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3 minutes ago

I try not to spend time wondering what might be next. . . . In frame: @joankimm

4 minutes ago

Ninja Gaiden.

5 minutes ago

yah feel? 💓

5 minutes ago

Macklemore - White Walls

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7 minutes ago

Fragments of Yesterdays I Wanted to Treasure: I never thought that looking at my stacks of books and magazines would remind me of you. "This was the time of my life when I still have it together" I said. And then I remembered that time was also the time you were still there. These are books I bought with you, books you bought for me, the magazine you definitely thought fit me well, and it did. And I'm glad you thought of me when you saw it. I'm glad we stayed together for some time. That shit awesome, as I used to say. And if people were ships, I'd be the Titanic, you'd be the Carpathia. You somehow managed to pass by me, you saved pieces of me. But nonetheless, the Titanic sunk and the Carpathia sailed on. You sailed on. I didn't.

8 minutes ago

Vivienne - A light and whimsical illusion bustier gown made with layers of laces and texture tulle. Photo by @singaporebridesweddings

10 minutes ago

Bella. 🌲

8 minutes ago

Los días pasan, la barba crece, los lugares cambian. Disfruta de la vida ctm #cholostyle #portrait #makingof #face #picture #instapost #photography #photographyportrait #photographize #artwork #createexplore #instaart #loveart #streetphotography #video

9 minutes ago

Had the pleasure of shooting for the City of Rosemead’s 60th Anniversary Celebration last night. Going through the photos/videos today really made me happy being able to do what I do best for the city I grew up in.

13 minutes ago

sorry I don’t speak mandarin @weekly_jam

14 minutes ago

#35mmphotodiary 48 . . . #canoneos3 #canon50mm14 #fujisuperia400

14 minutes ago

Optical illusion architecture

15 minutes ago

Just a tiny girl dancing on a big piano. 🕺🏻🎹

18 minutes ago

Summer sunsets

19 minutes ago


19 minutes ago

Off frame.

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24 minutes ago

Step outside.

28 minutes ago

BIG JUICE THA SIP | @shakewell818

28 minutes ago

@imbayupratama • • • • • This is how i describe free , free from boring rutinity , free from salary , free from rules and free from everything that Made Me get stuck in this life . _ Thanks to @ihategill_ to tell me story about your Life for Me its just so inspiring , and i Know HOW My Life gonna work and go , so after Bali next i Will Go Labuan bajo , the place who on the top Of My list ! __ This is it , one move one breakthrough can make you see the world that you never see before , i just wanna all Of You to understand that Life is not easy , but its hard when You coward. ___ 📍Balangan Beach , Bali 📸 @ihategill_ Team telat sunrise & sunset @ariefsatria_ @ihategill_ @putureza #id_jalanjalan #exploreindonesia #explorebali #indotraveller #baligasm #dotmelali #balanganbeach #balibeach #baliisland #feedbacknation #artofvisuals #justgoshoot #livefolkindonesia #eclectic_shotz #folksouls #createexplore #heatercentral #visualgang #agameoftones #folkscenery

32 minutes ago

Food for thought

30 minutes ago

Orang yang lagi di kasir itu namanya @damarprma , dia lagi nanya password wifi atau minta no tlfn kasirnya gue lupa . Foto menggunakan fuji, lensa 35 f1.4 Foto di edit sesuai mood . #killyourcity #citykillerz #illgramers #way2ill #agameoftones #urbex #createexplore #exploretocreate #streetactivityteam #fujifilm

33 minutes ago

Window shopper.

37 minutes ago

The birds singing The sun rising Impatiently As I wait for you I don't wanna die Lonely and uptight Stay with me All will be revealed

37 minutes ago

Artjog MMXIX seru juga ya ternyata . . .

45 minutes ago

At my first neighborhood block party since high school I learned how to make fried, cheese-stuffed blossoms 🤤

46 minutes ago

Some choose to blend But I choose to... DETACH.

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9 hours ago

When you finally found your very own Mr. Darcy #smilebiggerthanmyface #nofelengaged #nofelforever

2 days ago

feeling beachy anyone?

6 days ago

3 weeks ago

Screenshot from the movie I was featured in 😄 • • • • • • • • • • • • Sike its just khoa killing it with the film quality 👌

last month

is this what people mean when to look for lines in photography?

35 minutes ago

INSPIRATION POST- DO READ THE CAPTION . . . All I'm asking Is you open your mind Do the right thing Don't give up the fight ‘Cause we didn't come here to cheer We came to lead, we're right here So open your eyes and see You can be legendary . . This is the lyrics to one of the most inspiring songs to me . . I thought everyone should know it . . . . Focus on what you want , support yourself. You don't need others when you're strong inside and I bet each one of us is stronger than we think and we can do anything if we believe in our selves. No fight's ever easy Don't ever give up . Not on yourself, not on others , not on hope . You got this . Never run, no retreat, no surrender Let out a battle cry be victory! . . You got this : ) . Stay strong and AMAZING ! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #moodygrams #creativetones #creativecontentbuilders #createexplore #createscenery #visualambassadors #visualsofearth #eclectric_shotz #globalcapture #fatalframes #depthobsessed #illgrammers #tonesbox #agameoftones #theimaged #visualsoflife #reflectiongram #beautifuldestinations #nationalgeographic #main_vision #exploretocreate #ourmoodydays #depthsofearth #gramslayers #houseoftones #strangertones #folkgood #livefolk #heatercentral #capturedconcepts

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