the oceans and everything in between.

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2 days ago

What would YOU say, do, or advocate if you knew you could reach thousands of people around the world? This platform can be a powerful tool for change, but only if we use it that way. I never thought I would be fortunate enough to be in a position like this, and I am genuinely curious—what you would share? Photo from a sleepless night in dunes of Death Valley.

4 days ago

Feeling the warm morning light, listening to birds sing, and watching water cascade into one of the most beautiful valleys in the world.

3 weeks ago

I really mist this place. 😄😍

last month

This place is extremely hard to get into. With only 20 permits given a day using a lottery system and hundreds of people from all over the world trying to get in, the odds are against you. I tried for the next-day permit a few days ago and wasn’t successful. Over the years I’ve collectively spent months camping out for a permit, it’s tough but the reward is worth the effort! In other wave news, I’m super excited to be heading to Kelly Slater’s Surf Ranch ( @kswaveco ) tomorrow to surf the best man-made wave in the world with @outerknown As a kid, I grew up with a giant poster of @kellyslater over my bed so this will definitely be a dream come true! ...I’m also super nervous about falling and blowing it on the wave haha. 😅🤞🏼

last month

Cave exploration along the rugged and remote coast of Karpathos Island, Greece. This was shot a few years ago while on assignment for GoPro when we were traveling around the Island with a small production team creating content for the release of the GoPro Hero 5. We had some extremely challenging weather conditions this trip which forced us to get creative but working under pressure is something I’ve always enjoyed. The crazy conditions resulted in us finding this beautiful cave tucked away from the 40 mph winds. @chelseakauai was excited as always to get back in her natural element. Location- Karpathos Island, Greece. Camera- GoPro Hero 5 with a dome port.

May 2019

The Southern Oregon coast is like a treasure chest, with every little pullout and trail there are hidden gems to be found. Just watch out for lots of poison oak! I’m currently on the search for the Goonies treasure. ☠️👑💰🏴‍☠️

May 2019

Adventures are better with friends! I’m forever grateful that I’ve been able to turn my passions into a career, hire my friends to “work” with me and collaborate with a brand like @toyotaUSA that I’ve grown up surrounded by and loving my whole life. What a way to spend a day in my hometown of San Diego, CA- flying paragliders over the mountains, surfing along the coast, off-roading through the desert, highlining, bonfires and more. Stay tuned for the video coming soon. #letsgoplaces #ad @toyotaUSA

May 2019

Thousands of fish swirled around us as we spent some time hanging out in their world. @brinkleydavies enjoying the show during this epic dive in a super remote part of Indonesia. 🇲🇨🐠

April 2019

I took some necessary time off to disconnect from social media and find more balance in my life over the last few months. It’s been great for me to reconnect with loved ones, work on the fundamentals of my business, and feel reinspired with the path I have chosen! This whole journey has been a wild ride. I’ve had to take more leaps of faith than I ever would have imagined and I wouldn't change it for anything. Thanks again to all of you who have been following and supporting my journey, and stay tuned for some exciting stuff coming soon : ) Photo by my good friend @handsomerobinson

March 2019

Tonight is the final Supermoon of the year and I’ll be spending it surfing under the moonlight with friends🏄‍♂️🌕! This image was taken around 5:45am this morning while @lex weinstein was soaking up the moonlight here in Mexico. Check out those the perfect waves in the distance too 😍🙌🏼. —- I encourage you all to step outside and take a minute to look up at the moon and stars tonight if you have the chance! #supermoon

March 2019

So excited to be part of an Instagram photo contest where two winners will receive a new Tesla Model S for 3 years! @jess wandering, @alliemtaylor , @jedidiahjenkins and I will be the judges! Huge shout out to @BankoftheWest for hosting one of the most epic contests I have seen, raising awareness, and supporting a positive, sustainable future for our communities and future generations! The goal is to post unique images and perspectives that highlight sustainability, environmental consciousness, green technologies, etc. that mean the most to you. Check the @BankoftheWest page for the full rules on the contest. Photo of @brinkleydavies sitting in a dream. These were some of the clearest water conditions we have seen anywhere in the world! It’s up to all of us to make sure that the places we love continue to exist and inspire us all! #capturethechange #contest #sustainability #sponsored

