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8 minutes ago

The third story. Universalis. . This is everything. Everything that this world revolves around, everything that my world cares about. Everything and nothing. You walk up to an isolated space only to find out that it hasn’t been isolated, instead it has been quite populated all this while. You look up at an empty sky surprised at its magnificence; only to realise that has been a lie, and the sky isn’t empty at all. It has particles, clouds, molecules, water, and life. You stand next to a lonely being, not realising that she isn’t lonely at all. She’s full, complete and clear in every understandable way. No one needs you to complete them, there’s nothing in this world that requires your presence. I know this sounds harsh. But it’s quite wonderful, isn’t it? If you think about it? Can you imagine a world that where you’re as free as a bird, flying among the clouds and the molecules that you just now thought didn’t exist? Or live in a world where you don’t matter; you don’t affect anybody, and nobody affects you. You run around the empty field with outstretched arms, and realise that this is truly empty. Universalis, universal truth. . C. 2019 Ft. @_merakist_

15 minutes ago

Portrait/ Isle of Man

1 hour ago

#contaxs2 #fujipro400h

2 hours ago

Своё первое платье я сшила в 8 лет. Это был прямоугольник с цветами, лямками и пуговицами. Воспоминание такое яркое, сочное и счастливое, что я до сих пор чувствую и вижу, как примеряю платье перед тяжелой дверью с зеркалом в полный рост, смеюсь и горжусь, что справилась с маминой швейной машинкой. Дальше последовали столько платьев и юбок, что и сосчитать нельзя. Я шила из всего: из покупной ткани, из маминых и даже бабушкиных платьев. Для меня всегда было магией - превратить отрез ткани в наряд, который ещё только существует миражом в моей голове. И сначала мираж распадается в мыслях на составные части. Потом они ложатся на хрусткую, тонкую кальку. А калька переносит мечту на ткань - и это любимый этап, в нем особенно сильно предвкушение и трансформация тонких, еле уловимых мысленных образов в реальную форму и цвет. Этот проект - утоление моей жажды экспериментов. И в фотографии, и в образах. Одно из платьев получилось морской пеной с прозрачными солёными каплями на воротнике. А чистый силуэт второго - сродни линии морского горизонта в ясный день. Люблю. И очень надеюсь, что вам нравится тоже! Фото, платья: @masha_yuki_photography Декор: @bridetips_nn @morozovatasha Muah: @teplova_mua Красавица: @__alesta__ Локация: @aquatori_club Lab: @lighthousefilmlab

4 hours ago

When you have both film and digital as one 🌌 하나 둘 하나.

4 hours ago

Yesterday afternoon we discovered the long lost kingdom of Kebabistan where kebab is eaten for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and tea.

5 hours ago

Portrait of Otis on film. This little boy lights up my world 💕🎞 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #portraiture #filmportrait #torontophotographer #35mm #analogphotography #shotonfilm #torontoartist #photooftheday #babyphotography

5 hours ago

Chanti, 2019 These traditional tattoos were done by Sii-am @retired cop They are traditional family designs and not for folks to take. . Had some issues with the negatives but I’m glad I was able to salvage this image. . . #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #120film #mediumformat #bronica #ilfordhp5plus400 #blackandwhitephotography #bnw #filmportrait #indigenousartist #indigenousink #indigenousinkzine #indigenoustattoorevival #inuittattoo

5 hours ago

Hat on the dash driving down the highway. That’s what I want to be doing right now. This summer has been a crazy one. A lot of laughs, some tears, anxiety, moving twice, and renovations but on top of it all I am blessed to be surrounded by the ones I love. As much as I romanticize traveling and going on an “adventure,” in the hard times of life and at the end day I want to be settled in my home and my heart. I want to be with my wife and kids. The road is a false sense of happiness for me. Escapism from facing adult things. It’s good to have times of retreat but I am finding out more and more character is built in the tough times. Dependency and surrender are taught in the hard times. Marriage is strengthened and life happens. I am thankful to travel but I am most thankful to have a home filled with love. Olympus XA Kodak color 200 Developed @thedarkroomlab #filmphotography #istillshootfilm #ishootfilm #staybrokeshootfilm #keepfilmalive #filmisnotdead #film #analog #filmphoto #shootfilm #thefilmcommunity #back2thebase #photofilmy #35mmfilm #longlivefilm #35mm #gobrokeshootfilm #analogvibes #analogfeatures #visualsoflife #buyfilmnotpixels #filmphotographic #kodak #ifyouleave #goldmoony #filmportrait #somewheremagazine #filmisalive

10 minutes ago

This summer I got more tanned than ever. It’s a Hot Girl Summer!

5 hours ago

En las fiestas de adoración a Venus,se desbordaban los placeres y excesos, considerándolas obscenas. Por estos motivos a las enfermedades de transmisión sexual se les otorga el término de enfermedades venéreas. Rev-Scan @kyoskko #35mmfilm #filmisnotdead #analogcommunity #onfilm #analoglove #filmportrait #analogphotography #35mm #thefilmgang #nikonn50 #lohechoenmexico #proimage100 #35mmphotography #ishootfilm #filmisnotdead #monterrey #nuevoleonanalogico #disparafilm #film_monterrey

39 minutes ago

🌩teenage fever🌩 . . . . . . . . . #35mm #35mmfilm #35mmphotography #35mmportrait #film #filmphotography #filmportrait #myminolta #minoltax700 #kodakportra #filmisnotdead #grainisgood #ishootfilm #filmphotoshare #classicsmagazine #filmcommunity #staybrokeshootfilm

6 hours ago

Oh look. A portrait of me. 🌞 . . . . . . . #35mm #35mmfilm #35mmphotography #35mmportrait #film #filmphotography #filmportrait #myminolta #minoltax700 #kodakportra #filmisnotdead #grainisgood #ishootfilm

6 hours ago

Three years ago today I had my first date with this lady at a cocktail bar in Koreatown. I was late because going anywhere in LA on a Friday after 2pm is punishing and parking in Koreatown is scarce but I got there and Kristine was sitting at a table in the back. It was about 20 minutes after the bar opened so we were practically the only people there and we had a drink and talked and had another drink and talked and the bar filled up and then it emptied out and suddenly it’s 8 hours later and the bar’s about to close and in my mind I’m like “holy shit where’d all the time go?” and Kristine’s going to walk home in the dark at almost 2am and somehow I convinced her that we’re no longer strangers after 8 hours of talking and please let me drive you home because it’s way too late for someone under 5 feet tall to be walking alone. I held her hand on the way to the car (I don’t remember this ) and when I dropped her off at her place, she craned her neck 90% of the way across the center console going in for a goodnight kiss (she doesn’t like to admit it ). And here we are, 3 years later, lots of travel in the books and lots still yet to go and I get warm and fuzzy thinking about all the cool things we’ve done together and even more giddy about the stuff we still want to do. Happy Anniversary, I love you a whole heck of a lot. Nikon F100, Kodak Portra 400.

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[melancholy pop music playing] I'm done searching for meaning in the aesthetic cycles of commodities. | | Г

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