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5 hours ago

what would you choose🗣️🤷 . . Thanks @sh_masamune Osaka, Japan based photographer for this shoot of @yumi_ywy & @bonez_dance #capturingthevibes

8 hours ago

T H A T W A N A K A T R E E .

13 hours ago

You can find this baddie at the bottom of the rainbow 🌈 // an old shoot but still some heat 🔥

13 hours ago


17 hours ago

نه تبسم، نه اشاره، نه سوالی، هیچ چیز عاشقی چون من فقط او را تماشا می‌کند کاظم بهمنی . . 📷 @haniyeaminabadi#pic #poem_pic #assortedportrait #portrait_perfection #pure_visual #photo #ir_photographer #photography #art #artistoninstagram #top_portraits #i_owe_myself #instagram #instaportrait #ax_matn #ax_honari

22 hours ago

Behind on sharing previews again, but here is an early morning post of this beautiful senior!!! #michellelynnphotography


Oops I did it again. @iforj_htp



2 days ago

Caerdydd Creatives ============================== Photographer - @katediffpics I like to spend my spare time focusing on something creative. I developed an interest in photography last year. I started shooting digitally using my phone and captured images of things I found interesting and beautiful during daily life. Whilst my subject is always different but blue skies, pretty windows and flowers seem to crop up regularly (and totally unintentionally...! ) I made to move to film around two months ago. The first camera I bought was an Olympus OM2n. I’ve also recently purchased an Olympus Trip Junior. It's small enough to fit in my back pocket so it's great for taking photos on the go. I'm working towards creating a zine of some of my film work. Instagram has helped me connect with people across the Cardiff photography community and projects like Caerdydd Creatives are great for supporting those connections. Everyone who has contacted me has been so supportive, offering me advice and giving me feedback on how I can improve my work. In particular, my friend Mike - @_mikepaul_ Mike has recently opened a community dark room in Roath - @theoldlaundrydarkroom and offers lessons on developing and printing. I guess unknowingly to both of us I've become his guinea pig! If you're interested, drop him a message!

2 days ago


2 days ago

This one is called the @yrosepark pose 😤 // @melyndaphung is my bestie. She’s amazing and deserves everything

2 days ago


2 days ago

It's always good to catch up with a grounded past co-worker. I personally bailed and canceled on @fisherscanlan three times before we caught up, but it's good to see someone so gracious who puts things into perspective.Been a bit under the radar, but I'm back. Stay tuned for some sick shots! . . . . . . . . . . . #masterzofneon #makeportraits #globalnightsquad #gramslayers #nextvisualportraits #doports #goodshotmate #portraitvision #portraitkillers #cyberpunk_cities #ig_portraits #ourmoodydays #sonyalphaportrait #portraitunit #moodyports # #portraitsquad #portraitclub #pure_visual #au_shooters #ozshotmag #portraitamazing #sonyaustralia #milliondollarports #featuremeseas

3 days ago

Feeling 🦋🐬🐳 @adubaby_519

3 days ago

I am made and remade continually. Different people draw different words from me.

3 days ago

If you are lucky enough to find a way of life you love, you have to find the courage to live it.❤️

2 weeks ago

Auckland habour bridge

3 weeks ago


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