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2 weeks ago

Martindale Patchwork - a wee bit of a fave from a lovely early wander a while back. Stood on Beda Knotts just watching the light play on the colours and the sprinkling of snow. It was the light on the trees in the bottom that was the finishing touch for me. It’s funny how something that only makes up a fraction of a scene can be the difference between an image being a wow and an “aye it’s ok I suppose” in your own head. Ullswater is justvout of view at the top but one of my favourite sayings is that “sometimes it’s more important what you leave out than what you put in”. I had set my alarm for an early start to keep my enthusiasm going but circumstances conspired against me and I was getting in to bed well after the time I had planned to get out of it #thatslife #tomorrowsanotherday #quiltcover #playwithcolour #wnterscoming #martindale #dontshoweveryoneeverythingallthetime #atmosphere #iloveapicturewithahappyatmosphere #justeditedthisfivetimesintwominutes #worldsfattestfingers

February 2019

Forgive the hamfisted border but I had no option. A favourite image that I wanted to put up here but it’s a 7:5 - it can’t be anything other than that hence a cropped border. It’s a wee bit of High Cup Nick - an amazing place but a bastard of a spot to photograph. Impossible to show the scale of the place so my usual answer is just to show a wee bit of it #highcupnick #ambiguityofscale #dontshoweveryoneeverythingallthetime #tantaliseandtease #imstilltalkingaboutlandscapesbytheway