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7 minutes ago

Roots run deep To places we have forgotten and kept hidden whether by choice or by instinct. The darkness remains as it is necessary for growth and continuation of all that has been, is now, and will come to be. I see your darkness and I know you see mine. Normally in the past I would run and leave every opportunity to explore and possibly of healing and growth that could possibly ensure. But not anymore Come in Let’s go deep. . . . http://greatabidingyoga.com/blog/ . . ☆☆☆▪▪▪☆☆☆▪▪▪☆☆☆ "Collecting Feathers" is available worldwide. ☆☆☆▪▪▪☆☆☆▪▪▪☆☆☆ Order directly from my website ☆☆☆▪▪▪☆☆☆▪▪▪☆☆☆ http://greatabidingyoga.com/shop/ ☆☆☆▪▪▪☆☆☆▪▪▪☆☆☆ . . #greatabidingyoga #yoga #yogaeverywhere #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #unlockingthepowerwithin #yogaoffthemat #yogaaddict #yogateacher #yogastudent #liveyouryoga #livealifeyoulove #livefully #createyourreality #greatabidinglove #powerwithin #yogalife #namaste #chooselife #feelyourfeet #yogablog #blog #poetry 📸 @creativeheat photography

7 minutes ago

We never know exactly how the energy will show up and express in our lives, but we know it will. Saturn feels heavy and Pluto turns up the intensity of all things. The South Node is all the stuff that we want to move away from, let go of, break the habit of...etc. Also Pluto is retrograde as of yesterday so for the next 4 1/2 months it’s time to explore internally and find your way to empowerment. White is wanting to be fully transformed in your life? If you’re paying attention and doing your soul work, you’ll feel it. The moon is void of course at 3:48 PM edt until tomorrow morning. Use this time to slow down and relax. Softening and kindness are good remedies for the energy today. #DailyAstrology #ParentingDaily #CapricornMoon #Moonshine #AstrologyPosts #ParentingByTheMoon #LuminaryParenting #ConsciousParenting #ParentingAstrology #AstrologyForParents #Soulwork #Transformation #AstrologersOfInstagram #astrologysign #astrologyreadings #astrology101 #Astrological #Motherhood #Cosmic #Mothering

55 minutes ago

Programming objects and programming water - one of the amazing techniques you can learn at the Ultra seminar that will be conducted by Andrea Domjan in May in Dublin. These Ultra techniques are similar to making jam. In summer, when cherries and apricots are in abundance we preserve their taste for winter. Similarly, we can preserve mental programs in objects and water, which then come forth as if broadcast from a radio station. For example, if you need energy and concentration while working, you can spend 15 minutes to put that program in any object, for example a pebble that you can keep in your pocket, and then enjoy its benefits while working. You’ll be surprised how much more fulfilling you’ll find your tasks! This is a fun way to enhance studying for exams, too. Programmed water is especially effective for health issues as it can be drunk and therefore the mental program can actually be absorbed by the organs and cells you want to have a beneficial effect on. We have hundreds of such success stories with programmed water! Here is one that Andrea Domján (Certified Silva Method Instructor who will be presenting the Ultra seminar in May in Dublin ) personally experienced. A few years ago she was teaching an intensive English language course and the sole of her right sandal broke. She spent a full day standing on a twisted right foot. By the evening her ankle hurt so much that she could hardly walk. However, she didn’t mind so much as she thought the pain would be gone in a few days. Well, it wasn’t. The pain stayed for about six months. Then she told herself that she must be crazy for not doing something about it with all her Silva experience. So she spent 15 minutes on programming water and drank it. The pain was gone by the following morning! She realize it may not be the best strategy to tell you this story so bluntly… You may easily think she is exaggerating. But she is not. This is exactly how it happened. Sign up for upcoming Ultra Healing-Energy seminar below: -> Sunday, May 26th -> https://goo.gl/4TrWB5, you can also find a registration link in bio.

