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16 hours ago

Cheers you sexy SOB 🥃 A very cool honor to have multiple Dwayne Johnsons have a presence at the world renowned @madametussauds One sexy DJ will have full time residency in London, while the other sexy DJ will travel Asia and the world, starting at #MadameTussaudsBeijing So I invite you all to come hang out with me, take some fun selfies, raise a glass and toast to hard work, gratitude and the words I NEVER hear when people meet me for the first time, I thought you’d be bigger, Rock!? 😄 Thanks again, Madame Tussauds. Cool honor 🥃 #MadameTussaudsLondon #MadameTussaudsBeijing #HardestWorkerInTheRoom


Cheers 🥃 and thank you @usweekly for putting this kid on your cover. I’ve travelled a very long road from having $7bucks in my pocket to these pretty amazing headlines. I take nothing for granted and treat success as if it has to be earned every single day. And thanks for calling me, Hollywood’s nicest guy, BUT I give that crown to my good buddy @tomhanks - he’s much nicer and cusses much less 😊 Truth is, it’s nice to be important, but it’s more important to be nice. Thanks again. DJ 🥃

2 days ago

A massive #BillionDollarProducer congrats to our President of @sevenbucksprod , @hhgarcia41 for this outstanding recognition from @variety I’ve known Hiram since I was 18yrs old and he started off as my assistant when we first broke into Hollywood together, filming THE SCORPION KING. From that day, he’s never stopped working relentlessly hard, paying his dues to learn every facet of the business from the ground up and has helped shape the foundation, values and ethos of what’s now known as Seven Bucks Companies. He’s become a true force, outstanding company leader who’s universally respected and admired and TRULY embodies the Seven Bucks principle of always putting the audience first. Congrats H on this historic milestone. Still much work to be done - onward, brother 🥃 #BillionDollarProducer #SevenBucksProds

2 days ago

Bad ass surprise waiting for me in the traveling circus known as the IRON PARADISE this week. Custom @arsenal_strength bilateral leg press with my PROJECT ROCK BULL at the bottom by the handles. Big shout to my good friends - the GOAT @flex_lewis and his Arsenal Strength team for this one ☝🏾💪🏾 Slowly but surely Arsenal equipment is taking over my 50,000+ lbs of iron and ego destroyer in my gym. Thanks again gents and with much blood, sweat & respect. #hardestworkerintheroom #ironparadise

4 days ago

tcb⚡️ Mahalo @GQ for the “King of custom suits” title. Thank you to my Italian assassin fashion stylist @ilariaurbinati for the inspired visions while I rock the vibe. Come a long way from turtle necks & fanny packs 😂🤦🏽‍♂️ #hobbsandshaw #china #kingofcustom #cognacblues 🥃

4 days ago

So grateful to everyone for your support and creating this nice momentum for our little spin-off @hobbsandshaw $333M in just our first week of box office and the #1 movie in the world, again - ain’t too bad. Thank you for making this such an exciting first week. And remember, the best way to shut the mouth of a 🤡 is to flex with success and a smile. 😉💪🏾💀 @sevenbucksprod

5 days ago

Broke out my new tequila for a toast of gratitude and celebration w/ my partners for @hobbsandshaw being the #1 movie in world. Chris Morgan/ producer of Hobbs and Shaw and writer of Fast5, Fast6, Fast7, Fast8 and Hobbs & Shaw. @hhgarcia41 / Producer Hobbs & Shaw and President of @sevenbucksprod Brad Slater/ WME partner & my lead agent. Whether my boots are on the ground or 40,000ft in the air, my appreciation to these gents for their years of hard work for our special project is boundless. #hardestworkersintheroom #salud #hobbsandshaw 🥃 @jonbrandoncruz 📸

5 days ago

And smokin’ still ain’t allowed in school. #HobbsAndShaw #Venice @hhgarcia41 📸

5 days ago

Not too bad WEEK 1 of box office business. Thanks everyone around the world for having a great time and supporting our little spin-off known as @hobbsandshaw Keep on keepin’ on ~ DJ @sevenbucksprod

