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12 minutes ago

Indian masala tea ☕️ 1st milk 2nd ginger & cardamom 3rd black tea 4th boil milk 5th sugar Best tea forever Best in rain #indiantea #masalachai #tealover Yummy Best way to try Indian food and masala chai with tour for taste Let us know in comments. #indiaphotosociety #india_undiscovered #incredibles2 #indiaclicks #india_gram #incredibleindiaofficial #shutterhubindia #advantage #architecturephotography #doors #ihavethisthingwithcolor #bagpack #backworkout #worldbackpacker #havepassportwilltravel #bestdestinations #wearetravelers #wearestillwild #lovetravels #travelguru #touroperator #tourprovider #london #america #amesterdam #newyork Contact us - 📩 tourfortaste @gmail com 📲 +91-8890725671 Find us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/tour_for_taste TripAdvisor: tour for taste www.tourfortaste.com

37 minutes ago

Lately I have been enjoying trying out variations of well known tarp set ups, like this one. Really enjoyed spending one of the last warm Autumn nights under this! What are you doing this weekend? ↟ #weekendplans #tarpshelter #ddhammocks #wildcamping #tarpology #wildernessculture #kupilka #cyclicalliving #thehiddenwoodsmen #outdoorliving #journeymanhandcrafts #wildfeminine #wearestillwild #friluftsliv #getgrounded #bushcraft

46 minutes ago

@rebornferal has a very impressive selection of throwing sticks / rabbit sticks and a fun course of targets around his woods. one of the (many ) topics we conversed about was how the rabbit stick/throwing stick would of been used as a hunting tool. (also this angle makes me look a chubster i am not 🤣 ) #learningbydoing #rabbitstick #throwingstick #moderndayhuntergatherer #ratherhuntgather #neoferal #theforestpath #wildernessscout #scout #scoutcraft #woodsman #bushcraft #survival #survivalist #doyouevenneckerchiefbro #wearestillwild #wherethewildthingsare #webelongoutdoors #goingtothewoodsisgoinghome #bluntobjects #undomesticate #onlythewildernessispuretruth

51 minutes ago

Think of Howard County, Md., and chances are, it’s all about upscale boutique shops and a variety of restaurants sure to please the most discerning gourmand, as well as cultural events and relaxing recreational offerings.⁣ ⁣ Celebrate Howard County's thriving agriculture this fall! @visithocomd

1 hour ago

When you’re up all night listening to bears sniffing your tent... #coffeeplease ☕️ . . . #sierras #nationalparkgeek #goatworthy #thegooddaysaremade #choosemountains #wearestillwild #optoutside #optoutdoors #nikond800 #coffee

1 hour ago

Involuntary attention requires no mental effort, it just comes naturally. This is the kind of attention we use when we are in nature. The soothing sights and sounds give our mental resources a break. They allow our minds to wander and to reflect, and so restore our capacity to think more clearly. - Dr Qing Li. 🙏 . The art of forest bathing is the art of connecting with nature through our senses. All we have to do is accept the invitation. 🌲🌲🌲 . . . . #wearewildness #wildness #foresttherapy #natureconnection #inpursuitofsilence #naturetherapy #exploremore #forestbathing #shinrinyoku #animals #rewild #rewildyourlife #wearewildness #sharethewild #wearestillwild #wildwomen #wildwoman #wildpeople #quietude #savequiet #naturenerd #plantnerd #wildfoodlove #beyondtheusual #adventurelover #adventurecycling #gooutside #mindfulness #quietnature #themindfulwild

1 hour ago

When you’re ready to go and all your buddies are still asleep 💤 #waitingisruff Pc: @frejasmilde