1 hour ago

“Your wasting energy all the time on self defence. The moment you stop doing that, all of that energy becomes available.” - Alan Watts ✨ . . Does everything deserve a reaction? Society in 2019 sure seems to think so. It seems to be a bit of a paradox that in today’s world, which is going through a tremendous spiritual awakening, I simultaneously notice that most people are reacting, rather than responding to everything. 💥 . . If you look around you may be able to notice it. Those that splash their personal business all over the internet so they can get a reaction from others. Those that get offended by any little comment because it may poke at some weak aspect of their self worth. Fights over the internet because of some small petty comment. Road rage. The dysfunctional relationships that seem to run rampant everywhere you look. And why? Because most people have been trained to react, defensively to situations, rather than to think, pause, and respond. ☁️ . . This is an area of life that a consistent meditation practice has tremendously helped me with.🧘🏼‍♀️ When you sit in the stillness, you are able to see your feelings, why they are there, and where they are coming from. You realize that they are coming from YOU and they exist only because of your perspective. Situations become clearer and you are able to see that not only do people, places and things not deserve your attention, they also may not deserve your reaction. Anything you take your reaction away from you disarm, leaving it powerless to affect you. 🦋 . . Mostly, I have learned that we all take life way to seriously. Trying to defend ourselves and what we believe in every second. Trying desperately to prove ourselves right, time and time again. Peace comes from letting go. Peace comes from the surrender. Meditation will teach you to respond to life, not react.🧘🏼‍♀️🧘🏻‍♂️

4 hours ago

You look better when you’re self loving so hard that another persons actions will never disturb your peace again. It took me so long to get here and I’m blessed because only 26 and I have this understanding. It takes a lot of folks a lifetime. Some call it wisdom, I call it applied learning experiences. #smilebitch #livingmybestlife #aintgoingbackandforthwithyall #selflove #selfcare #blackgirls #blackgirlmagic #healers #powerwithin #loveyourself #acceptyourself #selfhealers #selfhealingjourney #dimplegang #liveinYOURtruth #youngandfree #zincla Test shot: @hermesphotography 🤩

6 hours ago

Good Morning lovelies, may your day be filled with joy and your cup filled with energy for your mind and soul ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ ________________________________________________ #morning #coffee #positivity #powerwithin #positivevibes #fulfillment #balance #coaches #coaching #gratitude #coachinglife #life #lifestyle #lifecoaching #motivation #quoteoftheday #change #choices #selfmotivation #selfreflection #selfimpowerment #inspiration #coachelicious #mindfulness #jeddah #jeddahlife #coachrotana #mindfulness #thoughts #goals

7 hours ago

the truth is in the details so many of us choose to overlook.. ___ leave a “❤️” if you feel ~things~ ___ xx. // @gloriyanedler

6 hours ago

It's going to be hard for you to succeed in anything you want to accomplish if you can't earn credibility with yourself! Get things done! 😊👏👌👍💪 . . . Do you agree?

8 hours ago

Go after what you want. Stay grounded. Smile. Shake off the negativity. ⁣ ⁣ You are enough! 🌸☺️💫💕

9 hours ago

I am extra!! I am in love with myself ❤️ lol #lilianworldalldayeveryday I cannot hold my light and I’m not sorry. dim my light for what??? Your problem is not with me it’s with yourself #selflove #powerwithin #shinebrightlikeadiamond #icantpleaseeveryone ❤️🙌🏼

10 hours ago

Everything in moderation- My Mother Theresa ( in every world there is always time for whiskey and donuts - Bleu Da Vinci ) ...The wave can’t stop #masteryourenergy #writersofinstagram #happiness #entrepreneur #artistsoninstagram #radfables #challenge #energy #badbitch #mymothertheresa #bleudavinci #fight #ufc #whiskey #boxing #donutsanddeadlifts #donutsandcoffee #donutsandwhiskey #dream #ambition #saintoctober #film #cinema #powerwithin

11 hours ago

Trust yourself! _____________________ . . . . . . #couragequotes #svenja_dahm #womensupportwomen #believeinyourself #unlimitedpower

12 hours ago

#LOA #shiftinconsciousness #loveandlight #limitless #powerwithin 🙏🏽💛🌟🙌🏽

4 weeks ago

Who’s hype about my full body workout challenge this Monday??? - -Cuzzzz I know I am!!! - - And if you haven’t signed up, what are ya doing???? #builtbybalance - - Anyways, circuit training comes in clutch for so many reasons. Don’t get me wrong. I love myself a good “back day”, but when you want a heart pumping and overall full body pump circuit training will get you. - - Think lower push, upper pull, core, lower pull and then upper push. - - Not getting your heart rate up? - - Increase the weight, increase the intensity, evaluate your form etc. - - But I can tell you one thing. It’s not the modality. Full body sessions only work if you put in the work! - - And that’s with anything in life. But we not going there right now. - - I gotta say I love circuit training. It’s helped myself and my own clients get in great shape! - -

