The Orb @theorb_2018

The Orb is an art piece made for the Burning Man festival 2018. Send your amazing Orb images to @jakob_lange

The Orb photos and videos

19 hours ago

#Repost @jackshanahan_ ・・・ No photo could ever do the Burning Man experience justice but for me this pic of the Orb hovering over Mayan Warrior comes pretty close. Burning Man truely is an out of this world place that you have to see to believe. Thanks to all the amazing people that helped make the trip one for the history books ❤️ #burningman

2 weeks ago

#Repost @eva kaczor ・・・ HOW TO TURN A DREAM INTO A CALLING ••• “We must be willing to get shaken up, to submit ourselves to the dark blossomings of chaos, in order to reap the blessings of growth.” By Gregg Levoy ••• This is how I felt these last days. Reading books about Purpose, Greek Mythology and .... MONEY. Scanning them while getting clear what work needs to be done to build my talent and dream to be one of the strongest Guides and Speaker for Living your Calling. ••• I loved what I read about the struggle, effort and discipline it takes to live your Calling in Forbes: „That’s why so many people have big dreams—that just stay dreams. Thinking about them feels pretty comfy and great, but tackling the actions in a real world everyday is where the rubber meets the road. There’s no doubt about it: following our calling is not for the faint of heart.“ Are you with me? #purpose #followyourcalling #spiritualguide #speaker #work

3 weeks ago

The Orb back on the Playa

4 weeks ago

Burning Man 2019 - Let’s meet at the Maxa Xaman Art Car #maxaxaman #maxacamp

last month

#Repost @campperkyparts ・・・ Golden spike is in the ground, Black Rock City 2019 🔥

last month

#Repost @eksantis ・・・ To fall in hell or soar Angelic, you’ll need a pinch of psychedelic ✨

June 2019

#Repost @art_haus_burn ・・・ Beautiful photo here by @annegates of the moment our dancers took the stage for Steve Reich’s “8 Lines,” silhouetted by @carrosdefoc and the Orb #burningmansunset #arthaus #burningman #burningmanart #euterpe #industwetrust #thisisburningman

May 2019

#Repost @_bella_beleza_ ・・・ ...I woke up early again. There is so much more to 👁 in a other way than at night 🌌 time. I went for breakfast. The dutchies already had their food 🥯🍏🍐☕️ We had a talk about the difficulties filming in this environment. ‘ Remko said,’ I can help with that.’ ‘ You don’ t mind?,’ I asked him. ‘ No, I really love photography he said. So we took our bikes and went for some surrealistic pictures on this canvas of a surrealistic world. I would say the one we are in right now is that. Reverse that. I went to the majectic Orb. The orb fitted right in this industrial metal science fiction atmosphere... #burningman #burningman2018 #the_orb #altgirl #surrealism #burningmanart #psygirl #trippy #dmtart #burners #burningmangirls #industwetrust #blackrockcity #surrealisticart #art #surrealism #sciencefiction #sciencefictionart

May 2019

#Repost @mischablock with @get_repost ・・・ 100’ chrome orb? You know where to find me. 🔮 #BurningMan #BurningMan2018 #TheOrb #ShaneCoat

April 2019

#Repost @claytonblake art ・・・ “Perpetual Consumption” at sunset. Great picture by @g1rlwithacurl #claytonblakeart #claytonblake #burningman2018 #burningman #perpetualconsumption

March 2019

#Repost @philippeglade ・・・ Scaled at 1/500 000th the Earth surface The Orb by BIG's Bjarke Ingels and Jakob Lange  erected with a crew of 15. The baseplate made of Danish steel and concrete blocks weighted 30t (66 000pounds ) with the 105ft (32m ) high mast 1000hrs were needed to weld the square space frame trusses The 2-layer silver enveloppe of 82ft (25m ) diameter developed  by Quim Rabassa from Aera Cubica had an area of 21,500sqft (2000m2 ) Needless to say this was the Art Statement and Engineering Feat of BRC18 Do not mistake with the seminal track by the Orb: “A huge ever growing pulsating brain that rules from the centre of the ultraworld” (1991 ) The Rainbow Bridge by Josh Zubkoff with Srikanth Guttikonda and team of Looking up arts with a diameter of 75ft (23m ) was a popular destination, climbable all the way to the top at 30ft (9m ). Thanks to its 25,000 LEDs it was a bright destination at night as well as a welcoming landmark to have fun under the rainbow. The steel frame weighed 15,000 lbs (≈7t ) #theorb_2018 @jakob_lange @bjarkeingels @laurentdec @rainbow_bridge_2018 #lookinguparts #sparklebridge #giantrainbow #rainbow #arcenciel #artinstallation #landart #burningman #burningman2018 #burningmanart #blackrockcity #ephemeralarchitecture #temporaryarchitecture #burningmanarchitecture #architecturetemporaire #temporaryarchitecture @philippeglade

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