March 2019

Peaceful moments on Kauai. This is a 2-second exposure taken on the @djiglobal Mavic Pro using the @polarpro ND64 filter to slow the shutter speed down and create motion with the waves. I had a blast playing with different long exposures (sometimes up to 3 or 4 seconds ) and bringing this vision to life. @reyannemustafa and I were the only ones on the beach while camping in an epic adventure vehicle thanks to @kauaioverlander 🙏🏼🙌🏼

March 2019

Getting excited about warm summer days and crazy adventures with friends! Solid boat crew with @christianschaffer , @ambertorrealba , @paddymackk , @davidhatfieldphotography Big thanks to @surflakepowell for showing us around your backyard! I’m still convinced there is treasure in this cave somewhere haha. Lake Powell, Arizona.

February 2019

When I was first starting out with photography, a huge focus for me was trying to get my name and images out there in every way possible by submitting to photo contests, sharing my work online and being super active in the photo community. Looking back now, I realize just how important this was to the foundation and success of my career. I’m honored to now be selected as one of three judges for the #CapturetheChange photo contest going on now through 3/29 with Bank of the West which focuses on capturing images around sustainability and positive change for the environment. TWO WINNERS will receive a 3-year lease on a new Tesla Model S. 😵 Plus, NO entry fee required. Just post a photo on the subject to your feed, follow and tag @bankofthewest , and use #CapturetheChange #contest Check out @bankofthewest for more details and good luck! #sponsored

February 2019

Standing where dinosaurs once roamed. Just around the corner you can still find their footprints scattered around this wild landscape. @chelseakauai soaking it in at The Wave, Arizona.

January 2019

From deep space to the depths of the ocean and everything in between, I love exploring and pushing myself and my photography in every way possible! Learning to fly (paraglide ) has been incredible and I’m excited to start producing content from skies around the world! Here I am taking a quick break from the computer to catch the sunset with friends over my hometown of San Diego, CA. It’s crazy to think that I’ve been shooting with a GoPro for 13+ years! Check out the blog I wrote for GoPro about how I use the camera and it’s new features to continue to capture unique photos and videos all over the globe. Link in bio. Shot with the @gopro #Hero7 @ozoneparagliders @flytpg @forsakeco @hippytree

January 2019

Photographing deep space has been a dream come true! I took this image with a telescope of the Orion Nebula (M42 ) that is over 1,300 light years away and 25 light years wide. At its core, thousands of stars and planets have been born and we can even see the beginning stages of solar system formations. Most of what we know about star and planet formation has come from scientists' studies of this exact nebula. Honestly, deep space imaging is way different than taking a regular landscape photo but I’ve loved learning about the process and meeting so many incredible people along the way. Huge shout out to my good friend @gibsonpics and all of the awesome people at @optcorp for helping make this dream come true! 🔭🌌👽 #astrophotography #orionnebula #deepspace

January 2019

Tranquil solitude. @brinkleydavies

January 2019

TONIGHT! Don’t miss the ONLY total lunar eclipse of 2019! It will be visible from North America, South America, Europe, and Africa. The eclipse starts at 7:33pm PST. Click the link in my bio if you're interested in finding out all of the info for your exact location! Tag a friend/loved one who will want to experience this! Now, let's hope for clear skies 🙏🏼🤞🏼✨ #superbloodwolfmoon #totallunareclipse #eclipse

January 2019

It’s crazy, I didn’t even know that heli-camping existed, let alone think that I would ever have the opportunity to do it! Insane adventure with @christianschaffer thanks to @iflyheli where we flew over Monument Valley for sunset, camped near super-remote Native American ruins in the desert, and then flew down the grand canyon at 100+ mph waving to river rafters below. ————— Where would you heli-camp if you could take off tonight? 🚁🌌⛺️