6 days ago

tcb⚡️ Thank you, China. I’ll see you again down the road. #hobbsandshaw #august23 🇨🇳 @jonbrandoncruz 📸

1 weeks ago

We anchor our @HobbsAndShaw storyline in the relationship between Hobbs and his estranged brothers. One Hobbs brother in particular is very special - my cuz, @romanreigns aka Joe Anoa’i. Our lineage and bloodline goes back generations with great pride and respect for some of the greatest ring warriors of all time. Bad dudes. Johnson Anoa’i Maivia Snuka On set, we kept the intensity, but we were also focused, aware and highly respectful of the men in our family who came before us, sacrificing their blood, sweat & guts for each other all in the name of family and BROTHERHOOD. Much love & respect to Roman and all my brothers in our movie. We made something pretty cool for our audience, our culture and our bloodline. #HobbsAndShaw

1 weeks ago

🥃💀 A #HobbsAndShaw delight when audiences go ape shit with laughs & joy when @vancityreynolds comes on screen as Hobbs’ surprise partner “Agent Locke” of the CIA - who’s known for stabbing bad guys in the chest with a brick 🧱 I’ve known this brilliant SOB for years and we jumped at the opportunity to mash up our tequila and gin chemistry to deliver some magic for the audience. Thanks RR for helping make our lil’ spin-off movie, the #1 movie in the world. Fans love it, so we’ve done our job, brother. #TequilaAndGin #ForTheMFnWin #HobbsAndLocke 🥃💀

1 weeks ago

Ladies & gents the newest member to our @hobbsandshaw team, former Special Forces war veteran, but now known as “AIR MARSHAL DINKLEY” at your service 😂💪🏾👏🏾👏🏾 So gratifying knowing audiences EXPLODE with laughter and joy when @kevinhart4real makes his surprise debut in our film. My goal with Hobbs & Shaw was to create new characters for the audience to have a blast with as well as create new opportunities for other great actors to come in and create, work hard and have the best time doing it. From my brothers @kevinhart4real & @idriselba to @vanessa__kirby to @romanreigns to Cliff Curtis to @elianasua_ to of course the one and the only, Deadpool💀 himself, @vancityreynolds - we had a blast and just wanted to deliver something cool and fun for the audience. And if we become the #1 movie in the world again, then Air Marshall DINKLEY should take all the credit 😂🤙🏾🤦🏽‍♂️ Enjoy the movie this weekend and thanks everyone for your support ~ dj

2 weeks ago

Thank you China 🇨🇳 for respectfully giving me my space without interruption to get after it, train hard and pay my daily dues. Means a lot to me when I’m on the road. #nocandyasses @jonbrandoncruz 📸

2 weeks ago

Takin’ one for the team - right on the kisser. Thank you everyone for making us the #1 movie in the world. Catch @hobbsandshaw this weekend and see what the hype is all about 🌍🥃

2 weeks ago

TCB ⚡️ #hobbsandshaw #china @hhgarcia41 📸

2 weeks ago

Thank you city of Guangzhou. Thank you city of Beijing. Thank you all of China 🇨🇳 This one was special 🖤 HOBBS & SHAW August 23rd

2 weeks ago

Trouble. Heat. #HobbsAndShaw #Guangzhou #China 🇨🇳

2 weeks ago

Worked very hard in China all week for an amazing @hobbsandshaw press tour in Beijing & Guangzhou. But I knew, 15hrs on the bird got me home to this pot of sushi gold waiting for me at the end of my Hawaii rainbow. Soosh and woosabi so good, it’s eaten right out of the containers my friends 🤣🍣🥢💧 #netflixandchill

2 weeks ago

“Blockbuster with heart” is a cool description and not easy to pull off 💪🏾❤️ Thanks for makin’ our lil’ spinoff #1. @hobbsandshaw NOW PLAYING 🌍

