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4 days ago

"Plastic Nation" by Joyce Chen @joy_ce_chen and Yixuan Shi @syiiiixa completed during the Market Values: New Economies for New York Studio led by Tei Carpenter @teicarpenter This studio designs sites of transaction and exchange — a marketplace — as a way to reflect upon its corresponding new societies. The dominant mode of unchecked capital accumulation and economic growth has had accelerating effects on climate crisis, carbon emissions, resource extraction, and encouraged a culture of discard. To that end, increased social inequity, overconsumption, overconnection, and political disinformation have impacted peoples’ anxiety, happiness and sense of belonging. But this mode of living has reached exhaustion. Using the power of speculative design, borrowed from practitioners like Dunne & Raby, this studio imagines and visualizes a marketplace with new economies that suggest shifts in behavior and attitudes for an alternative model of society. Building on case study research to assemble a dossier of social models and organizations, students develop a future-oriented and speculative design for a marketplace in New York City as a manifestation and index for a new economy and value system that it facilitates. #ColumbiaGSAPP #gsappaad #architecture #marketplace #newyorkcity #nyc #economics #plastic

1 weeks ago

#sectiondrawing by Peizhe Fang @fangpeizhe and Linxiaoyi Wan completed during the Urban Palimpsests Studio led by Karla Rothstein @studiorothstein @latentnyc @gsappdeathlab In addition to receiving the remains of the deceased, burial grounds have synthesized spiritual conceptions and aesthetic tendencies across time and culture. As such, the urban and architectural spaces of death and remembrance embody evolving priorities, shifting practices, and external pressures, including dramatic displacements, replacements, and renewals. Both physically and figuratively, the urban cemetery has oscillated between central and marginal, celebrated and disregarded, democratic and elitist. Projects in this section translate the existing programs of Sara Delano Roosevelt Park in Manhattan’s Lower East Side — interweaving public activities with a new form of sustainable cemetery for the 21st century city. We explore how systems of relationships inform structures of space and social interaction, how complex phenomena emerge out of precise organizations, and how strategic rules function to promote exploration and surpass perceived limits. #ColumbiaGSAPP #gsappaad #architecture #urbanpalimpsests #deathlab #memorial #death

2 weeks ago

#sectiondrawing by Siying Chen completed during the Going Up! Vertical Density/Skyscraper Studio led by Dan Wood @dxwood and Maurizio Bianchi Mattioli @_mbm_ @work ac. For more than a hundred years the skyscraper has been an object of fascination, derision, experimentation, self-delusion, objectification, contextualization, multiplication, expansion, reduction, construction, and destruction. The premise of this studio is to research, test, probe, imagine, and design skyscrapers. Height is the statistic most obsessed over and essentially stands in for bragging rights for the developer and privatized removal from the streets for its occupants. This studio, however, uses one metric above all others to create our skyscrapers: performance. Performance in terms of density, ecology, publicness, program, circulation, engagement with the street, quality — and equality — of life for its inhabitants, reduction of waste, maximization of solar exposure and wind resistance, etc. With world population continually growing while at the same time under the threat of climate change and increased competition for land, cities will need to become more vertical, and skyscrapers can be an efficient way to multiply ground space. Working with some of the most innovative and experienced skyscraper architects in the world as well as New York’s Skyscraper Museum and their archives, our site is Hudson Yards. #ColumbiaGSAPP #gsappaad #architecture #goingup #skyscraper

3 weeks ago

Repost @columbiagsapp ——— A 41-year transformation of #riverbankstatepark by Christopher Spyrakos @christoper spr and Arvin Mirzakhanian @arvin mirzakhanian completed during the Borderline Extreme Makeovers: Or How Nature Can Be Built Otherwise Studio led by Nerea Calvillo @nereacalvillo @cmasarquitectas Dealing with the environment is not only about technological solutions, but concerns cultural, social, and political issues. This studio explores new imaginaries, typologies, technologies, and forms of inhabiting that change the focus from polluting less to contributing to the environment in a positive and optimistic way. We look at urban parks that have emerged between Manhattan’s urban fabric and rivers (Battery, Hudson River, East River, etc ). They are borderline environments, many grown on top of previous infrastructures (military, commercial, educational, etc ) or on leftover land, which have now become extremely valuable and constantly redeveloped. The studio brings together transdisciplinary critical thinking, design, research, creative and speculative explorations, and technical discussions to hack, expand, and transform existing facilities (or create new ones ) as makeovers of the parks, to speculate with alternative forms of living through realistic architecture projects that put the environment at the center whilst taking humans into consideration. #ColumbiaGSAPP #gsappaad #architecture #extrememakeovers

