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10 hours ago

OH my skulls we are just so excited for the class on September 22nd. Only 4 spots remaining!!! www.dukecitypaintsnpints.com/events . . #art #beautiful_newmexico #newmexicotrue #nmtrue #nmbeauty #burque #business #entrepreneur #smallbusiness #supportlocal #art #photography #igers #igersabq #picoftheday #landofenchantment #redhair #diadelosmuertos #halloween #datenight #skulls

12 hours ago

Duluth MN Canal Park Port of Entry.

18 hours ago

I thought we were going to miss them on Friday night, alas we didn’t. I really admire their tremendous courage and the beauty of this tradition and ceremony. Always wonderful to see others pass on their traditions to the younger generation in which I believe we all need to do the same in one way or another. 🙏🏽 • • Have a great and safe weekend, everyone! • • • #throwback #NewMexico #NewMexicoTrue #NewMexicoGram #NMTrue #NM #505 #TravelNM #InsideNewMexico #MasNewMexico #NewMexicoRaised #Beautiful_NewMexico #OnlyInNewMexico #FeatureNewMexico #GramofEnchantment #ABQIG #InstagramersNM #NewMexicoSkies #PureNewMexico #LandofEnchantment #PureSW #worksoutbutdefinitelylikesbeer #IgersABQ #IgersNM #TrueABQ #DiscoverABQ #DesertLife #loveisinthefair


Recently flew next to a firefighter on his way to assist in a fire in California. He was on the team that installs and then mans the radio communications that allow the firefighters to communicate across mountain ridges and back to base. I learned a lot and was reminded of this photo taken when I was out hiking not at all near a controlled burn but an unexpected cloud cover and wind shift brought the ash cloud right down on me and painted the world this eery red that all who live in fire country know well. I definitely would not recommend doing this on purpose. I knew exactly where the fire was and that I was safe but it was still a bit freaky. A big thank you to all our firefighters for their preventative and active work they do to keep us and our forests safe!


Micromoon, full moon, and Friday the 13th. It was the perfect afternoon to visit the New Mexico State Fair 🎡🎢🎠


Glorious sunsets at Sapillo Creek Escape are the icing on the cake staying in our stunning Airbnb, built by the original owner over 7 years. Unique touches and amazing details surround you, from three kiva fireplaces to multiple decks and porches, a gourmet kitchen and plenty of space to relax, renew, and create! You're sure to find inspiration here, in whatever form you seek it. Thanksgiving and Christmas are already booked, but New Year's Eve is still open! We can't think of many more beautiful places to say goodbye to the old year and welcome the new! For more information and to reserve your stay, click the link in our profile or visit https://sapillocreekescape.com/booknow/ 🧡. . . . #sapillocreekescape #gilanationalforest #lakerobertsnm #silvercitynm #visitsilvercity #newmexicotrue #newmexicoskies #travelnewmexico #vacationrental #writersretreat #artistretreat #insidenewmexico #beautiful_newmexico #igers_silvercity #newmexigrammers #travelnm #southwestisbest #purenm #landofenchantment #visitnewmexico #featurenewmexico #holidayvacation #newyearsvacation #weekendtrips #christmasbreak #hikenewmexico #newmexicoadventure


What’s your favorite ride at the Fair? My all time favorite is the Zipper, but you can’t beat a good ole’ Farris Wheel! Thank you to the ABQ Photo community for inspiring me to get out and capture this image, y’all killed it with this years fair shots!

2 days ago

Shadows and light and distant sheets of rain. Another from a long time ago from this iconic place.

2 days ago

💠 @Copper_Quail 💠 • Guess who will be at the Copper Quail for the Red Dot Tour??? That’s right! The one and only Angelica Geli Padilla! Hooray!!!!!

2 days ago

I was bored yesterday and decided to make a time lapse. It’s not NYC, but it was still fun. My friends @n1ckprince & @abqmsanchez we’re both caught randomly. Hi, guys!🙆🏻‍♀️✌🏻 • prints are available at @copper_quail • visit the awesome photogs tagged to be inspired • Want to learn how I edited this photo? Sign up for my editing course on www.lightmob.io • Check out- @UrbanRomantix @ArkiRomantix @NatureRomantix @Dof_Addicts

2 days ago

It’s good to be back under New Mexico stars🌟 I’m holding on to these summer nights, but you know those fall colors are coming...

2 days ago

Sunset in Los Alamos. Taken with a Sony RX100, RAW mode. This little guy keeps up with my Nikon d5300 (if I’m careful about ISO ). It’s going to see a lot more activity in the future when I’m out hiking and biking.

