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19 minutes ago

A very wise saying goes "Do what you love and you will never work a day in your life" . . . When you go to work in a building such as this, you certainly will be loving what you do!

28 minutes ago

คิดถึง "ปางอุ๋ง" 🌿 #adayinthailand #reviewthailand

37 minutes ago

Ella: @alduzelarayan_ok

40 minutes ago

Selamat Hari Senen..

42 minutes ago

Hari senen paling enak tuh ngeliatin photo liburan!! Dan pas pagi ini lagi panas bgt, jadi brasa halu di balii 😅 yagak??! Udeh iya aja!!

47 minutes ago

Happy Sunday, my lovelies! I was so damn productive today, I almost couldn’t handle myself. I made a Dollar Tree DIY (in my stories ), made it to Starbucks, found a TON of clothes on clearance and big sales (I am down sizes since last fall and needed clothes that fit haha ), meal prepped the hell out of some chicken and grass fed beef, had a goooood lower body workout this morning (glute focused so I can stop having a white-girl ass lol ), read some of the book I started a couple weeks ago and pissed off a guy at Menards who wanted me to buy a months worth of the Sunday Columbus Dispatch in exchange for $10 Menards gift card. He stopped me (he was there doing some kind of promotional thing ), told me to fill out these tickets to win a $200 gift card, that is was just customer appreciation. So I did. Then he tried that sales pitch and I was like nooooooooo. But he had already tossed my tickets into the container with all the others so.....too bad so sad! He probably dug them out after I walked away, and threw them in the trash. I mean really....how you gonna say it’s a customer appreciation event then try to sell a newspaper subscription? 🙄 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Do what makes you happiest in the world (Even if it’s also pissing off the lady at Chipotle because you are very adamant about the amount of food she puts in your bowl, and you make her scoop half the rice back out because she didn’t listen to you the first time and make her add more lettuce because apparently she thinks the term “extra lettuce” means like two shreds. 🤷🏻‍♀️ ) •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• #instagood10k #theworldshotz #mobile_perfection #jj_mobilephotography #awesome_shotz #eclectic_shotz #folkcreative #midwestmoment #ohioigers #ohiofindithere #igersmidwest #ig_today #theweekoninstagram #igworldglobal #the_gallery_of_magic #createcommune #main_vision #mobiletones #mobilemag #ig_eternity #ournaturedays #outdoortones #findyouradventure #rsa_outdoors

49 minutes ago

The middle piece flew off to a new home today and the other two will hopefully soon be posted at a discounted price! Thanks all for being so patient I've gotten all your messages about wanting some earrings and were SO excited about it but we have to finish up some last minute detail stuff since we (as in me ) we're not fully prepared for the love when we first started posting 😬😂😅🙈

50 minutes ago

thinking about the upcoming workweek 🤯

52 minutes ago

Chasing dreams and coastal themes. What’s your favorite beach?

1 hour ago

My “helper” today 🙄 always hovering, doesn’t have thumbs so can’t even hold a paint pen, and demands to play fetch for approximately 5 hours straight. #30days

1 hour ago

Time Capsule.

1 hour ago

•🌼🌼• Fl . . . . . #highlightscl #photography #chiletravel #travelphotography #flowers

1 hour ago

Seljalandsfoss Slowly working through editing my Iceland shots. Figuring out the names and how to spell them is tricky.

1 hour ago


1 hour ago

Have you ever noticed how friendly people are on trails? It’s not often that you encounter total strangers and without saying a single word you already know you have a common shared goal, you are traveling the same path only on different portions. Some have seen what you are working towards and others are working hard to get there as well. We rejoice for those that have made it to the end and sympathize with those that are still working to make it there. In life our journeys look very different but I do believe we have a shared goal destination, what if we treated each other with that same courtesy? Offered a polite smile and welcoming hello? Encouraged each other to reach the summit? What if we spent more time being kind instead of competing? Encouraged one another and welcomed fellow life adventurers at the top? I challenge everyone to offer up a smile, hold a door, help carry something, to be aware of those around us, to find a way to be courteous to someone this coming week. Spread some trail cheer! ❤️

