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3 hours ago

so it's been day 3 for me in Montreal and I love it. These days I went to a neighborhood bar, threw an apartment party with friends, went to an Indian day parade, learned how to pogostick, experimented new drinks, made new friends, tried homemade foods from some friends like pickles sauerkraut tacos, spaghetti smoothie, and home-brewed orange beer. The best thing though about the travels and new places is being able to meet new people and be thankful that im here until the end of the year so I can have the time to have fun and spend time with them to explore and see the city develop our relationships over an extended period of time. im grateful. . . . . . . #chicagocta #chicago #maggiedaley #explorechicago #agameoftones #trainstagram #chicagobloggers #simpleandstill #purposedriven #forahappymoment #petitejoys #theartofslowliving #createandcapture #thehappynow #withhumans #traveltheworld #gloomandglow #thevisualones #letsgoeverywhere #travelbug #buildandbloom #montrealtravellers

4 hours ago

" La luce del tramonto le illumina il viso, senza pietà; ma lei sembra non sembra farci caso."

7 hours ago

// eto prosto son ochen' dolgiy son.

8 hours ago

Iceland was crazy beautiful

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11 hours ago

Levels to this 💩

15 hours ago

If the mind is to emerge unscathed from this relentless struggle with the unforeseen, two qualities are indispensable: first, an intellect that, even in the darkest hour, retains some glimmerings of the inner light which leads to truth; and second, the courage to follow this faint light wherever it may lead. Carl Von Clausewitz . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #ireland #fuckcancer #irishwanders #letsgosomewhere #irishblogger #thewanderco #ireland #dissertation #university #grief #grieving #agameoftones #unitedkingdom #thevisualones #mentalhealth #visitbelfast #ukbloggers #iamatraveler #gay #harlandandwolff #mentalhealth #irishblogger #belfastblogger #griefsupport #art #BestOfBelfast #mums #angel #irishexplorer #irishcookoo

19 hours ago

W/ @b.kante_

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23 hours ago

summer days drifting away


Because in this world Saying things only once Is not enough for people to actually listen You have to repeat it over and over and over again Until people get tired Until they actually start listening ———————————————————— Porque en este mundo Decir una sola vez las cosas No basta para que de hecho te escuchen Tienes que repetirlo una y otra y otra vez Hasta que las personas se cansen Hasta que de hecho nos empiezen a escuchar #artivistmovement


What I, well, we have been saying Is nothing new Many have said it And many more will say it It doesn’t mean we have to stop saying it ————————————————— Lo que yo, bueno, nosotros hemos estado diciendo No es nada nuevo Muchos lo han dicho Y muchos mas lo dirán No significa que hay que dejar de decirlo #artivistmovement


dírєctíσn íѕ mσrє ímpσrtant than ѕpєєd. ѕσmє pєσplє arє gσíng nσwhєrє faѕt.


|| vas a cometer errores, y en ocasiones acertarás a lo largo, sin embargo, lo que sea; hay que vivir de nuestras decisiones ||


Off on a journey


I never knew I'd see #RichHomieQuan in a #Coma 😪 . . . 917-819-1614 to Book . . . 📍Jacksonville, FL NOW 📍Atlanta, GA 24-Till . . . Artist: @richhomiequan Director: #MarCellJB Powered By: #TEAMXINCOME


// pozvoni mne, pozvoni


Kada bih bogatstvo mjerila u novcu, a dobila novčić za svaku školjkicu koju sam ovdje pronašla, bila bih milijunaš. Ipak, odavno sam shvatila da su bogatstvo male stvari u životu. Posljednja zraka sunca koja ti miluje lice pred zalazak, pijesak pod nogama, sočne breskve što se cijede do laktova dok ih pohlepno jedeš na plaži, hladna lubenica koja te čeka u hladnjaku pri povratku s iste, knjiga koju ne možeš ispustiti iz ruke napeto iščekujući njen rasplet, upala trbušnih mišića od smijanja do suza pa još malo smijanja, čaša dobrog vina, tragovi kupaćeg na preplanuloj koži koji će te pri svakom tuširanju podsjećati na ljeto, na neke tvoje trenutke, na neke tvoje ljude. A školjkice, one idu samnom kući. Tako ću i tamo imati komadić ovog mog malog raja. _________________________________________ #myhappyplace

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2 days ago

If I hide behind this leaf you won’t see me...we share White Bear Island with all kinds of creatures . #frogsofinstagram

2 days ago

Sad cause my favorite “holiday” is over already 😓

2 days ago

One with nature

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