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4 weeks ago

It’s tough acting natural in front of a camera especially when kids have their own set of rules. That’s why I like to pose families in order to get natural reactions out of them. Do you like more candid shots or slightly directed shots from the photographer? #chicagofamilyphotographer

May 2019

Dreaming about that sunshine this past weekend.

April 2019

house of ladies!

March 2019

Trying to embrace all these sweet days at home because I know they don’t last forever. Winter is the perfect season to do lifestyle sessions at home! 💗

March 2019

Celebrating milestones of engagement, marriage, and family never gets old and we are so incredibly blessed to do what we love. ❤️ (Especially together as a team )

February 2019

Father and son photos have a new significance to us now. As much as we love seeing Noah hit new milestones and growing cuter by the day, we (okay just me ) kind of wish he could stay a sweet little newborn forever. Any other parents out there feel the same way?

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