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January 2019

Well look who it is... #solo_charlie #calmversation #lostandfound_inthefog

January 2017

an oasis of calm...

September 2015

Free to be... #calmversation

June 2015

waterways, skyways, sideways... #solo_charlie #calmversation

May 2015

When we found out Attila @popscure booked a trip to Vancouver, @heartedgirl_ and I got real excited! We decided to learn the song "Everything is Awesome" because our funny friend likes to make Lego references which fly over our heads. There's your first set of clues for the #ComeWhatMayMeet location. And this is @popscure 's image with my tiny edit. Tap link in bio for more info about this fine fella along with exact details about the meet ; ) #🇺🇸🇨🇦📲

April 2015

One Direction | #quattrostajourney

April 2015

Gliding along... My latest Steller Story explores the magic and mystery of Suomolinna Island Sea Fortress. Location: Finland Topic: Time •link in bio•

March 2015

Time in the sun

January 2015

This gull flew over me like a dive bomber and he's quite a poser!

December 2014

And I'm freeeeeeee ... free fallin' ... 🎶

October 2014

#Solo_Charlie glides right the ocean whispers softly left man to resonate... #haiku -namatata 🍬

October 2014

#vscocam #seagulls

October 2014

In motion... #happy_space #ombrélala 🎪

October 2014

neutral #calmversation

November 2014

For the laughter and tears, for memories made, for future plans laid, for friendship and love...in celebration of you Manu @sejkko on this, the day of your birth. Happy birthday you architect of tomorrows and weaver of dreams. Today my sweet, I celebrate you. I love you...for always. 💖

September 2014

The desire to fly is an idea handed down to us by our ancestors who, in their grueling travels across trackless lands in prehistoric times, looked enviously on the birds soaring freely through space, at full speed, above all obstacles, on the infinite highway... Wright #calmversation #solo_charlie

September 2014

. The sound of flight . Bachianas Brasileiras No 5 - Aria Heitor Villa-Lobos

September 2014

A little #solo_charlie for @missyjena 🐦💙 Happy Wednesday folks!

September 2014

Steven chilling with an old traditional sailboat in the background, very typical for this part of Adriatic. #lovecroatia

August 2014

Misty mornings #ofvancouver 💙

August 2014

Summer rain #strideby with a beloved Douglas Coupland art installation, The #DigitalOrca 💙💚🐳 🚶 #ArtThursday #calmversation #Vancouver #minimal Inspired by the lovely and talented @missyjena : )

August 2014

'You will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be elsewhere. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place.' I came across this moving quote again today and felt quite emotional. As a Vancouverite who lived in Hong Kong for the past five years, home to me has become an abstract concept. Living in London so far has been a positive experience, but moving and adjusting to a new city always has its ups and downs. Sometimes I really miss the familiarity of home... This is the one-in-a million #HongKong skyline as seen from #VictoriaHarbour #passionpassport #jj_silhouette #goldenhour #skyline #rsa_urban #rising_masters #jj_architecture #justgoshoot #nothingisordinary #cityscapes #architexture #winningmeover #water_shots #water_captures #finditliveit #ic_skies #simplicity #solo_charlie #stunning_shots #calmversation

August 2014

Man and bird face-off | Sydney Opera House steps

July 2014

Life is uncharted territory. It reveals it's story one moment at a time. Buscaglia Thanks to this app, we can share these moments one square at a time. Today, I offer you a glance into Attila's world @popscure It seems he's extra gifted in the visual story telling department! His Image My edit I think you'll enjoy following him for all the same reasons I do! He's engaging, funny, thoughtful and way too talented! Say hi to Attila @popscure 👋

July 2014

Dagje naar #dierentuin #blijdorp en wie komen we daar tegen op het terras... #deneefvankarelmetdehoutenpoot #meeuwen #seagull #rotterdam #nederland #holland #loves_netherlands

July 2014

#PutABirdOnIt And why doesn't my photo map work when I get back home anymore? Not cool. #Openfeed #iPhoneOnly #NoEdit #TheLakeDistrict