3 days ago

Border 2 Border Road Trip. 🎵We’re off to see Paul Bunyan🎶

3 days ago

More arroyo walks sunset flower bloom love. ✨🌼✨

2 days ago

Happy September friends! Join us this Fall for reflective and engaging workshop experiences! 🌳 . . 9/11 at 6:30pm-9pm - Revealing the Pattern 🍃free evening workshop🍃 . . 9/14, 10/26, 12/7 at 8:30am-3:30pm - Teacher Renewal Workshop 🍃 free workshop for educators and all that work in a school setting 🍃 . . 9/19 - 9/22, times vary - Holotropic Breathwork Retreat 🍃 retreat that invites the possibility for healing, and the emergence of fresh insight🍃 . . 9/27-9/29, times vary - The Power in Story Exploration - Intensive 3 🍃workshop series for all who recognize the capacity of story to enliven and heal🍃 . . 10/9 at 6:30pm-9pm - The Power in Story 🍃free evening workshop and preview to The Power in Story Exploration🍃 . . 11/2 at 9am-4pm - The Path Forward 🍃weekend workshop for educators, social workers, and counselors🍃 . . 11/8 at 8:30am-8:30pm - Holotropic Breathwork Workshop🍃 daylong introduction and practice to breathwork 🍃 . . 11/13 at 6:30pm-9pm - Drawing from Experience 🍃free evening workshop🍃 . . See more at http://bit.ly/AcademyWorkshops . . 📸 @eandr_studio #howtosantafe #newmexicoskies #eilsf #livetoexplore #exploretocreate #beautiful_newmexico #simplysantafe #creativity #learning #landofenchantment #santafenewmexico #explorenewmexico #TravelNM #holotropicbreathwork #holotropic #healing #transformation #mindbodysoul #healthymind #presentmoment #openmyworld #consciousness #contemplation

4 days ago

+ + B I S T I G L O W + +

2 days ago

💠 @Copper_Quail 💠 • Thanks to all who came out for Bill Kaderly’s reception! We had a great time. His show will be up through September. Stop in and see! #SombreroPride

6 days ago

A pot of gold on Sierra Blanca? An early morning rain shower leaves a beautiful splash of color on the mountain. #mountainmondays #exploreruidoso

6 days ago

What's that riding on your everything?

6 days ago

City of Rocks State Park is one of the best places for dark-sky photography in New Mexico. It’s about 45 minutes south of #SilverCityNM About an hour north of Silver City is the Cosmic Campground, which is one of the darkest spots in the lower 48. If you’re into dark skies, NM is the place to be! (This is a composite, obvs ) 😉💫✨ • prints are available at @copper_quail • visit the awesome photogs tagged above to be inspired • Want to learn how I edited this photo? Sign up for my editing course on www.lightmob.io • Check out- @UrbanRomantix @ArkiRomantix @NatureRomantix @Dof_Addicts

6 days ago

We stopped the Jeep on the way home from Santa Fe National Forest to let this tarantula cross 31 Mile Road.

6 days ago

Another view from high in the Santa Fe National Forest this past weekend. This is looking west with Cerro Toledo out of view to the south.

6 days ago

@IGERSSILVERCITY FEATURE: 📸 @this kitty • Please tag your shots of #SilverCityNM and Grant County with #IGERS_SILVERCITY for a chance to be featured. •

6 days ago

Groovin’ to the breeze.

6 days ago

The light at the end of the road. Or further down the road anyways. ⛅️

6 days ago

The mystery of the half-missing cholla cactus. Not sure if a bobcat, coyote, or would-be burglar ran into and absconded with half this small cholla behind my house. Not a piece of all the many stems that were broken off are anywhere nearby. I found a rabbit-eaten grass clump a few feet away, so my thinking is a bobcat probably tore after the rabbit and ended up covered in pieces of cholla. This is one way cholla propagate after all — regrowing where they dropped off an animal. But if it were a burglar or snoop, it’s also funny. You can’t remove a piece of this stuck to your jeans without heavy gloves or a stick to pry it off you. I’ve accidentally kicked one a time or two and can testify to how much fun it is. __ #newmexicotrue #travelnm #igsouthwest #nmnomad #ignewmexico #divine_deserts #westbysouthwest #nmcielos #beautiful_newmexico #newmexico #sky_marvels #skymarvels_star #highdesert #iphonexs #cholla #chollacactus

1 weeks ago

Empty nest.

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