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June 2019

I miss exploring in my work. Might need to get back to exploring soon! This is Taco, a #Xolo - pronounced show-lo (or #xoloitzcuintli , the Mexican Hairless ). A fascinating dog I photographed years ago for my #xolotlseries and #prophecyseries Probably my favorite project! 🖤 I need more mystery in my life these days 🌌

April 2017

Nite. . #prophecyseries #chinesecrested

January 2017

Longing for another creative shoot in the great outdoors. This is part of my Xolotl series (pronounce it Show-Low-Till ), exploring Aztec mythology with the help of Rebel, a gorgeous Xoloitzcuintli (the mysterious Mexican hairless dog ), in New Mexico. View the series on my website: www.sophiegamand.com/xolotl. . #xolotl #xoloitzcuintli #xolotlseries #aztec #mexicanhairless #hairlessdog #mythology

April 2016

2 years ago I achieved the unachievable! Before #PitBullFlowerPower , my series Wet Dog became extremely popular online, overnight. I had been struggling to find my voice and my place, and was ready to give up photography. It was a painful time as I knew I was made to be in the arts, but somehow couldn't make it work. Until I gave into the process, lost myself, stopped the inner critic and started having fun for real. Wet Dog was born out of that moment. And suddenly it was being recognized worldwide. I signed a book deal with @grandcentralpub and my #WetDogBook came to life. And 2 years ago, Wet Dog won a prestigious #SonyWorldPhotographyAward from the @worldphotoorg , in the Portraiture category. The photos were used on the official banners of the event, as well as the cover of their book! Bringing dog portraits to the highest grounds of photography was an amazing achievement. It showed that dog portraits could have a life outside of "pet photography" (a category that is traditionally disregarded as "subpar" photography or a hobby ), it could touch people of all groups, even a serious jury of professionals from the photo industry. More importantly, it validated my research, my obsession, the path I had embarked on. It also gave me stronger platforms, which later opened the door for Flower Power. I am terrible at celebrating my victories, big or small, because I am a worrier (more so than a warrior 😅😅😅 ). But every-once-in-a-while, I HAVE to stop and reflect. It's important to embrace your journey by acknowledging and celebrating its moments. Check the link in my bio for the Wet Dog series: www.sophiegamand.com/wet-dog. 💚💚💚

February 2016

Something different today, from my series: "Xolotl, The Soul Companion". I photographed Mexican hairless dogs (aka Xoloitzcuintli ) in a desert. I explored the relationship between the sacred dog and the Sun. In Aztec mythology, the dog God Xolotl is the companion of the Sun god, and guides him in the underworld at night. It is said that the Xolos were gifted to mankind as guides to their souls: when the person died, their soul would be led to the afterlife by their dog. Together they would wander for 4 years before reaching their destination, Mictlan. I love this mythology. Xolos are mysterious dogs and very interesting to work with, I thought. View the series on my website (putting the link in my bio for your convenience ). Www.sophiegamand.com/xolotl. I am a fine-art photographer, first and foremost, and I am feeling the itch for a new series soon! I miss it 😩 💚💚💚 #XolotlSeries

July 2015

We're inviting Feature Shoot Instagram followers to curate our group exhibition at this year's #photovillenyc , the largest annual photography event in New York City. The theme for the show is "Flora and Fauna," and by liking this image, you are casting your vote for its inclusion in the final show. You can like unlimited images. The images with the most likes by July 20th will be shown in the exhibition. To submit, please tag your photo with #featureshootshow Submissions are open to everyone. Photo by Sophie Gamand @sophiegamand #regram #featureshootshow #Xolotl #XolotlSeries #fineartphotography #awardwinning #sophiegamand #xoloitzcuintli

May 2015

I have been very shy about my latest series called "Xolotl, The Soul Companion". Releasing a series is always very strange to me. I don't want to let go completely. I am deeply enamored with this one, though. It explores Aztec mythology, the story of the dog god Xolotl who accompanies the Sun into the underworld every night. The dog in Aztec mythology also became the guide to the human souls. The deceased and its companion dog would wander 4 years under the earth until they reach their final destination. Xolotl is about the intricate relationship between the universe, the souls, life and death, all symbolized by the Sun and his strange companion the dog. On this particular photograph, my model is Taco, a gorgeous specimen of Xoloitzcuintli, the Mexican hairless dog who received his name from the Aztec mythology. My series recently won an award and these are meant to be printed large. I cannot wait to be able to put together an exhibit of those. It's been a wonderful experience photographing this series, especially venturing out of the studio, and it has reconnected myself with a part of me. View the complete series on my website (link in bio ). #Xolotl #XolotlSeries #xoloitzcuintli #fineartphotography #sophiegamand #creativeprocess

April 2015

Here is a sneak peek of my new series called Xolotl! I have not published the series yet but this particular image just won an award (Life Framer, theme was the Animal Kingdom ) 🙌🏆🎊 It will be exhibited in some big galleries in Los Angeles, London and Paris, toward the end of the year. I am so excited! The series was a first attempt at photographing dogs outside. I placed Xolos in a desert in NM. It was an amazing experience! #Xolotl #XolotlSeries #fineartphotography #awardwinning #sophiegamand #xoloitzcuintli