6 days ago

I used to want to be the face of fitness. - - Fitness was my life. I was so entrenched with the idea that one day I can be the fastest runner, the best triathlete, the baddest bodybuilder and would joke that I might as well live at the gym. - - While that’s fine for others, it’s just not me anymore. - - I was going through life like “fitness” was the most interesting thing about me. When it most definitely is not. - - I like to travel, have philosophical discussions, take in beautiful scenery, solitude just to name a few. - - While I enjoy being a teacher and student within the fitness industry, I am so much more than that. - - I’m reclaiming my identity. - - So...Hi again! 👋🏻 I’m Jessica and I’m a daughter, sister, friend, personal trainer, advocate, counselor, coach, introvert, lover, empath, answer seeker, philosophical discus-see, traveler and so so much more! - - - Who are you? - - -

12 hours ago

Yes, push ups CAN BE used as a corrective exercise. So many think if you have shoulder pain push-ups will be off their program for good. And that’s not entirely so. - - A helpful tip is to not let your shoulders internally rotate during the eccentric portion as the push up is an extremely helpful way to improve the stability within the shoulder joint and also the recruitment of the the serratus anterior which is responsible for proper positioning of the scapula. - - I like these specifically (knuckle variation ) because they challenge ones wrist stability. (If left weak and unstable can also lead to compensations and possibly shoulder issues down the line ). - - Do you do push ups? If not, why? - - - - 🎶 Chainsaw by Nick Jonas 🎶 - -

12 hours ago

I love lifting heavy, but what I’ve found to most effective is performing exercises under a slow and controlled tempo. After all the way to build muscle is time under tension. So create that tension!! Go slow. Control that weight! - - - For 1:1 online coaching link is in bio! - -

3 weeks ago

All you hear is squat, squat and squat. What about the reverse lunge? Unilateral work is so beneficial for preventing muscular imbalances. Also by adding a front-load you force more core engagement and reinforce upright posture. These are a staple! - - -

2 weeks ago

Traveling always has me wondering why I live where I live. There’s so much to see. So much to experience. Why stay seated? Why settle? So very complicated, yet not really. Anyways. All the feels. - - -

12 hours ago

What a view! - - -

12 hours ago

I went on a hike today. Or at least that was the plan. The trail was not traveled too often so the path was not very clear. It was quite scary and nerve wrecking guessing the way and hoping for the best. The grass was tall. The bugs were everywhere. And it’s not at all what I expected. I became frustrated because I wanted a clear hiking path that didn’t have any level of uncertainty. - - This got me thinking about how many times we expect the same in life. We want to follow the path of least resistance. It’s easier that way. But it’s also much easier to settle. To live a life of mediocrity. Which is fine. But is nothing extraordinary. - - I’m not saying follow a path that you are miserable about. I’m saying to not be scared of following a non-traditional route. One that others haven’t really followed. One where you learn along the way. One that scares you a bit. It might be harder, yes. But damn will it feel good. - -

1 weeks ago

Obligatory by the pool summer photo. - - But in all seriousness our ‘obligations’ guide us towards our actions. - - Summer tends to lead to obligatory ab shots, bikini pictures and needing to “shred down”. By all means not a bad thing. If that’s what you desire after all. - - But who are we doing this for? - - For the gram? For the content? - - Or is it to feel more confident? To live healthier and longer lives? - - Yeah goals are you great, but intention is everything. Don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of what you feel you have to do. - - Be true to yourself not imaginary obligations. - -

2 weeks ago

Good morning #fitfam I woke up super excited because I’m going to start my day with a workout in a new environment. - - Who else gets excited about that?!? - - Then it got me thinking as to why new things are so exciting. And why motivation seems to decrease as time moves on. - - It’s the dopamine! Those feel good hormones. You find a new plan or routine that literally lights up your midbrain and has your complete attention. Motivation is high due to this. The brain is excited at the possibility of a NEW reward. - - This is so important to apply to your fitness and health goals. - - Knowing at first a new exercise plan or goal will always be exciting. Motivation will be through the roof. - - But it’s extremely important to become more aware of the long term benefits of starting a new exercise regimen or any routine for that matter. - - Know at first that it’s new and will literally light up your world. But by knowing the long term benefits and reasoning, will allow you to continue with it beyond the instant gratification. - - It’s also been found adding slightly newer concepts to your routine along with the old will help increase compliance and motivation. - - Yes, it’s important to “switch it up”, but know the wheel was already invented. So no need to do your glute bridges upside down. AND most of all if you find a coach, make sure they keep your perspective in check. - - What are you guys up to today?? - I’m about to have breakfast and get a killer workout in! - - - -

