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reflecting on zaha hadid. . . . #architecture #archilovers #zahahadid #shanghaiarchitecture

2 days ago

Zhujiajiao 朱家角 is a water town on the outskirts of Shanghai, and was established about 1,700 years ago. Archaeological findings dating back 5,000 years have also been found. . Nowadays the Zhujiajiao Ancient Water Town is the best-preserved among the four ancient towns in Shanghai. The quiet town is simple but full of poems and pictures with original flavored streets of Ming (1368-1644 ) and Qing dynasties (1636-1911 ), which make it a famed Hollywood in the suburb of Shanghai popular with many film directors. . Among Zhujiajiao's nine old streets, North Street is the best preserved ancient street with some of the buildings dating back to the Qing Dynasty era (1644-1912 ). . On Xihu Street, there is a post office that was built during the Qing Dynasty, and it is said to be the best preserved of its era in China. There are many exhibits and among them are old letters written on bamboo and antique postcards of old Shanghai. . Take Metro Line 17 and get off at Zhujiajiao Station; after arrival, walk north for about 15mins to the town. . Follow me and check #SimpleStreetsOfShanghai to learn more about what Streets of Shanghai are hiding

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💔🖤💔 Miss

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The same as always, but during mid-autumn festival 🥮

1 weeks ago

Shanghai skyline

2 weeks ago

Art deco building in the French Concession neighbourhood of Shanghai (photo by me, edit by #vedarvisuals )

2 weeks ago

Hard to imagine there's a giant water tower hidden in the city.You can't discover it from the street,but you'll be amazed once you find it.The more interesting thing is the constructers left their names under the top,saying "We are here on 1st September,2003".It lost its original function,now is served as a normal building with residents living inside.

2 weeks ago

Peace Barbershop locates in Shunchang road(顺昌路 )and has a history of almost 100 years,it has received Sophie Marceau and Angelababy.The owner(the man in the picture )once acted as the barber of Ethan Juan(阮经天)in movie New York,New York.It still keeps the old style of 1970s inside and out nowadays.I'd like to be Master Wang's guest. #shanghai #上海 #历史 #city #culture #history #文化 #魔都 #魔都探店 #上海旅行 #shanghailife #shanghaiist #shanghaicity #shanghaichina #shanghaiarchitecture #styleshanghai

2 weeks ago

Old meets new (Shanghai, China )

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#四川北路 この間のある夕方だった 元々はかなり賑やかなマンションでしょうかね 租界っていうものは歴史的な視点から見れば結構複雑だと思う。 でも残された建築や文化はこの都市と、住んでる地元民の生活に浸透してる。歴史建築好きは趣味だけではなく、育ちゆえだと思うのだ。 #shanghai #shanghailife #shanghaistreet #上海 #上海灘 #上海旅行 #上海暮らし #写真好き #街歩き #近代建築 #oldshanghai #お洒落な街 #初秋 #雨上がり #shanghaiarchitecture #共同租界 #公共租界 #歴史建築

2 weeks ago

The sun finally came out after a week of non-stop rain in #Shanghai , and with it the #lanehouse laundry.

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