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Don’t you think so? . . . . . . . . Go to @thevolatilepoet and click on that follow button! What’s there to lose? 🙈♥️ #thevolatilepoet

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"Separate yourself from your Ego, untie your narcissism to be one with your dream, then take off the curtain of the 'I' to better celebrate the love." Jenayah Hela Tekali

47 minutes ago

Time won’t change anything, neither will distance. A love story once written will never fade, but I do fear the day when you will leave me with nothing but a shattered heart. Darling, but even if you do shatter it one day, I will still keep loving you with those broken pieces. Even if you do push me away one day, I will still stick around, and pray for your happiness. I wish I could wrap my soul around yours, and keep you chained to me, forever. But that would be too selfish, right? I am a fool, for I don’t know what to do with this silly heart of mine. It loves too much. It gasps for air whenever you take a step from me, and it loses its balance whenever you take a step towards me. You do things to me, I’ve never thought were possible. You are my map, my only path and my every destination. There might come a day when everything will collapse like a house of cards, but until that day, I will put my fears to sleep and love you in every possible way. I won’t let this end and even if this does end, I will never stop loving you. . ✍️ - @priyakannan offl #ScribblersWord

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In the clouds it is hard to see the exact form of things. Everything seems vague; the imagination runs wild, seeing things that are not there. Your words must lift people into the clouds, where it is easy for them to loose their way. Photo 📸 credit to the respective owner. ⚡Follow 👉 @arqum_alik ⚡ ⚡Follow 👉 @arqum_alik ⚡ ⚡Follow 👉 @arqum_alik

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If you think love is all bliss, my friend you are wrong Love is not even near bliss, Bliss is a lie it's something that mistakenly happens when you aren't paying enough attention and you stand there helplessly covered with the glitter of love and it makes you shine and then slowly it walks inside your broken heart and the demons there try to hide but love turns them into love and fix you up, love stitches you up with that special thread through which also flows love Slowly it takes your torn parts, makes some new for the lost ones and there you are a whole new person so much in love. It's fast as heartbeat or slow as the walk of death to the person who craves it. Love heals every wound and puts a smile on those lips who hardly ever laughed. It will give you everything that you ever wanted. But one day, love will walk to you, stand there for a moment and stare in your happy eyes and suddenly it will take out a shining sword and cut you into million pieces And you, the slave of love you will smile so broad and wide that each vein will hurt because that's what love taught you to do. You will smile with tears while love will cut every thread it healed you with, break every promise that kept you intact and love will watch, it will watch you breaking slowly every piece will fall apart but those love threads they will hang from your numb body and those broken threads will still flow love through them and it will hurt, it will hurt so much but you'll still love that cruel love. There will be no bliss, there will be no pain, there will be no nothing. It will all be love. . ✍️ - @the unalive.poet #ScribblersWord

2 hours ago

If nature is alive; it must be a women. #poetrybliss 🌌

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Ishion Hutchinson was born in Port Antonio, Jamaica. He received a BA from the University of the West Indies, an MFA from New York University, and completed graduate studies at the University of Utah. His poetry and essays have appeared in Ploughshares, Poetry Review (UK ), Narrative, New Letters, Granta, Gulf Coast, The Huffington Post, The Wolf (UK ), Prairie Schooner, Attica, Caribbean Review of Books, and the LA Review. He currently teaches courses in poetry and creative writing at Cornell University and serves as contributing editor to the literary journal, Tongue: A Journal of Writing & Art. His first collection, Far District, published by Peepal Tree Press (UK ) and won the 2011 PEN/Joyce Osterweil Award for Poetry. He is also the recipient of the 2013 Whiting Award and the 2011 Academy of American Poets' Larry Levis Prize. His 2016 collection, House of Lords and Commons won the National Book Critics Circle Award for poetry. He also won a 2019 Windham–Campbell Literature Prize in Poetry. . . . #jamaicanwriter #jamaicanwriters #jamaicanpoetry #jamaicanpoets #jamaicanpoet #jamaican #jamaicans #jamaica 🇯🇲 #blackpoet #blackpoetry #blackliterature #blackbookblogger #blackbookclub #blacklit #spokenword #caribbeanpoets #caribbean #caribbeanstrong #caribbeanbooks #caribbeanwriters #poetryblog #poetsoninstagram

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"Freedom is what a partner looks in, for you." Follow  @thescribbledthoughts_ ________________________________ By- Admin ________________________________ Dm us your best Tiny Tales/Quotes/Excerpts/Musings/Poems/Stories/Sayings. . DM us for Queries ________________________________ . Instagram -  @thescribbledthoughts_ Like ❤ Comment ❤ Tag ❤ .. #thescribbledthoughts #honestlyworded #quotd #quotestoliveby #writersofinstagram #writersofig #poetsoninstagram #poetsofig #poetrycommunity #poetryisnotdead #deadpoetsociety #tumblrquotes #poets #wordswithqueens #writersnetwork #girlswhowrite #relationshipquotes #thoughtfvl #thegoodquote #thetwistedthoughts #tales #creativeminds #recoverysayings

