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Mercato Ballarò

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💫No importa que gairebé tot al teu voltant sigui fosc, el veritablement important és que il·luminis la part que et pertoca.🌠 📷 @_.neeuus._ 🌟 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #bw_addiction #bwworld_tr #bnw_planet #total_bnw #top_bnw #bestbwpics #9vaga_bnw9 #bnw_catalonia #capturabnw #hdrzone_bnw #fotoclub_bnw #bnw_stop #bnw_rose #bnw_fabolous #bnw_greatshots #bnw_igers_ #bnwMagic #bnw_mania__ #bnw_captures #bnwmaster #bnw_creative_pictures #raconsde_blancinegre #catalunya_blancinegre #ww_bnw #_lookatme_bw #be_one_bw #bw_phototrip

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@Proudly Presents Today’s ★ ♠️ F E A T U R E D A R T I S T ♠️ ★ _______________________________________ 🖤 Superb Photo By @nlan49 ▪️ #PFBW_nlan49 ▪️Title: Reflection』 ______________________________________ Friends Please Show Support by Congratulating And Visiting This Artist’s Impressive Gallery ♥️ ★ Feature Selected By @cacrbc_photography TAG #passion_for_bnw To Be Featured, FOLLOW @passion_for_bnw And Be Inspiredy . ★ Visit Our Color Splash Hub @Passion_for_splashing __________________________________________ #bnw #blackandwhitephotography #monochrome #blackandwhite #amateurs_bnw #bnwsouls #bnw_rose #bnw_madrid #bnw_drama #flair_bw #gottolove_bnw #rebel_bnw #bnw_planet_2019 #bw_addiction #bnw_greatshots #bnwmood #picturetokeep_bnw #jj_blackwhite #bnwframing #raw_bnw #big_shotz_bw #ind_bnw_ #bnw_diamond

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Modèle : @shooting_photo_modele_29

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—- Samstag —- . Klasse wie ihr bei der Aktion in meiner Story mitgemacht habt. . Model: @_____pauline______ (Werbung ) @click ports @portraittalents @portraits made.in.germany

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Subway Captures • New York

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“Sadece bir yalnızlık ihtiyacı...” İçimizdeki Şeytan, Sabahattin Ali

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Body in repose / gold beads along the backbone / handheld east to west.

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• Hello @jjcommunity , Susan here, with my final post for today’s photo forum. 😘🙋🏼‍♀️✨ • Theme: PRESENCE Tag: #jj_forum_2739 • 📌Featured Photographer | @nashoba68_ Image Selected by | @SusanBlanda • ✨This recent portrait by Alexandra @nashoba68_ is a great example of what can happen when you combine artistry with presence. Love the edgy mood, gorgeous monotones, sense of story, and a powerful feeling of presence! ✨❤️✨ • Fabulous work Alexandra...and perfect for today’s forum! Big congrats to you. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻BTW—Loved all of your submissions today!! 🙏🏻🙌😘 • Please stop by Alexandra’s outstanding account and leave her some #jj love and friendship. 🙏🏻✨❤️✨ • 📌Honorable mentions go out to: @three little.tinkers @alexandrovich_yo @gojones @guilhermebjj photos @alice1280 @aspeechlessstoryteller @oyblikk @fruzsisz @drew_migdal_photography @israel woolfolk @idfernandobueno @t_a_p_h_u_h_i @britt1343 @agnesnoyer @pjandsunshine @galoren444 @alwaysfourlove @liselottski @juliegeb @sauromatum_k @tracy_costello_photography @sekrety @jawdoc2 @wkeeper1117 • ❣️Special thanks to @jj_editor_debwazi , @jj_editor_nselmo , @jj_editor_arashrimus_ , and @jj_editor_jucamurillo , for their additional features today. And sending appreciation and love to all of our #JJ editors. 😘🙏🏻💫 • Well...we made it to the finish line of the PRESENCE forum and we’re heading into the weekend—yay! 🙋🏼‍♀️🤪🕺🏽💃 Sending heartfelt thanks to everyone who participated in the forum today with images, comments, and friendships. 🙏🏻😘🎉 • Our forums have many exceptional photos in the tag gallery each day—-many more than we’re able to feature for a particular forum.❣️But whether or not your work gets seen on the Main page, it definitely gets noticed in the tag gallery!! 👀 And I want you to know how much each of your images inspired me, 🙌😘 and so many others, today! Big thanks to you, friends! 🙏🏻😘💫 • Hope you enjoyed today’s forum and I send love and best wishes to you!✨❤️✨ I look forward to hanging out with you again next Friday!! 😁 • Have a fabulous weekend!! 🎉💫 • Much Love, Susan ✨💃✨ • #jj_featured_2739 #jj_FriendshipFriday