3 weeks ago

#Repost @columbiagsapp with @make_repost ・・・ #renderings by Azul Klix @azulklix and Guillermo Hevia @guillehevia completed during the On Strata, Ecology, and Metaphorical Perceptions of the City Studio led by Jorge Ambrosi @jlambrosi and Gabriela Etchegaray @gabriela et @ambrosietchegaray The built environment covers layers that took millennia to transform and sediment into the ground upon which the city is built. Thus, the question arises: can architects nurture this awareness of cities in relation to their natural origins? Is there a way that buildings can serve as receptacles for the natural conditions from which the city emerged? This studio invites reflection on the places we live at various temporal scales. The aim is to understand place as an extension of the natural environment and to propose ways of building that are part of its stratigraphic layer. We would like to understand cities metaphorically as geological stratification, where various forces and strata have intervened across time to create the city we see today. This course looks for critical proposals that envision new ways in which buildings can connect us with a paradigmatic vision of nature and city as a whole. #ColumbiaGSAPP #advancedstudio #architecture #strata #ecology #gsappaad

last month

#architectureportfolio by Class of 2019 MSAAD graduate Andrés G. Milos Sucksdorf @milosandres_arch Title: Andres Milos S. Specifications: 103pp, Paperback Dimensions: 6.5" x 9" x ¼" Program: MSAAD Visit link in profile to view the complete selection of #GSAPPAAD and #GSAPPMARCH portfolios. #ColumbiaGSAPP #architecture #urbandesign #flipthrough #portfolio #book #graphicdesign

July 2019

#architectureportfolio by Class of 2019 graduate Layan Hazem Barakat @layanbarakat7 Title: Inhabiting Perception, Inhabiting Abundance Specifications: 107pp, 199pp, Paperback Dimensions: 7.5" x 9.875" x 3/8", 7.5" x 9.875" x 5/8" Program: MSAAD Visit link in profile to view the complete selection of #GSAPPAAD and #GSAPPMARCH portfolios. #ColumbiaGSAPP #architecture #flipthrough #portfolio #book #graphicdesign

July 2019

#architectureportfolio by Class of 2019 MArch graduate @emilywincypo Title: In Tension Specifications: 320pp, Paperback Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" x 1" Visit link in profile to view the complete selection of #GSAPPAAD and #GSAPPMARCH portfolios. #ColumbiaGSAPP #architecture #flipthrough #portfolio #book #graphicdesign

July 2019

#architectureportfolio by Class of 2019 MArch graduate Kevin Hai @Kevin on_earth. Title: Kevin Hai Specifications: 365 pp, Paperback Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" x 1 1/8" Program: Master of Architecture Visit link in profile to view the complete selection of #GSAPPAAD and #GSAPPMARCH portfolios. #ColumbiaGSAPP #architecture #urbandesign #flipthrough #portfolio #book #graphicdesign

July 2019

#architectureportfolio by Class of 2019 MSAAD graduate Maxwell Martin @pmaxwellmartin Title: Narrative Specifications: 332pp, Paperback Dimensions: 8.5" x 11" x 1 3/16" Program: MSAAD Over the next few days, we’ll be showcasing portfolios from the Master of Architecture, Advanced Architectural Design, and Urban Design graduates. Visit link in profile to view the complete selection of #GSAPPAAD and #GSAPPMARCH portfolios. #ColumbiaGSAPP #architecture #urbandesign #flipthrough #portfolio #book #graphicdesign

July 2019

Six Summer provocations for a great #gsappAAD Midterm discussion last week with @SunilBald , @eric bunge @narchitects_pllc , @nachoglezgalan , @davidjlewis_ltl @ltlarchitects , and @tina_manis In a studio titled “Urban Palimpsests: Accruals and Erasures in the 21st Century Metropolis,” students are re-conceiving the entirety of Sara D. Roosevelt Park, intertwining public open space with new forms of disposition and memorialization. * * #ColumbiaGSAPP @gsappDeathLAB #studioRothstein #democratizingDeath #KarlaRothstein

July 2014

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