2 weeks ago

@sevenbucksprod Get leid 🌺

2 weeks ago

Finish strong. #ballers #season5 #hbo @sevenbucksprod

2 weeks ago

Cheers 🥃 Broke out my new tequila here in China to celebrate @hobbsandshaw being the #1 movie in the world. Midday toast of Reposado gratitude! Now back to work. #beijing #hobbsandshaw #presstour @jonbrandoncruz 📸

2 weeks ago

I find my church everywhere I go. #sweatequity #teamnosleep #china 🇨🇳 @jonbrandoncruz 📸

2 weeks ago

Thank you China journalists for another great press conference. Very thoughtful and engaging questions about life, balance, success & how much food I actually consume in one day 🤣. Excited for you to see @hobbsandshaw AUGUST 23rd #China 🇨🇳

2 weeks ago

Clangin’ & bangin’ in Beijing 🇨🇳 #teamnosleep ☕️

2 weeks ago

Hit em with the moonshine! Thanks for makin’ our lil’ spinoff, the biggest movie in the world. #HobbsAndShaw 🌍

2 weeks ago

Cheers China 🥃 🍺 Thank you for the incredible love and enjoy the biggest movie in the world, HOBBS & SHAW. See ya down the road, my friends. In theaters AUGUST 23rd. @hobbsandshaw #China 🇨🇳

2 weeks ago

A lil’ pre game quiet ecstasy. Actually I’m just staring at the ground thinking about cheesecake and ice cream for my next cheat meal. #hobbsandshaw #premiere #china 🇨🇳 @jonbrandoncruz 📸

2 weeks ago

Very cool and special connection. I’ve been to China multiple times and quite proud and grateful for the extraordinary/electric bond I’m blessed to have with the Chinese people. Thanks for screams and I love ya back 🤣🤟🏾🖤 HOBBS & SHAW August 23rd. #Beijing 🇨🇳

2 weeks ago

In this life, you get out what you put in. My strategic partnership with VOSS water represents a new chapter for me by servicing the audience beyond media. For years I've been an avid Voss drinker and partnering with them to tackle sustainability while creating new, improved & exciting health beverages and products for you and your loved ones to enjoy is a project I'm passionate about. Let’s get to work, @VOSSworld #LikeAVoss #LiveEveryDrop 💧

2 weeks ago

Eagle 🦅 has landed - China. Always good to be back. Hittin’ the gym, then I go to work. Looking forward to a few key biz meetings, seeing the Chinese press and as always, seeing the fans. My smile indicates my caffeine just kicked in. #hobbsandshaw #beijing 🇨🇳 @hhgarcia41 📸

2 weeks ago

Got a good one in before I hit the road. Blowing off that pressurized steam and takin’ care of the details. Day in and day out. Consistency is always the name of the game - many of you know the drill. Enjoy your weekend and word on the streets is there’s a great movie in the theaters called Hobbs and something or rather. 😜💪🏾

2 weeks ago

Black Superman meets his kryptonite. A huge mahalo to my brother-in-arms (literally ) @idriselba for his 100% commitment to his role as the one and only, Brixton aka The Black Superman. He’s enormously talented as an actor, became a great partner to me in building out our franchise and more importantly, he’s a good quality dude. Until our next dance - I’ll see you down the road, brother. Respect 🥃 HOBBS & SHAW #BlackSuperman @hhgarcia41 📸

2 weeks ago

During my extremely busy and often dizzying press days, this surprise interview with my friends at @sportbible was a welcomed energetic shift for me and allowed me to settle into my thoughts on my life’s experiences. Keeping “continuous context” on my successes - and just as important, learning the value of my failures. All while having a laugh along the way. Hope you all find this insight helpful as you move on down this unpredictable road of life. #WhatItTakes

2 weeks ago

Big mahalo to the fans for loving the movie 🙏🏾❤️ A wild, bombastic, fun & entertaining ride. #audiencefirst @sevenbucksprod HOBBS & SHAW 🌎

2 weeks ago

Wow. Huge thank you to the fans for making HOBBS & SHAW the highest audience score in the history of the Fast & Furious franchise. Cheers with a tequila toast of gratitude 🥃🌎 @hobbsandshaw @sevenbucksprod

2 weeks ago

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