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• Happy weekend @jjcommunity ! 💃🎉💃 It’s Susan here, back to say hi 🙋🏼‍♀️😁✋🏻 and to bring you another highlight from today’s @jjcommunity photo forum! • Theme: PRESENCE Tag: #jj_forum_2739 • 📌Featured Photographer | @lsjourney Image Selected by | @SusanBlanda • ✨Love this dramatic self-portrait by “L” @lsjourney because ❣️it’s a recent image, ❣️it offers a wonderful sense of presence, ❣️it has a beautiful interplay between light and shadow, ❣️it’s rich with story, and ❣️it uses positive/negative space in a creative way (love that profile shadow! )🙌 • Such a great image L! 🙌❤️💫 Thanks so much for sharing it and for inspiring us on the forum today! 🙏🏻🙌😘 • I hope you pay a visit to L’s highly creative account to check out more of her amazing images! ❣️And please share a little #JJ love and friendship with L while you’re there. 😘🙏🏻 • • Heartfelt thanks to all who participated in today’s forum! 😘. Love your images and so appreciate your inspiration! 🙏🏻🙌😘 • 📌I still have one more feature, and a few honorable mentions, to share with you before we close the door on today’s PRESENCE forum. ❣️To submit your photos: 📌Tag your PRESENCE images to #jj_forum_2739 And, 👉🏻👉🏻please remember the 1-2-3 rule when submitting your work! 😘 • Much Love, Susan ✨💃✨ • #jj_editor_SusanBlanda #jj_featured_2739 #PRESENCE #jj_FriendshipFriday #nothingisordinary #transfer_visions #everything_imaginable #allthingsofbeauty #thedreaminglens

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• Happy #jj_FriendshipFriday @jjcommunity !🎉 It’s Susan here🙋🏼‍♀️, with highlights from today’s PRESENCE forum. Thanks so much inspiring us today with your fabulous work @jjcommunity ! 🙌😘 • Theme: PRESENCE Tag: #jj_forum_2739 • Photos Selected by | @SusanBlanda 📌Photographers | By COLUMN , T to B • These images will also receive SOLO features on Facebook.com/TheJJCommunity. ✨❤️✨ • LEFT COLUMN @bruni_doe , @migyoungwon also feat @jj_editor_arashrimus_ , @mazzarolo @fullhouse4 • COLUMN 2 @daria harris.photography also feat by @jj_editor_nselmo , @obediah123 , @katieroycephotography , @zoehatherphotography • Column 3 @darklydreamingdaniel also feat @jj_editor_debwazi , @dashasmolokom , @skraften , @nnnance • RIGHT COLUMN @ksenia_belanger @rosaclarkphotogtaphy @wolfdogz_ • ✨Congrats to these photographers! Thank you all for sharing your inspirational work with us! 🙌💫 • 📌Please check out the featured photographers’ accounts and spread a little #JJ Love and friendship! 😘 • • Want to share some of your work with the @jjcommunity today? 📌Tag your PRESENCE shots to #jj_forum_2739 👉🏻And, please remember to honor the #JJ 1-2-3 rule. 😘👍🏻 • Back in a while with more features! Yay!! 😘 • Much Love, Susan ✨💃✨ • #jj_featured_2739 #jj_editor_susanblanda #PRESENCE #imagination #creative

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• Greetings @jjcommunity ! 🙋🏼‍♀️ It’s Susan here, with another of my favorites from today’s #JJ photo forum!😘💫 • Theme: PRESENCE Tag: #jj_forum_2739 • 📌Featured Photographer | @tessiewallace Caption: “My babies, my everything...” Image Selected by | @SusanBlanda • ✨My second pick of the day, by Tessie @tessiewallace , radiates love and pure presence! ✨❤️✨ Tessie shot this gorgeous image using an iphone....and she used an ipad screen to add a soft sidelight that brings a dreamy magic to the mood. Hard to believe that all of this could be achieved as Tessie’s son slept quietly on her belly during family movie night! 🤩🙌Wonderfully creative Tessie! Your skillful dexterity and ability to get this shot without waking your child is a true inspiration! 😘 • Such a tender moment and beautiful shot Tessie! Big congrats🎉🎉🎉, and thank you for sharing your fabulous image with us today!✨❤️✨ • Please stop over to Tessie’s account to check out more of her exceptional work! And please share little #jj Love and friendship while your’re visiting! 😉🙏🏻❣️ • • ❣️Heartfelt thanks to everyone who has joined us for today’s PRESENCE theme! Your images are wonderful and moving! ✨❤️✨ ...For those who’d like to join us—there’s still plenty of time to share your images! .❣️To participate: 📌Tag your PRESENCE photos to #jj_forum_2739 👉🏻👉🏻And, please remember the #JJ 1-2-3 rule when submitting your photos. 😃👍🏻 • 😘🙏🏻💫Big thank you to @jj_editor_nselmo , @jj_editor_arashrimus_ , @jj_editor_debwazi , who have featured more of your outstanding work from today’s forum in their individual editor accounts.❣️ • Stay tuned for more highlights! 😘 • Much Love, Susan ✨💃✨ • #jj_editor_SusanBlanda #jj_featured_2739 #PRESENCE #jj_FriendshipFriday #nothingisordinary #transfer_visions #everything_imaginable #allthingsofbeauty #magic_marvels #thedreaminglens

