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54 minutes ago

So in love with the photos that @kona_nova_ took of @meeting_malik reppin’ his new lime green @xdogvest ! This pup amazes me everyday, I can not wait to see where this year will take us. . #TrueBeast #beastmode #adventurepup #xdoggreenarmy

3 hours ago

Just add water💧 My parents took me to #CrestedButte in July. We stayed in this off-grid cabin close to Lake Irwin. They know I hate water, so they let me pretend kayak on land.

4 hours ago

⠀ 켄넬에서 자는 내 새꾸들💕 ⠀ 시키지도 않았는데 들어가서 잘 자는 사랑둥이들❤️ 애들이 좋아하는 방석을 하나 더 얹혀 줬더니 켄넬에 잘 들어가 이쑴 ⠀ 아하! 돈 쓰라는 얘기였구나 그런거였구나... 애미가 몰라줬구나😭 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ #내장칩으로등록했으니 #인식표도사야하는구나 #깜빡했구나 #또돈이들어가는구나 #여유분의이불도사야하는데 #애미가왜허리가아팠나했다 #가볍고이뿐인식표좀찾아봐야겠구나 #이제이불좀빨아야쓰겄다 #계속자거라내새꾸들 💋 #웃긴건바오가지도그린후 #바오가있던자리는피하려는로지 #깨끗한척하기는 😏 #배변패드위에잘도올라가앉으면서 😆

4 hours ago

Long time no see (๑>◡<๑ )

5 hours ago

I found a stick ! And brought home a tick 😣 —————————————— These forests make for great adventures and I hate winter but dam am I excited all the ticks will die soon —————————————— Photo credit : @_exploring_paws_ Preset : My own “Forest wolf” —————————————— #Bordercollie #puppy #animalnorth #bordercolliepuppy #puppylove #loveher #ivy #dogsofinstagram #bluemerlebordercollies #intelligentdogs #ivystail #babygirl #bluemerle #bluemerledogs #stickislife #ilovedogs #bordercolliesofinstagram #bordercolliesoftheworld #instagramdogs #instapup #instadog #dogoftheday #forestwolf #dogphotos #thesewanderingpaws #thegreatoutdogs

5 hours ago

I am enough with my cute puppy eyes and luscious fluff , now take that *mic drop* _______________________________________________________ OOTD👉 tigress bow tie from @bk_boutiquepets , special code ZANE for 15% Off

6 hours ago

My new ball 🤩 I say night and wish sweet dreams😘✨🌟🐾🏴‍☠️

6 hours ago

Dogs in the streets for climate change. 📸: @gabrielledemee

6 hours ago

💛✨Happy • Saturday✨💛 we hope that you’ve all had a lovely day! What’s everyone got up to? We went for a lovely walk this evening to the woods after the weather had cooled down a bit, lovely autumn leaves everywhere! 🍂😍 now time for a nap 😴 - 📸 canon 2000D camera 📷 🧡

2 days ago

Gaff gaff hoomans! Today I made a mistake. I peed in mum and dad's bed this morning. It was not cool, but I had to. I hope they will love me again.

3 days ago

Gaff gaff! Mum and dad are out for a one day trip. Does anyone want to play with me?

3 days ago

Gaff gaff hoomans! Sometimes @sashaamore comes by. I love Sasha.

4 days ago

Goodmorning hoomans! Rainy days are my favourite days because I like to smell the wet grass outside our home. Mom and daddy are late as usual but I am ready - almost - to pee and poo! Finally! Gaff gaff!

5 days ago

Goodnight hoomans! Tomorrow is a busy day: peeing and pooping in the morning, breakfast, running and much fun with mom and dad around the beach! I hope you will have a beautiful night and dreams full of cookies! Gaff gaff!

5 days ago

Hello! I am Gucci, for my friends Gugu. I love people. I love balls. I love expensive shoes, especially @gucci But most of all I hate plastic bags and vacuum cleaners. They are so scary. But hey, I can walk on two legs like my mum and dad, and I am only one year old. Nice to meet you! Gaff gaff!

5 hours ago

Usually I can get a great photo of Duke when he decides to cooperate with me. Yesterday just wasn't one of those days. . . I was able to get a few good photos for his Mother's Day photo shoot. But this blooper photo; I just couldn't resist posting. . . He had decided that he just had enough and was not going to take anymore phtos. He turned away right as I snapped this photo. And it would have been the best one of the day. . . It is all blurred and out of focus because I was just about to pull the camera away right when he turned. Apparently, I still got the photo anyway. . . If you look at it from a distance, it still looks okay. What do you think of this photo mishap? Should I post more of them in the future? . . Hope all our furfriends have a great Mother's Day. Be safe. Enjoy yourselves. And don't forget to make your day totally pawsome. . . #sweet_little_duke #photobloopers #photomishap #dogphoto #dogphotos #dogphotography #dogwithflowers 🌸🐶

4 hours ago

When you know it's Friday but haven't got plans yet. Any ideas what we can do this weekend? . . This is my first attempt at black and white photography. I doubt that it is any good; but I do plan on getting better for any future photos. . . Hope all our furfriends have a great day. Be safe. Enjoy yourselves. And don't forget to make your day totally pawsome. . . #sweet_little_duke #dogphotos #blackandwhitephotograph #dogphotograph #dogphotography #dogphoto #fridayplans

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