1 hour ago

there is power in your femininity reevaluate it use it for good

1 hour ago

Okay, so about yesterday... (I was going to wait to post this buuuuut decided to say f that - like I typically do ) If y’all that have followed me for a while know anything about me it is that I am OBSESSED with alpine lakes. I mean, just go through my feed briefly and you’ll quickly notice a trend of Elliott in or in front of lakes. I just love them more than any other view in the world. The beginning of yesterday’s hike started a lot like my most recent disappointment hike that was Mirror Lake/Lone Eagle Peak. It started with a mile walk through a neighborhood to get to the trailhead (I didn’t get there early enough to snag a parking spot at the trailhead so had to park a mile down the road ) and then hike 4.5ish miles through a forest BUT on the opposite side of that forest was a fucking alpine lake PLAYGROUND, y’all. A playground of alpine lakes! It was mind blowing and I was like a kid in a candy store bouncing between five lakes that were situated 1/4 to 1/2 mile apart and I could’ve spent hours upon hours hopping back and forth between them all. Lakes that were blue, green, and then others that were a mix of the two. Lakes that changed hue depending which side you were viewing them from. Lakes that had their own mountain backdrop different than the one prior. It was hands down probably the most fun I’ve ever had on a trail ever and 100% made me feel like a kid again with an overwhelming amount of joy. You couldn’t have wiped the smile off my damn face yesterday, y’all. It was fucking unreal. - #dogsthathike #alpinelake #purejoy #planetearth #colorfulworld #optoutside

1 hour ago

The Divine Plan is one of freedom. The inherent nature of man is ever seeking to express itself in terms of freedom, because freedom is the birthright of every living soul. - Ernest Holmes @viktoriawanders #childrenofmountains

1 hour ago

Went on a detour to find the trail we never lost ; )

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2 hours ago

I L L E T E S • #sea #summe #sun

3 hours ago

Manis sekali. #waerebo

3 hours ago

Getting excited for those moody mountains days 💭☁️🏔 #moodymountains #sprayvalley #getoutside

3 hours ago

travelswithenry “Everyone needs this friend that calls and says, “Get dressed, we’re going on an adventure.” Travel the World in style. You get the absolute Best. For way, way less than anyone. Tap the Link in the Bio and we'll show how to live the lifestyle 🌍 ✈ 🏝 ⛴💥 Tag a friend 💥 Location: Hanging Gardens Of Bali 📷Credit @larackay Follow: @TravelswitHenry #earthfocus #wearestillwild #leaveabettertrace #weareinstagram #outtarange #getoutstayout #ourplanetdaily #liveyouradventure

4 hours ago

One last one from Gamle Stavanger 🏠🇳🇴

4 hours ago

⁣A perfect shot of beautiful Cappadocia by @gypsea_lust - tag someone you would love to take here _______________________________________⁣ Follow @visualsgallery Follow @visualsgallery Follow @visualsgallery ⁣ _______________________________________ Add some color to your photos with our Lightroom presets - link in bio ♥️

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We found the first bit of fall and it’s starting to light up the mountainsides ✨ The aspens are changing late this season but boy oh boy was it beyond wonderful to get to hike among their golden glitter yesterday and can’t wait to do more. I’m taking the rest of the weekend easy because I picked a 17-mile solo hike for next week with the colors in mind and I’m already drooling over how amazing I’m sure they’ll be. - #fall #fallvibes #pumpkinspiceandeverythingnice #optoutside

4 hours ago

Kursi Jengki khas Gunungkidul, Yogyakarta.

5 hours ago

Nemici di noi stessi • Parco di Guayanara #cuba #guayanara #trinidad

10 hours ago

I’ve always loved the water but the pull I feel from it these days is stronger than ever.

11 hours ago

P O C K E T _ N I G H T S .
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11 hours ago

Природный парк "Налычево", кордон "Центральный".