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• 🎉Happy Friday @jjcommunity !🎉 It’s Susan 🙋🏼‍♀️, and I’m excited to be here with you on the forum today! 🙏🏻😘🙌💫 • Theme: PRESENCE Tag: #jj_forum_2739 • 📌Featured Photographer | @olgafedorova photo Image Selected by | @SusanBlanda • ✨This evocative shot by Olga @olgafedorova first caught my eye in yesterday’s forum and I featured it in my editor’s account! ✨❤️ ✨ I’m thrilled to see it the tag again today and to have an opportunity to give the photo the spotlight on the #JJ Main page! 🙌 • ❣️Olga’s image has a haunting beauty and a powerful sense of presence—even though the subject is obscured in deep shadow. ❣️Great light, balanced composition, and wonderful textures, add to visual impact and delightful mood of this photo. ❣️And I gave the image extra points for being a newer shot.😁 • Big Congrats Olga! 🎉❣️🎉❣️🎉 Thank you for sharing your inspirational photo with the @jjcommunity today! 🙌🙏🏻😘 • Please visit Olga’s exceptional account and leave a little #jj Love and friendship!😘💫 • • 👉🏻👉🏻Today’s theme is open to all genres: landscape, architecture, people, street, macro, and more! Just show us an image of a person, place, or thing that evokes a sense of PRESENCE for you! ...We always enjoy creative interpretations too! 😁👍🏻 • Big thank you to @jj_editor_nselmo , @jj_editor_debwazi , and @jj_editor_arashrimus_ who have featured more of your outstanding work from today’s forum in their individual editor accounts. And, I’m delighted that Arashrimus and I both featured Olga’s gorgeous “mystery lady”! ✨❤️😁👍🏻 • • ✨We’re just getting started with our PRESENCE theme and there’s plenty of time to share your photos and connect with each other! 😘💫 To participate: 📌Tag your PRESENCE photos to #jj_forum_2739 👉🏻👉🏻And, please remember the #JJ 1-2-3 rule when submitting your work: 🙏🏻😘 • Back in a bit with more of my favs from today’s forum. ✨❤️✨ • Much Love, Susan ✨💃✨ • #jj_editor_SusanBlanda #jj_featured_2739 #PRESENCE #sublime #light #mood #creative #shadow

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• • “Your true home is the here and now.” - Thich Nhat Hanh • • Happy #jj_FriendshipFriday @jjcommunity ! It’s @SusanBlanda here, 🙋🏼‍♀️😘 and I’m excited to be with you today to host today’s photo forum! ❤️🎉💫 • Theme: “PRESENCE” Tag: #jj_forum_2739 • Photographer: @sophiejanephoto • ✨This riveting portrait by Sophie @sophiejanephoto was tagged to the @jj_its_kids account and it immediately captured my heart! ✨❤️✨ • There are so many things to love about Sophie’s photo... ❣️The background’s soft focus against the crisp focus in the eyes & face, help to emphasize nuances in the subject’s facial expression as well as draws us to the subject’s soulful eyes (eyes that exude Presence! ). ❣️The beautiful monochromatic tones and diffused light creates a haunting mood and visual delight. ❣️And, the creative crop —excluding a portion of the subject’s face— brings powerful visual dynamics to this image! ...Such a masterful photo Sophie! 🙌💫 Thank you for inspiring today’s forum with your compelling image! 😘🙏🏻❤️ • ✨Please stop over to Sophie’s exceptional account and leave her a little #JJ love and friendship. So much inspiration awaits you there!✨❤️✨ • • • 👉🏻Today’s forum invites you to share your photos that reflect a state of PRESENCE —the state of being fully immersed in the moment. ❣️Every photo genre is welcome! And please feel free to interpret the theme in a way that is meaningful to you! We encourage you to: 🌻 #justgoshoot a new image, -or- 🌻 put a new spin on a previously posted image with a creative edit, -or- 🌻 tag an older shot that fits the theme - and - 🌻have some fun creating & connecting! 😁 • ✨To participate in today’s photo forum, 📌TAG your PRESENCE images to #jj_forum_2739 👉🏻And, please remember the #JJ 1-2-3 rule when submitting your work.🙏🏻😘 • I look forward to personally scrolling through your images and sharing some highlights throughout the day! ✨❤️✨ • Much love, @SusanBlanda ✨💃🏻✨ • #jj_featured_2739 #jj_editor_susanblanda #PRESENCE #portrait #bnw #sublime #imagination

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