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My ambitious girl. She was changing the world with her mind because she was far too conscious to give all these men who were pros at wasting time, her time. I guess I was lucky, cause she met me, and I wasn’t trying to give up mine. She knew I was the type that you had to touch in his mind. The power of her consciousness, knew she longed for someone conscious, not just intellectually, but she wanted to be stimulated mentally so deep it was sexually. That’s a whole lot of energy to a man who doesn’t know himself, so when you say, “No” — he becomes your enemy. She knew where she was going, so she did not need a man who thinks his money is worth showing. Shit, have you ever heard me speak on my finances? Cause if the man didn’t have it, and you loved her right, she would help you grow into yourself, and still give you them chances. Sweet, selective, sky-diving, soul sincerely synchronizing, synopsis slowly sidelining. She got me in my bars in different dimensions, like where my Tumblr timeline is. My ambitious girl. Taught me that therapy is therapy. In the black community, therapeutic vibrations, make the community question your sanity. I make sure I drop her off consistently, cause the last thing I need is to have her battle me because the last man who loved her failed miserably. My bad, I know I’m freewriting about life and, maybe the woman I make my wife and...got me thinking about who gone be my best man, and where my life is. She the reason I’m slow writing books, cause she taught me to put the time in. My ambitious girl. Soul of a Lisa, spirit of a Yara, got a twin name Tia, so I call my Tamara. Energy on Sza, when she writes me like Jhene. I know that messing with them triggers ain’t for play. She can make you put your phone down Badu, lowkey like Yoncé, I commend her, cause she handles my Kanye. My little Zoe, she got me feeling like a Kravitz. But she ain’t none of these people, just got a similar vibe and it’s magic. My ambitious girl. Never let them change you; everything about you is an angel. Self-educated with a little bit of formal. It’s nothing like having a degree, and still not doing what’s normal. To me, your beauty is in your normal.✍🏾🌹

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"Spiral" #poetrybliss 💞 @poetry_bliss

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You've met three women this week, 17 in the last month. One of them knows you love Pink Floyd, the other notices how you always love your coffee black and you got drunk and made out with the third one. . Your mind has become a mess where pieces of memories just don't fit in. Tulips remind you of that melancholic face, matte black reminds you of another crooked smile and you can still taste the last one's whiskey on your lips. . But isn't it exhausting? This casually getting naked emotionally and physically every other day resulting in leaving your heart in too many places. . The pattern just goes on, isn't it? . You see each other, you meet, you whisper sweet nothings, the initial awkwardness turns into warmth and comfort, late nights end and mornings begin together, passionate sexts are be shared every now and then and ultimately after sometime the funny jokes become offensive, her cute behavior becomes nagging, your habits become irritating, her carelessness becomes annoying, your intensity becomes temper issues, her understandings turn into misunderstandings, etc etc etc. . And it ends like it always had and you run up to another one to fill the void. . Why the fuck would you choose to become a graveyard of hazy memories and unsaid feelings? All this just for that tiny glimmer of hope that maybe someday you'll find someone who won't give up on you? Who'd like you as you are? Who won't lie/cheat on you? Who'd feel the L word for you? All this just for that? . *Sighs* . I hope you reach there but I am afraid when you'd do, you would've left yourself in so many places that you'd be emptied and there'd be nothing that could fill that void. . . Caption via ~ @the_unspoken_words_abhi

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Undone. Emily Alice #emilyalicepoetry #poetry

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Just simply love, that's it. . . Follow John Preston Poetry Today if you wish to support my work as an emerging writer on Instagram and Facebook. . . . . Moments In Poetic Available Via Link in Bio or On Amazon. . . . . . # poetrycorner #poetsandwriters #poetryislife #poetrylovers #poetryisart #poetryislove #poetrydaily #poetry #poetsoninstagram #instapoetry #instapoem #poemsofig #igwriters #poets #poet #micropoem #heartofpoets #poemoftheday #instagrampoetscommunity #wordswithkings #truths #jmpreston @elitepoets #elitepoets #australianwriter #wordsmiths #creativewriting #creativewriter @atticuspoetry #atticuspoetry @beautaplin #beautaplin