January 2019

With everything going on with the government shutdown, it’s been a huge reminder of how special these places are and how important it is to continually protect them. This shot is from a recent solo trip through the park as the last light hit El Capitan. I hope the Valley will continually be a place for us to slow down and appreciate how grand and magnificent earth really is. Huge thanks to @smartwool for making this special trip to Yosemite possible. #gofarfeelgood #yosemite #nationalpark

January 2019

Have you ever wondered what a colorful sunset looks like from beneath the surface? I can't believe what I've been missing all of these years! Peaceful moments in Indonesia with @brinkleydavies

January 2019

Southern Utah showing off its colors. @christianschaffer enjoying the view while eating a PB&J.💁🏼‍♀️

December 2018

Spent the last few days surfing, chasing rainbows, hiking to remote waterfalls and camping on the beach in Kauai. My friends at @kauaioverlander have put together the perfect 4x4 vehicles to rent and explore this island paradise in such a unique way. I’d been wanting to take one of their trucks out for a few years so I was stoked to finally make it happen! 🙏🏼🙌🏼 Kauai, Hawaii. I hope you all had a happy holiday and are looking forward to what’s ahead in the new year! #kauai #hawaii #milkyway #adventuremobile

December 2018

I’m 33ft (10m ) below the surface, backed into a tight corner with a wall of spiny sea urchins inches from my body, my mind bouncing between fear, camera settings, and the elegance of @jillyfish831 - all while trying to ignore my body’s signs that my one breath of air is running out.
 I’ve always been attracted to things that push me mentally and physically. When I was a child, water would pour into my ears as a result of an ear surgery. It took me years to overcome my fear of water, even trying to touch the bottom of the pool didn’t seem possible. Freediving became a goal of mine over the last few years and after a ton of research, training, and help from friends, I am stoked to be able to explore parts of the world that very few people get to see and share some of those experiences with all of you! QUESTION- Should I post more black and white images? I love shooting in B&W but always hesitate to share them here. Thank you again for all of your continued support! #freediving #hawaii #blackandwhite @aquatech_imagingsolutions

December 2018

I woke up at 4:30am yesterday to catch the first snowfall in Yosemite Valley. It was 10°F (-12°C ) but absolutely beautiful to witness El Capitan and the Merced River under the light of the small crescent moon. A lot of you were asking for my camera setting on my Stories today, so here they are- Shutter Speed- 25 seconds. Aperture- f/4. ISO- 6400. Let me know if you have any questions! #yosemite #nightphotography #camerasettings #yosemitenationalpark

December 2018

Drove up to Yosemite last night to catch the first snowfall with my good friend Quin- @everchanginghorizon I love how he always has a different approach to places, like taking his paddle board out in below freezing conditions (he was out there cruising around for almost an hour ). Check out his feed for the video and all kinds of other epic content! #yosemite #snow #paddleboarding #yosemitenationalpark

November 2018

😂 Who’s ready for winter?? ... I thought I was, but maybe not haha. Fun session last year, thanks for catching this moment @kylor 🙌🏼 #happyfriday #kookoftheday #youwinsomeyoulosesome

November 2018

A few days ago we arrived at this incredible location after hiking through some of the most beautiful and untouched canyons I have ever seen in the Southwest. I’ve been extensively traveling through the Western U.S. for 6 years and love the fact that I’m still finding new places like this. @reyannemustafa and I had a blast and were impressed that we didn’t see a single piece of trash or a single human the whole day! Out of respect for the locals and the landscape, I’ve decided not to give the exact location of this spot, but the Southwest in general has some of my favorite landscapes and National Parks in the country I encourage all of you to explore this area if you have the opportunity. Get out there! #southwest #adventure #explore #nothavasupai

November 2018

Today is World Jellyfish Day! What an honor it was to recently swim in a lake with these extremely rare stingless jellyfish. Jellyfish have been around for hundreds of millions of years before dinosaurs, they lack not only bones, but hearts and brains as well, and some contain venom that is considered among the deadliest in the world. Swimming around in their weightless world with Marine Biologist @brinkleydavies helped me realize how important it is to protect places like these and all of the things that have been here for millions of years before us. #respectandprotect #wonderfulindonesia #jellyfish #worldjellyfishday

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