July 2014

It's an image I can't resist! Edit for @zckrf #zckrf_ffa 🙌

July 2014

A happily ever after #calmversation Some of you may remember when I posted about our ski instructor, Dave? I shared the story over a year ago so a refresher link is included below. Well, Erin and Dave tied the knot! My signature is on their marriage certificate! I spent some quality time with them yesterday and a month after saying their I do's they're still floating on cloud 9. The friendship between Erin and I began when we were 2 yrs old and spans 3 decades. We learned to understand each other long before we were able to speak in full sentences. It's no surprise we can read each other like a book/ even to this day. I'm thrilled to see how extremely happy she is. Erin couldn't have found a sweeter more caring man... Little did we know what the future had in store while we were traipsing on those snowy hills that day. Click here to see the original post from #78_weeks_ago. PS Erin, Dave and Chloe, thanks for a wonderful day 💙

July 2014

Freedom flyer... For the Birds #jj_forum_0908

June 2014

Finally!! Since @zobolondon 's seagull-posts I've always wanted to have one in my feed as well; )

June 2014

W is for wanderlust... #solo_charlie #bitethebokeh

June 2014

Lone Egret in the Seychelles. #PutABirdOnIt #Openfeed #iPhoneOnly #VSCOcam #VSCOgrid #Egret #Seychelles

June 2014

The Vancouver Lookout

May 2014

When he waves... #Solo_Charlie #nomadlife Big thanks to the innovative team @nomadgoods for sending me 2 very cool iPhone USB chargers! One fits on a keychain and the other's credit card size. Very impressed with their "modern, minimalist and practical products."

May 2014

Hi #Solo_Charlie A little L 🎶

April 2014

The last hurrah, our final morning here at Clear Lake. This was 7:45am, my #calmversation with that Turkey Vulture who scared 101 Swallows that nest under the pier back into their homes. Proof that birds of prey can bring inner peace. -------------------------------------------------- @instagood #featuremeinstagood -------------------------------------------------- PS - I didn’t even try this in black and white...

April 2014

Just hanging out with the locals... #ncallday #justgoshoot

April 2014


March 2014

It was a beautiful no edit needed day! #solocharlie

March 2014

From my city to yours... #Solo_Charlie Roundtrip ✈️

March 2014

Here's @i_choose_fun having a #calmversation with #solo_charlie

February 2014

My gull friend...

February 2014

My friend Kyle @asenseofhuber is hosting an Instameet today at the #ElMatadorBeach in Malibu, starting at 3pm. I photographed this gorgeous beach many times before and it never disappoints... Anybody else is coming??

February 2014


February 2014

With hope in her heart and a determined mind, one child has touched the lives of so many around the globe. Today, I'm joining @standwithme as they raise awareness for National Freedom Day on behalf of Little Miss Vivienne and her lemonade stand. I have endless love and respect for those that champion humanitarian causes. As a child advocate, I know children are our best teachers... case and point, Vivienne's "giveness" model. See URL in my profile for Vivian's YouTube clip and visit @standwithme for more info. #standwithme image from the day I met #solo_charlie How beautiful a day can be When kindness touches it! -Elliston

January 2014

Lines, Birds, Obsessive 🙌 • #VSCOcam #vsco #birds #seagullz #BeakTastic #SanPedro #docks

December 2013

#whpliquidlandscape 💦

November 2013

it's friday, friday! 🎶 // have a great weekend everyone!

November 2013

#PostWhatMakesYouHappy (✋+✌️🐦's in total )🔍 #calmversation #happy_space #solo_charlie and friends

November 2013

11•12•13 Flights of Fancy plus some #calmversation

November 2013

A year ago today, I posted my first pic... and nothing happened. The only reference point I had was the explore/ popular page. But I couldn't figure out why my pictures weren't showing up there (haha how naive ) Once in awhile I saw an image that blew me away and caused me to look at things differently. Then you all entered one by one and gave me a proper newsfeed. Alas, it all began to make sense. Here's to more explorations in #happy_space continued #calmversation and random appearances by #solo_charlie in #mmmdatfog ! You inspire me daily💙

October 2013

A flashback from the last time I saw this reflective guy #solo_charlie 🐦

October 2013

Spent some quality time with this stoic gull this afternoon.

September 2013

Good Morning from #Solo_Charlie who's off to play... While I'm missing the leisurely days of summer. Be back later with some #calmversation highlights... Have a good day, Everyone 💙

September 2013

There's #Solo_Charlie enjoying some #happy_space 👋

August 2013

It's all fun and games until #Solo_Charlie decides he's had enough! Turns out he was thirsty...watching him dive into a puddle lead me to look up and see the couple 👋

August 2013

Quick weather report from the beach...