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How are you?💕

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The cartographer draws each night borders separating states and cities practicing lines and curves 0.5cms right a little under China bending towards Kashmir. He tells his beloved how some day he will draw the city's map for her so they can always find their ways back to each other. It reminds me of Shamsie's Karim, and beautiful Raheen, who wouldn't tear the maps. Where is Abba? If ever I lose my way home? I will draw another map on some other day. The cartographer goes back to drawing fine lines for the nation now. 0.2cms upward near Himachal towards left near the curve bending right Srinagar. He spends a year tracing footsteps with pencil marks on paper, the beloved is lost too in the valleys, finding a map for Abba, while the little boy bending towards the city traces the map, failing to find himself. This isn't our map, Abu. it doesn't have Shahid, you and I. It's just lines. Where are the people, Abu? Can I draw them here? The cartographer draws each night borders separating states and cities while the nation breathes its last. Riya Jain

5 hours ago

Close to the Ground: Poems by Nancy Thomas (Barclay Press, 2016 ) #poet #poem #poetry

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"Les Miserables..."

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and i try not to cry to loud 🥀 . . #brokensoul

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I wish my brain would shut off #wordsofig #wordsoninstagram #igwords #poetsoninstagram

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𝓪 𝓮𝓷𝓭𝓮𝓭 𝓵𝓸𝓿𝓮. come si può, senza danneggiarsi il cuore, dimenticare un amore ormai finito? -𝖓𝖊𝖑𝖑 #poetsoninstagram #poetry #writers #writerscommunity #igpoets #likeforlike #poetrycommunity #writing #followforfollow #quotes #lovepoets #like4like #poetsoninstagram #igwriters #love #lovequotes #poetssociety #communityofpoets

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Featuring the amazing writer @karissa_thinks_in_ink ••• 🖤🖤🖤 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Follow and tag @zoneofpoetry and @wordsbythronex to get featured on this page.

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#monoku by Pat Geyer Pat lives in East Brunswick, NJ, USA. Her home is surrounded by parks & lakes where she finds her inspiration in Nature. #poetrylovers #space #london #haiku #nashville #leyden #england #bestoftheday #xray #micropoetry #japan #atl #poetsoninstagram #kyoto #holland #losangeles #nyc #Amsterdam #cosmos #instadaily #instagood #montreal #australia #vienna #jacksonville #vancouver #beauty #berlin

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When magic was sprinkled from heaven,it is when I met you..I don't wish to run away..even if I did for a split second, I would still run back to you...I have never met anyone whose pace matched the speed of my heart, whose scent made me instantly happy and whose one touch threw away all my gloominess for rest of the life. I can still feel the eyes dilate, the skin shine and blood race upto the top to be around you and ride you. Even miles from where you are, I have a feeling of your saliva on my face each time you licked the Jaggery of my hands and mouth....I know you definitely can't read this but if I could fix this I would still be hanging around your neck to hug and kiss you all my life long. I will never miss you.. because day in day out,you are always close to my heart reminding me that I was never so powerful as I am today. Thank you.. ( Perfect Ed Sheeran song for us.... ) But darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own And in your eyes you're holding mine Baby, I'm dancing in the dark with you between my arms Barefoot on the grass, listening to our favorite song When you said you looked a mess, I whispered underneath my breath But you heard it, darling, you look perfect tonight @mirakeeapp @readwriteunite @w0rd_p0rn @poemsporn @lonesomepoet #write #writersociety #writersnetwork #writer #writersofinstagram #writers #writersofig #writersofindia #writersig #writersink #inked #inkspills #love #lovequotes #him #herlife #romantic #romance #loveatfirstsight #lovehappy #poeticlife #poetrychallenges @eleventh urbane @fallspoetry #poetry #poetsofinstagram #poetsofig #poetsoninstagram #poetsunited #poetsoninstagramx #worldofpoets thatspeaks #worldofpoets

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I loved a guy, a guy I have never read about in poems, or have seen in the movies. He held a warm moon, and a cold river inside him. I could compare the waves of his hair with van Gogh's starry night sky, And the curve of his lashes with a smart parrot's nose. Also his smile with calming lilac sky, And his accent with the tune of an electronic guitar. 'ow ow what a man!' I whisper tomyself 27 times in an hour with him. I wish I had the courage to tell it out louder to him, to let him know, how much I love him with all my heart, mind, two lungs and my two hundred and six bones. I told to myself my heart will blast If I don't tell him this. I walked towards him with the same nervousness i felt during my first stage speech, with the same fear i had when I checked my board results. He gave me a smile, and he knew that I was about to say something. He remained calm staring at my restlessly blinking eyes. I was almost ready to say, but before I could open my mouth, I opened my eyes, as i heard my mom yelling "Wake up, It's already 8am!" . . . . #shrilekhasays #poetry #art #artist #wordporn #poems #poetrycommunity #poems #beauty #aesthetic #aesthete #artistcommunity #instagram #communityofpoets #perfectsayings #thegoodquote #lifequotes #artislife #artistsoninstagram #poetsoninstagram

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Just a made up scenario that seems believable.

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