1 hour ago

Catch up time if you can... @twahotel

1 hour ago

Banff was one for the books. Incredible. #banff @banff_lakelouise

1 hour ago

Burritos for the Sunday night dinner win. I never thought I’d get to the point where I’d have the table made and we’d all sit down as a family for dinner. I guess we’re there now. It only took five years. 💃🏻

2 hours ago

mental health 🦉

2 hours ago

Presents • D A I L Y • F E A T U R E • 🔹 @eben photos 🔹 CONGRATS ON YOUR FEATURE!!!!! Please visit this gallery to see more! • Moderator: @sunmadcat • RULES FOR FEATURE Always tag: #ig_captures Follow: @ig_captures Photos must be yours! THANK YOU FOR FOLLOWING! • #igc_featured_ebenphotos 🔹 • #ourcolordays #artofvisuals #natgeoadventure #moodygrams #tlpicks #roamtheplanet #roamanywhere #roam #rsa_outdoors #ourdailyplanet #outside_project #ourclickdays #folkscenery #folkgreen #ig_color #bevisuallyinspired #folkgood #the_folknature #folkcreative #earthofficial #folkvibe #liveauthentic #folkup #theimaged #optoutside #earthfocus #visualambassadors #nature

2 hours ago

Primeros retratos con equipo nuevo 😍 Modelo: @alduzelarayan_ok

2 hours ago

“Yours is the light by which my spirit’s born: you are my sun, my moon, and all my stars” - E.E. Cummings 🌞🌙✨ digital art by @indg0 #moonpoetry #acsinspo #moonmagic

2 hours ago

It’s always an awesome experience to explore places I’ve never been to, especially provinces here in the Philippines. Here’s one fun scenery under the boardwalk in Lakawon Island wherein kids were swinging so hard that they almost hit the boardwalk. To see people having so much fun, also puts a smile to my face. This is one reason why shooting becomes easier. @discovermnl #DMTravelSeries #DiscoverMNLxCebuPacific

2 hours ago

This is the ideal summer evening set up until you get 17 mosquito bites per second 🙃 (also, and most importantly, Elliott is 6 months old today 😍 )

2 hours ago

Great time in Massachusetts and ending the night with an awesome firework display.


Congratulations Aika and Frederik! So happy to witness your vows to each other. Skål! #the50thkjebekk

5 days ago

It's been stress day all day, every day…recently But always able to squeeze some time for myself and of course…editing some old photos! I love the details in the shot and thankful for everything come in place well so that I've got this good photo! Hope my life will be the same, everything will come in place well…very soon I believe!!

6 days ago

Anywhere with you makes good places.

2 weeks ago

You can only see half of her face, know half about her and that's her… The whole, it's belong with me! @xxin0326

4 weeks ago

Missing the Sunrise at Bukit Tabur, but the weather is hazy recently…guess not gonna have good clear view like I did before. Stay hydrated guys, especially those at KL Malaysia…weather been bad!

June 2019

…Walking through the land of Hydrangea…

1 hour ago

Derail of a freeze at the Borobudur temple, the largest Buddhist temple in the world. The temple complex was constructed in the shape of a lotus, Buddha's favourite flower, during 70 years in the late 8th and early 9th centuries, but covered by ash from a volcanic eruption in around the year 1000, and then covered in jungle. Sir Thomas Raffles, governor of the Indies at the time (The Netherlands were occupied by the French in the early 1800s and England had taken over most of its colonies ), re-discovered it in 1814 (and local people discovered it as a cheap source of building materials ). The crumbling temple was first restored in 1907-1911, and then again in a huge exercise with UNESCO support in the 1970s, when it was almost taken apart brick by brick and then reassembled. #beautifulasia #geonusantara #asianarchitecture #travels #travelblog #travelishappiness #tagsta_travel #travelphoto #discoverglobe #goingplaces #youmustsee #globaltrotter #instapassport #voyage #princely_shotz #photooftheday #photoaddict #nothingisordinary #bevisuallyinspired #folkcreative #acreativevisual #leadinglines #meistershots #creativeoptic #tonekillers #igtones #ig_art #traditionalart #dailyart #inspiringart

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