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#ALL The 🔚

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He loves me Just. As. I. Am. but more importantly I love myself ❤️❤️ Finding and receiving love that not only fuels you but provides you with a check AND balance is apart of the ultimate success. #clear


@jeanettepeakes x @sewnatural x @sewnaturalhair | The Return of the Queen ✨ Specializing in matching your natural hair with SewNatural Hair extensions AND installing them with ultimate versatility with the use of a cornrow base ONLY. It’s called the SewNatural™️ Technique


@sewnaturalhair | The Home of Sew Natural Extensions for US ✨ | Low Luster - Medium To Low Luster | Various Curl Patterns that can be worn as is or combined | Lace Closures and Frontals best quality on the Market ( Hands Down ) , Clip Ins* ( Available upon request ), Special Orders( Available Now ) , ShopSewNatural.com


@jeanettepeakes x @sewnatural x @sewnaturalhair | The Return of the Queen ✨ This is a SewNatural Sew Installation

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One day you’ll lock eyes with someone that you’ve admired and you’ll say everything that you feel. One day you’ll lock eyes with yourself and see the same thing too. 🙇🏾‍♀️ @robinrobertsgma | A Private moment that was captured during one of my private moments. ____

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Rp @virtuousmymy ✨ I closed my calendar in May for July and wrote “ for special projects only.” I didn’t know that I’d be apart of the Lion King Press Tour, let alone apart of EssenceFest or the many many things that I’ve been signed on to do. I started operating in what was to come, I elevated my mind, channeled all of my positive energy and started blocking negative people, places and things. Become what you want to attract.

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This will be me in 24 hrs ... loading @hairbyashnicole 🤭 big surprise on the way

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Back at the salon on a Sunday with my favorite client in the world ✨ MY KING ... #locs #king #strength #purpose #hisonlyloctician #sacred #soulmate #life -partner. Side note: he’s probably going to clown and say “ it’s about time that he got on the books” ☺️ but heyyyy your wife is kinda pawpin lol

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@strangerthingstv @therealcalebmclaughlin - @l2cstudios @l2c_ceo#support 🤴🏿🌍 don’t listen to how I pronounced a thing ☺️ Just look at the caption😂

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@kristenkash ✨ There’s something spectacular about turning around and seeing a beautiful black woman walk in. There’s even something more amazing when she tells you that she’s already apart of the SNH Family ✨ _______ This day @shahadi and @jdmccrary had @lionking press interviews and towards the end of the day - Kristen walks in✨ __ We immediately locked eyes and I said “ I love your hair !” I then gave the #blackgirl magic eyes 😍 (it’s a twinkle that says “you are powerful, I see you and I love you!” ) _____ Kristen then grabs my* hand and goes “ no, you don’t understand. No I love your hair” I felt something deeper say ... “Dionna she knows who you are.” _ Now listen- what you guys may not know about me is that I am a servant at heart. I love to help people and more importantly I love serving as the vocal medium that shares how I personally feel about someone’s aura. This moment was my necessary moment of confirmation. People hear me. They see me. *cue @beyonce Brown Skin Girl song 🙌🏾 ______ #Repost @shahadi ・・・ Lion King Press Tour: Day Five @jdmccrary and I started the day with my first bi-lingual interview with @despiertamerica Look: Styled by: @kerilhenderson Dress: @katespadeny Shoes: @aldo_shoes Hair: @sewnatural MUA: @julianamoss

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Always. Follow. Your. Dreams. | @lionking Press Tour @shahadi Voice of Young Nala , @sewnatural (Department of Hair &Kid Wig Maker ) , @jdmccrary Voice of Young Simba

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5’8 but this dress makes me feel 10 feet tall ✨ no alterations needed. #winning the next question is what hairstylist award show will I wear this too 🤭

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She said “ tag us when you wear it “ , I said “ if it’s sponsored “ ... know your #power #dressingroomchronicles

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Our first born. The heir to the SewNatural Empire ❤️ I flipped my mindset when my husband started to teach me about Legacy Building and #thepower of being UnBought and Unbossed. Today - I presented those same mental #gifts to her. 🤴🏿👸🏾👑👑🌍

