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4 hours ago

When you completely trust the skills you've learned and knowledge gained it is possible to calmy lean over the edge as you gaze down hundreds of feet below the cliffs edge ⛰ ⛰ ⛰ ⛰ ⛰ #rockclimbing #explorecanada #boulder #canada_true #unlimitedcanada #canadasworld #outdoorclimbing #climbing_is_my_passion #goclimb #keepclimbing #stayfit #outdoorclimbing #climbing_pics_of_instagram #climb @discoverontario #trainingday #indoorbouldering #boulderinglife #climbing #goclimb #provinceontario #splendidcanada #discoveron #parkscanada #bouldering

4 hours ago

Not bad a few of airplane entered my shot. ______________________ Camera: Canon T7i Lens: Sigma 18-250mm f3.5-6.3 DC Macro OS Aperture: f/7.1 ISO: 400 Shutter Speed: 25"s (1 hour long exposure ) Focal Length: 22mm _______________________ . . . . . #nightsky #ig_nightphotography #astrophotography #universetoday #nightscape #fs_longexpo #longexpoelite #rsa_night #starrynight #neverstopexploring #longexposure_shots #agameoftones #night_shooterz #ig_masterpiece #longexpo #magicpict #ig_nightphotography #astrophotography #splendid_xposure #longexpoelite #explorecanada #canadaswonderland #igerscanada #gf_canada #ohcanada #unlimitedcanada #canonphotos #canoneos #canonrebel #canonphotographer #Sigma

6 hours ago

On this day, 3 years ago...the view I left San Diego for. I love San Diego, but I also sometimes miss the slow paced-ness of Jasper and being surrounded by nature, mountains and complete silence. If I were to move back to Canada, this is exactly where I would settle down again. It's hard to believe I've lived in the US for 3 years now. Something I wanted since I was a teenager. I remember asking my uncle if he would sponsor me when I was in grade 12. Everyone laughed when I said I wanted to move to the US.. They thought I was crazy because its "so bad" here. I was asked repeatedly if I would come back if Trump was elected. The truth is the opportunity here is so abundant. And here I am...taking strides, making something of myself and learning new things every day. I don't regret moving here at all. It took a few year's to settle in but I'm proud of the accomplishments I've made in a few years, I'm thankful for the people I've met and I have the upmost confidence in the direction I'm going. Never give up on your dreams. (Also can't wait to visit Jasper again hopefully soon. ) This photo was taken in front of JPL the morning I left. I took a moment to go take it all in before I embarked on a journey I'd dreamed about for 10+ years. A true gift from the universe. #myjasper

9 hours ago

Simplicity doesn't always mean less but instead focuses on the details that are already there.

13 hours ago

“Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river runs through it.” (Norman Maclean )

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For Sale: “Morning’s Breath“ @ Prince Edward Island, Canada 2015

17 hours ago

Kids don't need more toys, they need more adventures! 👶💦☀️ Set out to explore and let nature do the rest—with a little help from Sunday Afternoons. #WeShadeTheWholeFamily 📸: @mackste / @nolanflavel

18 hours ago

The Golden Drink

21 hours ago

JAY ALLAN Iron horse festival-St.Thomas

21 hours ago

Lining up at the buffet table⠀ ⠀ A juvenile male ruby throated hummingbird has a bounty of cigar plant flowers to chose from for its morning snack. I love the iridescence of his feathers.⠀ ⠀ My garden, Manitoba, Canada


Friends! Please join us as we have our 2nd launch of WWIB Book! As a woman featured in the book its my real pleasure to speak alongside Connie and Donna! Book your calenders for Sept 12th! This is a free networking event to meet the entrepreneurs featured in the book. Special Guest Speakers will be: Connie Demers, Donna McMurren Pocock and Natasha E. Feghali who will be sharing their success secrets with the group. Please note that there is free parking in the back of the book store. RSVP is necessary as there is limited seating. See you on Sept. 12th!

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