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April 2019

Looking across towards the Black Mount. Most shots of here tend to show The wee trees and lochans in the foreground. I just liked the light and the angles and used a long lens to isolate them #ambiguityofscale #wedontneedtoseeeverything #althoughisupposeitdependswhatimlookingat #allicanseenowisericidlesayingnudgenudgewinkwink

February 2019

Forgive the hamfisted border but I had no option. A favourite image that I wanted to put up here but it’s a 7:5 - it can’t be anything other than that hence a cropped border. It’s a wee bit of High Cup Nick - an amazing place but a bastard of a spot to photograph. Impossible to show the scale of the place so my usual answer is just to show a wee bit of it #highcupnick #ambiguityofscale #dontshoweveryoneeverythingallthetime #tantaliseandtease #imstilltalkingaboutlandscapesbytheway

August 2018

Looking down. #ambiguityofscale