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3 minutes ago

Last day on the Landmannalaugar trail. After five days I finally reached the colorful mountains that everybody comes to see. Despite being a very populated trail, I really enjoyed the hike through Highlands Iceland. After the deception of my first week on the bicycle, spending these 5 days hiking with great weather and beautiful vistas cheered me up. So i'm gonna change my bicycle route and go inland through the mountains rather than continuing on the coast. ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ #pvtistes #roamtravels #travel #travelphotography #photooftheday #wanderlust #discoverearth #welivetoexplore #ourplanetdaily #artofvisuals #aov5k #natgeocreative #naturesapparel #travelerography #exploreobserveshare #gominimalmag #solarcollective #visualofearth #Islande #Iceland #cyclotouring #bicycletravel #southcoast #Fimmvörðuháls #hike #multidayshike #laugavegur #Landmannalaugar

6 minutes ago

Rickshaw driver in Varanasi, 2019 . Difference is beautiful

26 minutes ago

missing the sunsets in kyoto 🌒✨

1 hour ago

Long way to go

1 hour ago

Panorama 🌲 Nous avons découvert un autre bout de gaspesie en nous arrêtant dans le parc national de Forillon. Ce petit séjour nous a permis de découvrir de nouveaux paysages à couper le souffle. Encore une fois les randonnées sont sublimes et ce jour là, après quelques heures de marches bien fatiguantes nous avons rencontrer des gens formidables et très généreux dans notre camping qui nous ont invités à partager des crevettes de gaspesie fraîchement pêchées, quel délice ! 🦐 . . . . . . #natgeotravel #canada #worldplaces #roadtrip #discoverearth #adventureisouthere #exploreobserveshare #wildernessculture #forillon

1 hour ago

The last days I somehow got stuck in Cusco. After I noticed that I am already on road for 2 weeks without any break my body screamed for doing nothing!!! Because of the high altitude life in Cusco is pretty slow and super relaxed, so therefore the perfect place for just reading one book after another, improving spanish, watching Machu Picchu-Tourists getting up early for trample down each others feet, getting tattooed (😎 ), drinking coffee and enjoying the ambience of this indescribable city. I decided to extend my stay here for a few more days to collect some energy again before I continue my journey to the rainforest and a small city near the borders to Brazil and Bolivia on Tuesday.🌱 #photography #travelphotopraphy #travelblogger #iamtb #exploreobserveshare #yourshotphotographer #earthonlocation #beyondthelands #allaboutadventures #earthlings #travelmagazine #natgeo #natgeotravel #somewheremagazine #somewheretravel #weltraumzine #streetphotography #visualtheworld #visitsouthamerica #visitcusco #cusco #cuscoperu

2 hours ago

How to store your stuff in nature 흰분첩나무+새우모양낚시미끼 White powder puff tree+ shrimp shaped fishing lure

3 hours ago

Let's switch gears to Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang's province, which is about 2 hour south from Shanghai. It is a famous tourist city in China because it's picturesque nature scenes and rich cultural heritage 🤓 . The shot is taken at West Lake (西湖), the symbol of Hangzhou, it's recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The lake influenced many poets and painters throughout the Chinese history for its views and historic relics 🎨 . West Lake's "Three Ponds Mirroring the Moon" image is printed on the back of China's One Yuan banknotes, kinda cool isn't? 💸 . We went at late night because we rushed there after work, it was about an hour taxi ride from our office to the city centre. I liked it better because there were lesser people and nighttime added some mysterious colours to the scenes, too 🌌 . Trivia time for you: what are some of the historical/touristy structure or landscape got printed on banknotes? I got one for you - Mt. Fuji is printed on Japanese 1000 Yen 💴

2 hours ago

Se não te cuidares o peito Cuida teu olho absurdo Que teu peito tomba morto Diante de tudo (Cautela - Paulo César Pinheiro ) Processo criativo - Avesso, 2019. . . . Organização - @associacaorevoar Direção - @liriomarcelolirio #teatro #espetaculos #artgram #makingoff #producaoartistica #artescenicas #theater #ic_bnw #montemor #fotografomontemor #bnw_masters #bnw_magazine #fndit #optionmag #dazedandexposed #broadmag #exploreobserveshare #forevermagazine

3 hours ago

De un día melancólico, de un viaje fugaz y de un atardecer frío.

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Surround yourself with the ones who know how far you have walked from the hell to the healing and even if you still have a long way to go, they hold the door, hold your hand, hold your heart, for as long as you need… to come out of the dark, walk into the light and shine as yourself again. - Stephanie Bennett-Henry

4 hours ago

Alaska ↟ A cabin in the valley

4 hours ago

Sin duda alguna este es uno de mis lugares favoritos. Un lugar donde siempre me perdía por horas y me desconectaba de todo lo tecnológico. Lamentablemente este pedacito de cielo fue destruido hace dos años por el huracán Maria y hasta entonces no ha vuelto a ser el mismo. Hoy se cumplen dos años exactos de este devastador fenómeno natural. #lifeinnature Foto de Mayo 2017.