2 weeks ago

Don’t forget to get your 5,000 IUS of Vitamin D!!! - - -

6 days ago

“You’ll learn, as you get older, that rules are made to be broken. Be bold enough to live life on your terms, and never, ever apologize for it. Go against the grain, refuse to conform, take the road less traveled instead of the well-beaten path. Laugh in the face of adversity, and leap before you look. Dance as though EVERYBODY is watching. March to the beat of your own drummer. And stubbornly refuse to fit in.” [Mandy Hale] - - #whatliftsyou #manhattenview #timetogrow #photographernyc #healthyfats #selfactualization #cozyplaces #selfcarehacks #journalingprompts #focusonthepositive #loseweightaskmehow #personalcoach #onlinecoach #fuelthebody #getfitwithme #deepbreathing #emotionalsupport

12 hours ago

No shame in using bands for pull-ups. If it allows for better form and more repetitions it’s a perfectly safe way to build up to band free pull-ups. A little lean back is natural to counterbalance the pull from the front. Just make sure it’s not excessive and your ribs are “down” so your core is properly engaged. - - - 🎶Paris by The Chainsmokers 🎶 - - - For 1:1 online coaching link is in bio! - -

2 weeks ago

Are one pieces a thing? If not, Imma make one pieces a thing. - - -

6 days ago

Tip of the day: No need to excessively squeeze and jam your shoulder blades together. Your Lats will engage once your elbows reach your rib cage or slightly behind it. - - 🎶 2am by Adrian Marcel 🎶 - -

3 weeks ago

Happy hour errrr I mean Friday! - - - - -

12 hours ago

Just some mid day pull ups - - -

2 weeks ago

Probably going to regret these heels, but eh they’re cute! - -

3 weeks ago

Yesterday is history Tomorrow's a mystery I can see you looking back at me Keep your eyes on me Baby, keep your eyes on me - - - -

4 days ago

Try doing pull-ups without leaning back or crossing your feet. Game changer! - - - - For 1:1 online coaching link is in bio! - -

4 days ago

I was NOT feeling myself yesterday. I was having really bad body image. I was brainstorming all the interventions I can take to get myself “back on track”. - - Truth is, I’ve gained some weight that I am not comfortable with, but that doesn’t make me any less worthy of my own love and support. - - Thankfully I have some friends who helped talk some sense into me. - - Woke up feeling like a boss ass bitch and like it’s all going to be okay. Remember, life moves on past these negative moods we get into. - Anyone else have those days? What do you do for bad body image days? - - - -

2 weeks ago

Nowadays I find comfort in knowing that nothing is permanant. In fact, it'll likely be my next tattoo. Because well it's true. Life can change in any moment. Whether you like it or not. Right when you think it will go one way, there is just no guarantee it will. And that can either excite you or terrify you. You choose. And if you had the power or desire to change such a situation, you would have by now, right? - - - On that note, happy Friday! - -

3 weeks ago

I could probably do more weight and use lots of momentum, but I just really dig intentional movements. It's less likely for me to become injured and it's a true measure of my strength to be able to control the movement for the entire lift. Pausing at the top. Intentionally squeezing my butt cheeks versus extending at the low back. That's what I like that's what I like. Mmmm k. I've been listening to too much music. - - - Try slowing down your movements. You would be quite surprised how much weight you can really control. - - P.S. Am I the only one who makes really ugly faces while working out??? How fitness models do it, I will never know! - - - -

3 weeks ago

Everyone's set up on deadlifts is different, but some tips will always remain true. - - - 1. Flat back. Keeping all three points of contact in line (head, back and butt ). - - 2. Shoulders back and locking the lats in before each rep. Think about pulling the bar slightly before you perform the lift. - - 3. Keeping that chin tucked. So many times I see the neck go into extension. Yeah you might not injure your neck this time, but do you really want to try until you do? - - 4. Pulling the hips forward and engaging the hamstrings and glutes as opposed to hinging just at the back and then snap snap city. - - 5. Don't overly thrust to get "the best squeeze" and extend at the low back. A general squeeze will do just fine. - - 6. Don't rush the reps and sacrifice form. Quality over everything! - - - - -