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The gorgeous @therochellegraham | CEO 😍 @alikaynaturals#SewNatural

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Secret: tuck your head, do the work, shine your light, build your empire... they’ll come. Let’s paint the world #SewNatural @theojinika ❤️❤️❤️

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Your favorite PODCAST Host @sidehustlepro is SewNatural 🤭✨ I told you guys a few years ago about this evolution. We sat back, focused on the important things, meditated and now L O O K 🙌🏾

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Wanna feel special? Connect with people that care about YOU and not what YOU Do ❤️ @nakiarachon

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😫 @shahadi | The Voice is Young Nala in @lionking | This pineapple, carrot birdie didn’t stand a chance @dina joseph ! A chanceee 😂 | Now that we’re away from the paparazzi and away from the actual locations that we occupied- I get to share the behind the scenes of the Young Nala and Young Simba Press Tour ( over time ) it was 14 days of Life ! Check out #LionKing ( In Theaters Now ) ☝🏾 Correction: Shahadi is a pescatarian 😘 and by the end of the tour, I stopped eating meat... by choice 🙇🏾‍♀️ I’ll tell you more about my new healthy eating journey in the coming months w/ @aubr3y_bray

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And then it hit me ... #History has been MADE!! @shahadi @jdmccrary @dina joseph @styledbymomzz @kevinajoseph @mandyragge @jbgeffen @lionking @disney

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Me, @styledbymomzz HaaPpppyyy Birtthdaaaayyyyy oh and @goodmorningamerica ✨ ( kinda still freaking out right now ) ————- Lion King In Theaters Today ! Get your Tickets @lionking 📷: @shar_val ( heyyyy 👋🏾 friend !! )

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1 more day until @LionKing opens in theaters and we got to celebrate with @cupcakecityma ✨ Look ! It’s a #LION !!

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When creating the custom pieces for @marsaimartin , the doubles and the stunt double the requirement was for me to bring The SewNatural Effect ✨ What’s that and what does that consist of? ____________ It started with a phone call, a curl chart creation, a flight all the way to Cali for a special pre wig fitting and me✨ All of the skills that I has learned over the years were called upon. This involved ventilation, lines, curls and the ability to be emotionally present to breathe life into these pieces. It’s so cool how a creation can come from pieces of hair to an entire work of art. Working alongside @ritabuggparillo and @sheis_elizabeth was an honor!! I got first hand experience of how the industry moves and flows in #theworld of ( Beauty for film/television ) ——— I’ll show you the #bts in the next post 😘 @sewnaturalhair Is on the Big Screen mommy ! #10yrs in the game and I will never stop learning

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1 year ago I was apart of the YOUNGEST EXECUTIVE PRODUCER @marsaimartin ‘s @littlethemovie Produced by @willpackerproductions _____ Meet @willpowerpacker ! One of the hardest working men in the game ! Not only did he graduate from THE #HBCU #FAMU but he has provided a soft landing place for HARD WORKING people to spread their wings. For that I have to say Thank You @willpowerpacker ! Thank you @iamtinagordon for helping to bring this dream to reality ! @littlethemovie Available on DVD - Blue Ray you name it - NOW ✨ 2018 - First Movie, 2019 - First of a lot of things ...Get Ready World | You’ll accidentally start saying So Natural and immediately think of the SewNatural BRAND

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“Ah ah ah ah stayin aliveeeee liveeeeeee” fun fact - I learned that the rhythmic beat used in this song is the same thing that can help you while administering CPR ✨ #tourlife | #themoreyaknow ( cue music ) @redstarcollection

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So I guess I’m guilty of liking too much huh #ig

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What are the odds... miles and miles apart we’d meet each other and not only connect BUT know and love the same people !! @gena_sullivan_ I had the best time working with you and @julianamossmakeup today! ______ @ronawigs2 0 @lifeofrona01 @coco_of_lyfe @davidoofficial We Love you Guys !!!! Yo it’s a small world !!

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Location: Somewhere when we start operating in our purpose and understanding that LIFE is precious and to be enjoyed💘 _____ This location can’t be found on ig or on any map. It’s within

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... I had time today. #SewNatural

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