4 hours ago

A rare moment... A rare place... When there is no greed, no consumerism, no desires for comfort and ease, no chase for bigger and more... oh, Earth, I am so guilty for wanting so much, for desiring all that material “joy” that destroys you so terribly today. It already destroyed me so badly that even now, when I don’t want more stuff, more money, I am still somehow in this evil maze of greed and want. I know somehow it’s my punishment. But I also believe you’ll allow me to disappear in the mountains one day, to finally become human. And I am looking forward to this minute very much. 💛

2 hours ago

—> [AUSTRALIA] - 🇦🇺 : Have you been to the climate strike yesterday ? I have to say , I didn’t. Even I really wanted to. Now I am living in the country side, it is way more difficult for me not to use my car, to buy bulk food to have access to what a city offers - like climate strikes 😅. So I chose to remain home and to make a difference at my place. Yesterday was my first day of making homemade cleaning product. I started with dishwashing liquid and as son as my other retail products will finish, such as laundry liquid, i will start making my own. I ll try to be better every day, to refrain myself from buying new things, from using single use plastic or other non sense things. I ll get better, even if I don’t think I will ever stop using planes as my family is far far away and I feel really alive when traveling. But I might come to a point I ll change that too. Each and everyone of us should do as they can for your lovely and beautiful earth. I love you deeply 🌏💙 - __________________⇟⇟⇟_________________ http://aventures-dici-et-dailleurs.com/ __________________⇞⇞⇞_________________ . . . . . . #neverstopexploring #lifeofadventure #australia #borntobewild #australianlife #exploreaustralia #visitnsw #australiagram #australia_shotz #australiagram_nsw #seeaustralia #travel #outdoor #nsw #sydneyblogger #frenchexpat #oceanlife #myaustralia #sydney #wildernessculture #neverstopexploring #lifeofadventure #borntobewild #meettheworld #travel #outdoor #escapeeveryday #getoutdoors #olympusinspired #olympusomd #weareexplorers #lesfrançaisvoyagent #frenchroamers #exploreobserveshare

4 hours ago

From the market. // Jaipur, India

5 hours ago

Friday, end of the day. Feeling pretty far from the refreshing peace that a beautiful beach sunset like this could give me! I'm thinking it's a watch movies in bed kinda night! 🎞️🎥🍿 ____________________________ #lookinggoodcalifornia #freshairandfreedom #lesfrancaisesmagazine #exploreobserveshare #amateurphotography #click_vision #nikonphotography #main_vision #alliseeispretty #visitsandiego #coronadoisland #sandandsea #destination_wow #californialove #weekendvibes #thebeach #visitcalifornia #thesincerestoryteller #hiyapapayaphotoaday #snap_ish #fadedaesthetics #beautifuldestinations #stayandwander #doyoutravel

5 hours ago

A study on forms and simplicity Highlands; Iceland 2019

5 hours ago

Big, beautiful, vibrant sunset from Wednesday evening. I awkwardly tried to take a picture without staring into the sun and blinding myself.

5 hours ago

Ocean Boy I think we all change each other’s paths, I don’t know which law or idea that is physics, But, I don’t think any of us can live without affecting one another. I think I’ve been affected, my path has been changed and affected by everybody who I have encountered in my life. Hope you all have a great weekend! Cheers

6 hours ago

Final Bloom 🥀

6 hours ago

Layers of history ❄️

6 hours ago

Window to the Atlantic

7 hours ago

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #sunset #nikon #50mm #explore #igers #exploreobserveshare #thisveryinstant #maroc

10 hours ago

Escape from the city. 🔆


Double click if you want to be here right now! 🏝

2 weeks ago

Este es el camino que voy a tomar tendré que comenzar caminando pero en cuanto escuche el primer tren saltaré al cielo.

2 weeks ago

Algunas veces me pregunté si era realidad o un sueño el paraíso que se vivía en mis escritos, en mi vida, por otra parte siempre supe que era verdad pues me daba cuenta que era yo mismo el que decidía a dónde quería llegar. Hoy me encuentro caminando libremente por las vías, un recordatorio de lo largos, intrigantes y peligrosos que pueden ser los caminos, tomo como referencia las locomotoras de mi abuela y viajo, solo viajó al horizonte sin parar, sin mirar atrás, recorriendo los rieles en los que algún día deseo con muchas ganas encontrarme con los mismos que me hicieron crecer y vivir, encontrar un desvanecimiento de mi en aquella estación en donde decidí y reconocí el cambio, tal vez me ayude a ver lo que logré y me de velocidad para recorrer audaz el camino pero estoy seguro de que si pudiera subiría a aquel niño para ahorrarle la perdida de tiempo tratando de resolver ¿cómo poder librarse del miedo?. Hoy decido hacer sonar las melodías que me acompañaron a librarme a las playas, las pongo en mi mente y repito una y otra vez su letra. Me siento feliz, me siento libre y creo que podré surcar hasta sueños los sueños de las personas que guardan en la costa a ser liberadas, lo sé por qué quiero hacerlas saber que no es difícil y solo se necesita de un bote sin remos, creer en ti y en la fuerza de tu alma lo que te ayudará a navegar hasta el coliseo, creo también en la fuerza de las personas que viajan conmigo y creo en su fortaleza y adversidad ante la miseria que se cruce en el camino, creo en la fortaleza de las montañas y la fidelidad de sus hijos y por algún motivo mi camino ya está trazado, ya estoy viajando...

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