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3 hours ago

#beyondthestreets in the @nytimes a nice article about the show #getthepapersgetthepapers

4 days ago

Rest in Peace 🙏✨💫Stan153 👑 I had met Stan over the years a few times here and there. He was always friendly, he was a legend and when your young and trying to get involved in something it means a-lot to be treated kindly . The last time I saw him was at Rammellzees place with Keo, just remembering this seems absolutely surreal and incredible. Sometimes we get to share time on earth with our Hero’s. Thanks for your positive energy and imagination #Stan153 #salute #masterworks #legend

4 weeks ago

#HappyBirthday @leequinones 🎩

4 weeks ago

I Took my Dad @dougsfinest to @beyondthestreetsart we had a fun time looking at everything. He was impressed seeing all the work from different time lines assembled in one place in this museum setting. He has known all the writers I was friends with growing up and was even nextdoor neighbors with one of the curators @chinobyi ! Parents of writers have a strange connection to this art as well. This might be best illustrated in the #StyleWars Scene with @skeme3yardking and his Mother in their kitchen. Salute to the Mothers and Fathers. #yougottalaughtokeepfromcrying #artparents #beyondthestreets

last month

Last night at #beyondthestreets #beastieboys discussed the making of #paulsboutique with @llcoolj (very funny btw ) i had no idea this album was heavily influenced by the early 70s radio hit #mrjaws which next to disco duck was one of my favorites of that time. 🦈 🦆🎤

last month

💥AVAILABLE NOW💥 @case_studyo Case Studyo and Todd James are proud to present the newest must-have addition to your life; “The Inflatable Pool Tank” an all terrain armoured vehicle designed for aquatic combat.  This tank is heavily armed and ready to battle the scorching summer sun! Go to war with the heatwave in the wettest way possible; it’s patented 360-degree airbag system is sure to cushion any incoming bad vibes, while the bursting barrel is equipped to blast any potential party pooper out of the water.  Surf a lake of fire, ride a river of blood or conquer your local community pool, whatever floats your boat.  Kick back, relax and enjoy the ride Available now at @casestudyo com for inquiries please contact @casestudyo #toddjames #poolfloat #poolparty #summer #summerfun #water #divein #art #casestudyo #inflatable #tank #pooltank #splas #actionpark #mellowoutbythepool #goodvibes

last month

“Tank PoolFloat” by @toddjamesreas will release ‪tomorrow at 3:00pm (CEST )‬ at for inquiries please contact @casestudyo com #toddjames #casestudyo #poolfloat #tank #summer #pool #staycool

June 2019

#TheVandalsBedroom by #ToddJames has been exhibited around the world since it made its debut at the Los Angeles MOCA in 2011. This graffiti-filled structure overwhelms the viewer with a teenage environment run amok.  Part object, part installation, this bedroom-turned-graffiti-battle-station gives glimpses of plans for an imaginary artistic takeover. Bleeding marker drawings form letter styles from the rough and tumble 1980s New York subway era, while repurposed cartoon characters perform decidedly off-model activity. An adolescent cacophony of color, slogans, fantasies, and affiliations is all barely contained, ready to spill out of this eat, sleep, and breathe environment, celebrating early influences and the exercise of traditions that remain relevant, that hold up better than ever. This is the cluttered cell of the dedicated practitioner, vibrating with intent. #beyondthestreets #beyondthestreetsnyc #brooklyn #graffiti #streetart #art #painting #installation #photography #sculpture #onviewnow

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