1 weeks ago

UNBOTHERED - - - - -

2 weeks ago

I don't have a thigh gap. I remember when I did though. I was super restrictive and I was uncomfortable by the thought of my thighs touching. Weird, right? I eventually got over that after realizing that I value both my health and a strong body more than anything else. - - - -

3 weeks ago

Quads. Core. Quads. Core. - -

3 weeks ago

Life's too short to let what people think inhibit you. Sing. Dance. Say what's on your mind. Do the thing that scares you most. The worst thing that can happen is you fail. But at least you did the damn thing. - - Who else is obsessed with this song?! - - #life #travel #fitness #repost #igers #instadaily #followforfollow #likeforlike #nofilter #ootd #fashion #fun

12 hours ago

Turkish get ups. These will reveal literally any weakness you have in your body. - - Tight chest? Lack hip mobility? Lack shoulder stability? Lack core strength? - - - The turkish get up can be broken down into mini sections in order to get the form down, but before doing so make sure you have all the above checked off. - - Full body work and um hello these are F.U.N. !!

12 hours ago

If Pooh bear can wear a crop top then so can I... # # # @lululemon - - - - For 1:1 online coaching link is in bio! - - #l

12 hours ago

There are 101 ways to do the kettlebell swing wrong. My number one tip is to remember that it is a hinge and not a squat. Sit those hips back and use those glutes and hamstrings to power through to the top. Being careful to keep a flat back with ribs down, engage that core and to exhale at every rep. # **I like to sound out the letter "s" at the top to get more deep abdominal engagement.** - - - #selfdevelopmentjunkie #selflovery #liveintenionally #selfloveadvocate #evolveandsucceed #findingyourself #personaldevelopment #selflovechallenge #personalgrowth #honoryourself #growthanddevelopment #powerwithin #positiveaffirmations #selfactualization

3 weeks ago

PULL - - - -

3 weeks ago

Enjoy your time with your family and friends. Try not to focus on, "preventing weight gain" and worrying about the ramifications of a holiday dinner. It doesn't take one day to get to your goals and one day won't derail all your progress. By focusing on avoiding particular foods and how you are going to rid yourself of the food, you aren't being present. If you decide to eat the food, go for it. If you decide not to, that's your choice. The thing about making your own decisions is to OWN it. Realize you made the decision and live with it. Could you live with that lack of memories because you focused so much on the food? I know I couldn't. So go enjoy yourself! - -

3 weeks ago

# # A stable wrist is important both inside the gym (think deadlifts, bench press or pull-ups ) and even outside the gym (such as opening up a jar ). Instability of the wrist also has a higher mortality rate. Without proper wrist stability one is likely to become injured due to weak stabilizer muscles. # Have I convinced you yet? Good! # # Try this kettle bell push up variation to expose any weaknesses and challenge those wrist stabilizers. - - - - -

3 weeks ago

Locking those lats in before each repetition is so important for proper form and essentially preventing injuries. - - - -

2 weeks ago

We, as people, tend to only smile during pleasant situations. However, when we smile the brain releases endorphins which lowers stress and improves your overall mood, hence making any situation more pleasant despite the circumstances. - - -

3 weeks ago

Long caption ahead • • • Ever since I started my fitness journey my weight has fluctuated between 98lbs and 136lbs. I never really buy new clothes because "what if I get smaller"? • • But what got me to go on a shopping spree recently? • • I had a moment where I really thought about what was holding me back. It was holding onto this irrational thought that I may ever be a size 00 again. Not even that I really want to get back to that, just "what if". • • I've maintained 120-125lbs for the last year. And I feel comfortable at this weight. My body functions optimally at this weight. Everything is working at this weight. • • So I drove on over to the mall and bought 5-6 outfits. I am so happy I've reached that moment where I can throw away my "what if" clothes. • • Self acceptance is a life long process. Practice it everyday. • • Who can relate? - - - - -

2 weeks ago

PURPOSE - - - P.C. @simiuxproductions - -

3 weeks ago

Donut let anyone tell you doughnuts are unhealthy for you or will make you "fat". # Yes, there are more nutrient dense foods, but does that mean we can't have one every so often? Hell no! - - Everyone's version of moderation is different. And most of all an unhealthy mindset is more detrimental than a doughnut. - -

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