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21 hours ago

Gorgeous cloud slime from @blushingbb_slimes the star in the center is so coolllll, thanks so much for trading with me at slime ganza! • I wanna get a drink at Starbucks, what should I get? • #satisfying #asmr #cloudslime #slime #slimevideo


How’s your guys Monday goinggg, when does summer start for ya? • Pretty metallic pigmented slime I made for funnn • #satisfying #slime #asmr #slimevideo #mesmerizing

2 days ago

Are you excited for the Game of thrones finale tonight😳😳 • Just a few slimes left in stock from yesterday’s restock! Link in bio💜 • Personal: @jacobkarram Shop Acc: @Slimeobsidianshop Website: • #satisfying #asmr #slime #satisfyingslime #slimevideo #satisfyingvideo #art #color

3 days ago

Bubble Gum Galaxy🌙✨💫 a few left in stock! Link in bio💕 • What’s your favorite marvel movie? • #satisfying #slime #clay #asmr #galaxy #stars #glitter #slimevideo

3 days ago

Thought this picture was pretty🤩 thank you so much for all the orders! Some of the biggest orders I’ve ever seen!! Still a few slimes left in stock! Link in bio, or

3 days ago

Restock in 5 Minutes! link in bio, or to get ready!

3 days ago

Tanerango Icee🥭🍊🥭🍊 • Restock in 30 minutes!! Get readyyy, link in bio I love this slime so much, its such a nice orange color, and the scent is o refreshing! • #satisfying #asmr #slime #slimvevideo

4 days ago

Cotton Candy Pops🍭 • Cotton candy scented, super crunchy, white glue floam! Available in today’s restock in 2 Hours!! - What’s your favorite carnival food? • #satisfying #asmr #floam #crunchyslimd #slimevideo #shotoniphone #shotoniphonexsmax

4 days ago

Strawberry Fluffcake Jelly🍓🍰 • Restock in 3 Hours💫 • Putting the last touches on the website and it looks so gooddd, I’m so exiteddd • #satisfying #asmr #slime #slimevideo #jellyslime #art

4 days ago

🍫🍦Oreo Fudge Frosting • It’s Restock day! 4 hours till the website goes live! If you missed the video yesterday make sure to check out my YouTube channel for a restock video of all 31 slimes in today’s restock! • #slime #satisfying #asmr #mesmerizing #slimevideo

4 days ago

☄️☀️Solar Flare • Here’s another vid of solar flare! Check previous post for restock list! And head over to my YouTube channel “Slime Obsidian” for a restock video of all 31 slimes!

4 days ago

Blue Lemonade Jelly💧🍋🍋 • Blue raspberry lemonade scented jelly slime! Super smooth and dense, and the more you play with it, the more fluffy and sizzly it gets! Such an addictive texture, available in Saturday’s/tomorrow’s restock @2pm EST • YouTube: Slime Obsidian Personal: @jacobkarram Shop Acc: @slimeobsidianshop Website: - #satisfying #asmr #slime #slimevideo #metallic #colorshifting #pigment #mesmerizing

4 days ago

Solar Flare🔥☀️ • Color shifting, copper/ Gold, Metallic Clear slime! This slime is just so mesmerizing and relaxing to look at, available in tomorrow’s (Saturday ) restock at 2pm EST! • YouTube: Slime Obsidian Personal: @jacobkarram Shop Acc: @slimeobsidianshop Website: - #satisfying #asmr #slime #slimevideo #metallic #colorshifting #pigment #mesmerizing

4 days ago

Bubble Gum Galaxy🍬💫 • Cloud cream textured slime scented like bubbleiscious bubble gum! I really love this slime, the glitter and the stars make it so fun and the color of it is so nice a bright! It’s so soft and smooth and when you fluff it up it gets so fluffy and sizzly, one of my favorite textures! Available in tomorrow’s restock @2pm EST - make sure to set your alarms! • Just posted a restock video on my channel! Swipe up on my story or go to my YT “Slime Obsidian” • #satisfying #asmr #bubblegumslime #satisfyingslime #slimevideo #slime #butterslime #cloudcream

5 days ago

🥒🍈Cucumber Melon Icee • Super refreshing and sizzly Icee slime, scented like cucumber Melon and it’s so amazing, available in tmrs restock @2pm EST! Restock video going live on my YouTube (Slime Obsidian ) at 3pm EST • #iceeslime #satisfying #asmr #slimevideos #slime #slimescent #scentedslime #asmr video

5 days ago

Raspberry Jam🍓🍷🍞 • Ok But how much does this look like jam tho. The color is a bright red that shifts to hot pink when you stretch it, (similar shifting type to ultraviolet ) available in Saturday’s restock @2pm EST! Set your alarms! • it will be sold in my regular 7oz containers cause the slime sticks to these containers a bit much.

