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3 minutes ago

Spent a few days in Atacama working but had one mad day driving around at the end searching for views and old school Atacameños. Didn't find any of the latter - life and times move on I guess - but volcanoes are forever. Ish.

7 minutes ago

Tebing Parang Via Ferrata. . Itinerary One Day Trip: 05.00 meeting point - Plaza Semanggi. 05.30 berangkat menuju lokasi 09.00 sampai di lokasi Gn Parang 09.00-09.30 pemakaian safety equipment 09.30-09.40 jalan menuju depan tebing 09.40-10.00 brief teknis via ferrata 10.00-13.30 pemanjatan via ferrata 13.30-14.00 turun menuju base camp 14.00-15.00 makan siang 15.00 pulang ke Jakarta. . Include: safety equipment, guide dan instruktur, dokumentasi go pro hero 5, makan 1x, free flow mineral water, free refreshment drink 1x dan transport elf full AC pp. . Price: 385.000/pax, untuk ketinggian 750mdpl. 485.000/pax, untuk ketinggian 900mdpl. . Contact +6281315688488 (WA only, No DM, No CALL ). . . Ditunggu yaaaa, guyysss!!! 😜🤙🏼 . . #opentrip #tebingparang #jalanjalanmen #explorepurwakarta #viaferrata #kakalalatrip #folkindonesia #travelphotography #rockclimbing #folkgood #justgotshot #vsco #instadaily #iphonesia #iphoneography #travelblogger #visualoflife #photojournal #indonesia #travelphotography #instatravel #photooftheday #travelingram #trippy #traveller #igtravel #travelworld #travelholic #travelguide

11 minutes ago

Puasin dulu, semester depan udah gak bisa santuy lagi🤓

31 minutes ago

Here’s a shot from last September. So stoked for some backpacking trips this fall 🤘🏼

32 minutes ago

A dreamlike evening

33 minutes ago

2019 (lights )

36 minutes ago

We found an ashtray in the middle of the beautiful Santa Monica Mountains...

36 minutes ago

Hide & Seek🌲

41 minutes ago

“Learn to value yourself, which means: fight for your happiness.” — Ayn Rand . . If @ridzal fdl_ @iqbalraaf Lok. Situ Cileunca, Bandung, Jawa Barat #igersociety

44 minutes ago

What’s up INSTAGRAM! Please enjoy this badass shot of my beautiful little sister. • • • • Shot inspired by @jordi koalitic

48 minutes ago

Sometimes I would just stare at this view out of my room for hours🙇🏻‍♂️

48 minutes ago

🤩The job is easier when the model is drop dead gorgeous!

51 minutes ago

When your hanging out waiting for food and get creative shots

57 minutes ago

Your new kitchen at Nightingale Fremantle comes equipped with Fisher and Paykel appliances, so you can cook up a storm for your family and friends.

58 minutes ago

Churches always find a way of bumming me out. I always feel like I'm dealing with a used car salesman trying to convince me that his car isn't a lemon. 🍋 . . . #sacramentophotographers #sacramento #primeshots #filmisnotdead #liveathentic #folkcreate #folkgood #justgoshoot #visualarchitects #midtown #gameoftones #filmpphotography #filmshooters #thekay

59 minutes ago

Shot for @avenuethelabel x @mothermusemag

59 minutes ago

Muse. @natoyaista Wearing @forloveandlemons x @forloveandlemons

1 hour ago

Muse. @goldngrasses Wearing @forloveandlemons & @lillemons

1 hour ago

P r o x i m i t y 🏔 music by @odesza

32 minutes ago

I’m going to sleep like a baby tonight! 😁 check out pictures from our hike to Devils Thumb Lake @jennycccarter

1 hour ago

Kopa kopi asam lambung, senja senji omong kosong. #dailysipit

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

what are you feeling called for today? ✨

1 hour ago

Focus Ahead

1 hour ago

Moto heist. Who’s down?

1 hour ago

Power trip

1 hour ago

🍁Lookie I found a sign of Fall 🍂 It’s possible those were leftover leaves from last year... lol, knowing me. My neighbor Steve normally keeps my leaves blown but tends to forget about this side lol😉🍁🍂 @ricelovebags @vspink

2 hours ago

🍁 So I haven’t gone for a pumpkin spice latte yet, I know right?!! ☕️😱

2 hours ago

Logan and I were talking about photographs we take that make us feel emotionally charged, images that remind us of why we do what we do. We also noted that when we share these images and they don’t get as hyped up as we think they will, we kind of let doubt creep in. That shit hit me hard because even if I’ve been seeming happy on the outside, I’ve been battling this self-destructive, I hate myself, no good at anything, meaningless feeling and it’s been surrounding me since I finished uni. And so, with that being said, I’ve decided I want to share this image (again ) that made me feel a million things all at once. I was walking to work in the rain, anxious as hell because walking on my own makes me fidget with stress. What do I do with my hands, what if I trip, can people tell how insecure I am? I’m blasting Blood Orange with no shame and then I see this. I’m engrossed, I forget my anxiety for a few minutes as I pull out my film camera and adjust my settings. After I finish, I straighten up - only to see the owner of the garden sitting on her porch smiling at me. I guess what I’m trying to say is this whole thing is healthy. It’s the healthy way out of years of numbing, crippling, self-doubt. This is my out, and I won’t take it for granted. Ever.

8 hours ago

Italy, I think about you often

9 hours ago

When you finally found your very own Mr. Darcy #smilebiggerthanmyface #nofelengaged #nofelforever

11 hours ago

Rodeo Drive


Congratulations Aika and Frederik! So happy to witness your vows to each other. Skål! #the50thkjebekk

6 days ago

Anywhere with you makes good places.

37 minutes ago

INSPIRATION POST- DO READ THE CAPTION . . . All I'm asking Is you open your mind Do the right thing Don't give up the fight ‘Cause we didn't come here to cheer We came to lead, we're right here So open your eyes and see You can be legendary . . This is the lyrics to one of the most inspiring songs to me . . I thought everyone should know it . . . . Focus on what you want , support yourself. You don't need others when you're strong inside and I bet each one of us is stronger than we think and we can do anything if we believe in our selves. No fight's ever easy Don't ever give up . Not on yourself, not on others , not on hope . You got this . Never run, no retreat, no surrender Let out a battle cry be victory! . . You got this : ) . Stay strong and AMAZING ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #moodygrams #creativetones #creativecontentbuilders #createexplore #createscenery #visualambassadors #visualsofearth #eclectric_shotz #globalcapture #fatalframes #depthobsessed #illgrammers #tonesbox #agameoftones #theimaged #visualsoflife #reflectiongram #beautifuldestinations #nationalgeographic #main_vision #exploretocreate #ourmoodydays #depthsofearth #gramslayers #houseoftones #strangertones #folkgood #livefolk #heatercentral #capturedconcepts

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