11 hours ago

"Cuek adalah karakter, tapi nyuekin itu pilihan" ,

13 hours ago

Author Update: Purple Spots and Vale of Fire are finally released! Preorders should all be delivered or on their way. For those of you with Purple Spots, please take a moment to leave a review on Amazon—public reviews for all to see help me out a lot! 😊 New stuff: I’ve been stepping up my merchandise game and hope that most of those items will be available at NYCC. I have a TON of shows coming up. (You can find my book tour dates on my website. ) I’m also making big moves with my latest WIP, Into the Foxhole. The first short story is almost finished! Not totally sure what this book will be when it’s done, but I’m fascinated by the possibilities. It’s strange and unique and wonderful. Well, it feels wonderful, at least. Deep and buried between the lines... these stories are personal, but I don’t feel afraid to put the pen to paper, and that is liberating. This photo truly captures my current vibe. I’m looking forward, making plans, welcoming changes, and hopeful for great things to come. Stay positive, friends. ❤️

14 hours ago

SURVEY // Just before I hid from the world while suffering from a deep depression, I went off to Iceland to scout with @theempire is and @jerry_expeditions We were in search of a real experience/workshop, not just another exploitation of a country for the sake of the gram and the ego. Now with fresh legs and a renewed spirit I'll be going through our footage shot from the journey with the hopes of picking up, somewhat, where I left off. Life is never real pretty and I've made a mountain of mistakes, but I aim to do better and to make up for lost time. Who'd be interested in a series of exploratory workshops. We go, we learn, we laugh, and we leave more in love with the world we live on? Thanks so much. Humbled P.S. Can you spot us?!

15 hours ago

I took this photo 30 mins ago, I’m currently riding in the back of @kt_sweeney and @cschubes car on our 3 hour drive back to Seattle, and I’ve already transferred some sneak peeks to my phone and done a quick edit on them. @sony a7iii I love you. . #schubapalooza

15 hours ago

I spent two days in Tofino, the surfing town of BC. Everyone assumed I surf because I’m Australian. I can barely stand up on a board. such a weird stereotype.

16 hours ago

⁣Nap 😴 time with @dogswiss - tag that friend who loves dogs _______________________________________⁣ Follow @visualsgallery Follow @visualsgallery Follow @visualsgallery ⁣ _______________________________________ Add some color to your photos with our Lightroom presets - link in bio ♥️

17 hours ago

Another nothing-short-of-spectacular view that we just had to pull over for.

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17 hours ago

Beauty in simplicity 👐 • Much of what I’ve been reading lately talks about removing complications, excess, and the unnecessary. When telling a story, the most simple way is always the most effective, and because of that, the most beautiful. Good life lesson in general, really.

17 hours ago

#metoo ⚠️⚠️ I sat in silence for over 10 years and honestly I planned on staying silent forever. I didn’t want my mom to know that someone raped her daughter. You see, my silence was my safe place, my comfortable place... and the same is true for sooo many women. But unfortunately for me, there wasn’t much growth inside that comfort zone. I remember going to a live production of the Vagina Monologues shortly after it happened. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, it’s fabulous play presented in a way to empower women and celebrate the vagina by sharing short monologues capturing real women’s stories. At the end of the performance, they turned to the audience and asked for people to stand up if they identify as a survivor of sexual assault. A few women in the audience started to stand up. Every single cell in my body wanted to stand up... and yet I felt like I was literally glued to my chair and I couldn’t move. I sat there frozen. Then they asked for people to stand up if they know someone who is a survivor of sexual assault. This should be simple right? Just stand up! But once again... frozen. I couldn’t move. Finally, they asked the entire room to stand up. My friends began to stand up and eventually once every. single. person in the room was standing, I stood up too. I left the performance in tears because I felt like I lied to myself. Why couldn’t I just stand up? It took me over 10 years to realize my story doesn’t need to be a secret. 10 years to realize that the pain I felt wasn’t something I needed to carry alone. Once I started sharing pieces of my story, the pain started to slowly fade away and I was left with nothing but strength and power in its place. It’s that same strength and power I’m hoping to share with other women who have experienced something similar to me. Please just know that you’re not alone and I understand the safety in silence but when you’re ready to share your story, know that there’s a whole tribe of women who will stand beside you, myself included. Together we will heal this world and take back our power.✊🏼💕 And for the record, this is me standing up because I didn’t have the strength to all those years ago.