5 days ago

Whale Gummy Crunch🐳🐋 • Super crunchy Micro Floam scented like cotton candy gummys! It also comes with a beluga whale, or whale shark charm! Available in Saturday’s restock @2pm EST!

5 days ago

Banana Bread🍌🍞 • Super creamy and smooth cloud Cream! The scent is amazing, I really don’t even love banana scented stuff but you hardly even notice the banana, it’s so warm and cinnamon like, it’s incredible. + the banana Fimo slices are so cute, available in Saturday’s restock @2pm EST! Set your alarmssss • • #satisfying #asmr #slime #butterslime #cloudcream #cloudslime #satisfying #satisfyingslime #slimevideo #satisfyingvideo

5 days ago

🍉Watermelon Jelly • New jelly slime, scented like fresh watermelon! The jelly slimes in this restock are all my best ever, so dense, smooth, and stretchy which makes it one of my favorite textures ever, available Saturday 5/18 @2pm EST! Almost done editing the restock video for yt! Hopefully will be able to get it up tmr evening!

6 days ago

🍰🍓Strawberry Cake Batter • I asked this question a few weeks ago but found some cool Instagram accounts doing it - what are your favorite Instagram accounts? • Strawberry Cake Batter scented thick Base with foam beads on top for the best crunchhh. this is one of my fav slimes, it’s such a happy color scheme and the scent is so good! In Saturday’s restock @2pm EST!

6 days ago

If you could spend the day as one animal, what animal would you choose? • Cinnamon Toast Crunch Krispiessss, smells just like the cereal, available in Saturday’s restock @2pm EST, filming a restock video now for YouTube, hopefully I can get it edited in timeee • #satisfying #asmr #slime #slimevideo #slimeobsidian

1 weeks ago

🥖🍶Churro Cream • Comment your favorite movie using emojis and have other people guess the movie🤔 • #satisfying #asmr #slime #satisfyingslime #slimevideo #satisfyingvideo #art #color

1 weeks ago

Cotton Candy Pops🍭🍬🍦 • I post too many videos of me making floams but they’re my favorite videos so Ima keep doing them: ) I filmed so many videos today and abt to start editing them all, Saturday’s Restock has so many new slime, and then I’m gonna redo the website; took so many pictures for it, in so excited for you guys to see it • What movies are you excited for to come out?

1 weeks ago

🔮Ultraviolet • Saturday’s restock in going to be insane, just got done filming a ton of videos and redoing the website, I can’t wait for you guys to see it. Set your alarms, your not gonna wanna miss it

2 weeks ago

Dippin Dots from @glossamerslimes • Such a good slime! The scent and texture are amazing and the foam beads and Base color are so cute! Def recommend checking out their account! • Gonna be posting the updated logo tonight: ) same logo, new theme

2 weeks ago

🌴Rio from @fridaydetox • Not to sound desperate but I am, y’all should dm or comment on Ariana’s post that @slimeobsidian is in boca and wants to give her slime lol • He gave me this at slime ganza and his Clear slimes are so gooddd

2 weeks ago

🍬🍧Crushed Cotton Candy Lollypops from @slimey vanilla • Happy Mother’s Day to all y’all mamas! • So nice meeting her at slime ganza! I bought 2 slimes from her and later that day she gifted me this beauty!

2 weeks ago

Can’t wait to see you guys today at slime ganza! Brought cherry Blaster with meeee, such a nice vibrant Icee slime: ) see you thereeee

2 weeks ago

🍓🍦Strawberries and Cream Krispies • Have y’all seen tati’s video on James charles😳😳 • Bringing it to slime ganza tomorrow! Can’t wait!

2 weeks ago

What should we name this spoon lol • Shop Account @slimeobsidianshop Personal @jacobkarram#satisfying #asmr #clearslime #slime #slimevideo #satisfyingvideo

2 weeks ago

Cake Batter Crunch 2.0 for @slimeganza • How did you find out about my account? • I leave tmr morning and can’t wait to see you guys saturday!!

2 weeks ago

Me playing with slime and realizing I should film it for fun, enjoy • #clearslime #satisfying #asmr #satisfying #slime

2 weeks ago

Comment marvel characters in emojis and have people guess the characters🐜🕷✨ • New Icee slime prototype: ) • Ib @blushingbb_slimes#slimevideos #slime #satisfying #asmr #iceeslime #sizzle #sizzleasmr #sounds

2 weeks ago

💕All my Uwus from @vmoneyslimes • The met ball theme is supernatural - what are you wearing? • #satisfyingvideos #asmr #slime #slimevideo #satisfying

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