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1 minute ago

We The Entomologists . . Philippines May 2019

58 minutes ago

Bocados de verano... Summer bites...

1 hour ago

Фото : @krasovskayajulia Отмечайте нас на своих фото🎞 #35mmrussia #плёнка #35мм #35mm

1 hour ago

Hanoi, Aug 2019

1 hour ago

Santorini, Greece. August 2019. . #santorini #bnw

1 hour ago

Rojo, par, y pasa

1 hour ago

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

CAN german shepherd pretending to be a venetian sailor

1 hour ago

CAN ⚠️🐕

1 hour ago

Never been so excited to enter a library #educationcity

1 hour ago

At the museum 🔎

1 hour ago

Kureika river, Aug 13th 2019

2 hours ago


2 hours ago

Clearest blue 💙

2 hours ago

Where would you go if no one had to know you were there? If you are reading a book and the book stirs something deep inside you, and nobody is around to hear it, do you still make a sound? When you are faking eye contact, do you look at someone's eyebrows, mouth, or nose? Are you first to sadness or to anger? How many texts that you haven't replied to are currently in your inbox? Does this mean you are too popular or too distant? If you had to watch a montage of all the worst things you've ever done, would you still be able to sleep that night? Is there anything cruel about love? Is there a rule against laughing insincerely? If there was, would you still break it? When you think of the person you've loved most in this world, why do your hands start shaking? If you were offered all the happiness in this lifetime in exchange for the next not having any, would you forsake your future self in order to benefit this one? If you're caught on a bridge and there's no way forward and no way back, is there still a way off it? If you answered no, have you had too few tragedies? If you answered yes, have you had too many or are you assuming the fall won't kill you? Is your best story your own story? Is there ever a moment at the end of the day when you are fully at peace with yourself? If you had to write your own eulogy, would you make your own mother cry? Do you apologize too much? Do you apologize enough? Whose face do you think of when I say the word regret? Would you give up having children for a better childhood of your own? What is the best way to nurse a large and brutal heartache? Do your dreams reveal you? Can you miss someone you haven't met yet? If you run away from all your problems, does it still count as exercise? What's the most awful thing you've ever done to another human? If someone made you answer all these questions, and you had to be truthful, could you still look them in the eye afterwards? If someone made you answer all these questions, and you had to be truthful, would you be grateful to unload it all? If you had to answer, and you had to be truthful, who would you want to be asking the questions?

2 hours ago

The photographer of the day Le photographe du jour @veziphoto Tag #lesfrancaisesmagazine

1 hour ago

Binondo Food Trip ⛩️🏮 #wheninbinondo

1 hour ago

Desire, for many people, is an agreement with oneself to be unhappy or unfulfilled until one has attainted that which they desire. And, once they have experienced a brief sense of fulfillment or happiness it’s on to pursuing the satisfaction of the next desire, so one spends a lot of time chasing and very little time feeling fulfilled. Having desires isn’t a problem, it’s only a problem when one believes they will only be happy or fulfilled when that particular desire is satisfied. The trick is to feel fulfilled and happy in this very moment, during the process of satisfying a desire, and not letting whether or not one satisfies that desire affect your happiness and sense of fulfillment. Don’t put so much emphasis on having to satisfy a desire. This, of course, is far easier said than done.

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