17 hours ago

UPDATE // As we trudge through mud, join a cattle drive (more in my stories ), and seek a place to sleep in the mountains of Idaho... I am pretty bummed. After a couple days exploring and processing, I am saddened to say that the upcoming project I've become a part of has been postponed, but not shelved. We were originally scheduled to leave tomorrow. Due to political unrest, West Papua has temporarily closed it's borders to foreigners. I seriously feel for this crew as they've been working on this and planning this mission for a very long time. I am new to the party but still bummed as it WILL be an opportunity to push myself above and beyond any place I've been yet, both mentally and physically. I'm grateful however that it didn't unfold while we were there. This will add to the finished piece for sure and I aim to keep training and preparing. Many doors open when one closes and adventure isn't an adventure if everything goes according to plan, am I right?! . More coming, plans are still underway. In the meantime, I hope to keep training and preparing. Thanks for the continued love and support! @jase_hancox @janinakuzma @samsmoothy @inciteimages

18 hours ago

Love is in the air 🍂 I have a couple’s shoot almost every day this week and I am here for it! This is one of my favorite photos from a family session on the Oregon Coast last night 🧡

18 hours ago

Syair kehidupan. #Waerebo

18 hours ago

What's wrong with this photo? If this sea star's extra leg just made you twitch a little, sorry. 😉 This is a six-rayed sea star, inky black in color and ready to prove all notions of stars having only five points wrong. Stars can be weirdos too; in fact, sunflower stars take the cake with up to 32 rays! Plus, can you get over that deep black color? In true rebel form, these Kamchatka stars say, "hey, we're not always colorful. We can be bold and moody too." You do you, sea stars. ✌🏼

19 hours ago

Travelswithenry “It is not the destination where you end up but the mishaps and memories you create along the way.” – Penelope Riley Travel the World in style. You get the absolute Best. For way, way less than anyone. Tap the Link in the Bio and we'll show how to live the lifestyle 🌍 ✈ 🏝 ⛴💥 Tag a friend 💥 Location: Iceland 📷Credit @iuriebelegurschi Follow: @TravelswitHenry #earthfocus #wearestillwild #leaveabettertrace #weareinstagram #outtarange #getoutstayout #ourplanetdaily #liveyouradventure

8 hours ago

Mountains + brain buckets 😁💛 Being 40 minutes from the mountains is something that I take for granted. Access to the outdoors is just that much easier to get out year round for climbing, scrambling, and snowboarding. It also dawned on me that I get to wear a brain bucket every season of the year 😂. Safety first kids! . #scrambleandscree #mountaingirls #alberta #mountains #lakelouise 📷 creds: @katie 108 ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

19 hours ago

Dancing with my demons, there’s nothing to fear here

21 hours ago

We’re learning together right now 🌊

21 hours ago

We had a day to kill in the Mývatn area and ended up on a highland road south to Kerlingafjöll. Look at this landscape and how tiny @sarahhopereed is amongst the rhyolite and steam. Truly one of the highlights of this entire country. This is what I wrote in my journal and published on @exposure —which if you haven’t read yet, you’re missing out. “One of the snow-covered hills gave way to a winding river half-covered by silently drifting steam. This was Hveradalir, the Valley of Hot Springs. The red rhyolite was caught in the signs of early winter; the black obsidian gave way to blue-tinted snow. It was, in a word, magnificent. Magnificence on earth isn’t hard to find—but here, it was the earth itself.” 😧 #toldwithexposure #exploreiceland #kerlingarfjöll #hveradalir

12 hours ago

Time wind the day ...the mostly night make chill in dark room ...🤩🤩🤩🤩 crazy times within crazy stuff ....awesome times with around me... #model #fashion #edits #still #awesome #chill #nightsky #blueday #great #lovely #menfashion #wearestillwild #modellife #editorialillustration #crazy #nightpartylife #night #colourfull #fashionstylist #model 📷 #aestheticedits #aesthetics #nature #passionate #happier #true #lifemodel #dreammodel


The incredible Faisal mosque, Islamabad, Pakistan. 🇵🇰 💕

3 weeks ago

Just remember every time you look up at the moon, I too will be looking at the moon ☾

5 weeks ago

India ❤️

July 2019

✨🇨🇦 152 looks good on you, babe 😘 happy birthday, canada ❤️

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