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April 2019

So look me in the eyes, tell me what you see..

November 2018

How did I spend my night in Malacca.... 1. I have my Red Dress on 2. I have my Wine 3. I have my puppy(Imagine how puppies ) sleep #ThankyouIbisforthewarmwelcomeandbeautifulstay #IbisMelaka #wellbeingatitsbest

November 2018

Me.. when @panicatthedisco @brendonurie just had his major comeback #Yassbringlifebacktome !!! #Slaymylifeagain #happiestfangirlagainorcat Video Credit @ryant3o

November 2018

Loving him is like driving a new Maserati down a dead-end street.. Faster than the wind, passionate as sin ending so suddenly.... @bonzainal3003 #meets #mmk @mmkcouture

November 2018

Little Big Simba 🦁

October 2018

I'm back ☺ #backatitagain Special thanks to Attire by Miss Malaysia Kebaya Founder @jasonheejp and @mmkcouture Make Up by Nu|nu and Empro ~ Founder Professor Dr Coco AlexYeoh Hair by A Cut Above ~Founder Dato Winnie Loo Renowned Designer @bonzainal3003 for showcasing his beautiful collections And Bon Models 👍 @raj_aria (TV Host, Producer, Emcee ) Thanks for being so you 😂 and your support :' ) Stylo International Fashion Show Gentlemen's Weekend~ Dato Nancy, our man Francis Yip Hon Chengfor coordinating, organizing making sure everything is going well as planned 🙏🏻🙏 and even walked on the runway not to mention haha , Choreograher- Jo and Nadia, Great Emcee~ Isabelle Zhen, To performers Sydney and Chilla Cha and to the rest of the Team and Crew Members. Outstanding! #stylo #stylointernational #MissKebayaMalaysia #mmkcouture #mmkcouturekebayanyonya #puteriharbour #fashionshow #modelswanted #panasian #asianmodel #asiangirl

October 2018

Gym Time 🖤🐯🌑🌌🌃

October 2018

When you actually know what you are made of but you just want to keep silent~ The fire rises... Storm is coming...

September 2018

No sleep

September 2018

I rarely smile because I stopped smilling for a really really.. really long time...I really smile now because of the closest and extremely sincerely caring mentors, advisers, best friends, my beauty queens and fellow models, my childhood cliques, my sisterhoods and brotherhoods, and definitely my supporters and many many more who have been with me through my most hauntingly toughest and hardest of times. Im sorry if I didnt reply your messages or I have ignored your call or just a drink or a meal ,that doesnt mean I have forgotten you.. If you're looking at this now, I thank you and I cherish you...always.

September 2018

So so incredibly proud of you @itsaaroncrow ! The BrandLaureate Malaysia is so happy and honoured to present you with two Awards in recognizing your mesmerizing talents you have brought into the world. America! Don't forget to Vote Aaron Crow through agt online/the app or toll free📞 Malaysia! I assure my country is rooting for you to get into the Finals and Winning it! Tune in LIVE @NBC @AGT ~ In case you didn't know in 2016 he premiered his full evening show Fearless in Malaysia.. Aaron Crow The Silent Mentalist,The warrior or Mystical. Belgian Mentalist,magician and danger act.. Watch his danger acts down here #brandlaureateawards #hollywood #americasgottalent #americasgottalentsemifinalists #aaroncrow #dontforgettovote !

July 2018

Drake : Kiki, do you love me? Me : I'm not Kiki I'm Nicole. *Drake drank way too much yesterday* #kikidoyouloveme #drake

July 2018

Yellow Dad influenced me

July 2018

Beaching 💙🌞🌊❄ #newportbeach

July 2018

Midnight Los Angeles California snack 😋🍒🍓🌃

April 2018

Super proud of my manager of MMK who is the Official Partner for One Republic LIVE in concert. It's only 2 more days but you can still get your tickets. Contact 0129211486 now

April 2018

Supporting Motonation's Asia Automotive Ambassador Search! Do you think you have what it takes to be an Automotive Girl? AAA, Asia Automotive Ambassador 1st Heat or Audition Date: 5th May 2018 Time: 6pm to 10pm Venue : Main Entrance of Scott Garden ( Behind LED ) Do you have what it takes to be the #AsiaAutomotiveAmbassador ?? Well, this is your moment to shine & Win up to RM100,000 worth of prize!! . . How to Enter? Step 1: Like / Share This Post and Our Facebook Page: Asia Automotive Ambassador Step 2: Submit your photo with a description about yourself to our email ambassador @motonation . . Organised by: MotoNation | | Miss Malaysia Kebaya . . Terms & Condition Guidelines 1.Participants: Age 17- 35 Open to All Nation, Races. 2. College and University Students are Welcome. 3. Height 155cm and above. #ambassador #ambassadorsearch #model #automotive #modelcontest #Motonation #Spanarboy #MissKebayaMalaysia

April 2018


April 2018

It's a priviledge to have Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz as our Guest of Honour for tonight #voteyourfuture

March 2018


February 2018

I never thought this would happen..Happiest Valentine's Day 2018 💞💍

February 2018

Catch us both Asians lol on air in TV3 this Chinese New Year 2018 with Emerald Brilliant Cheongsam(Qipao ) Managing Director Ryan Sim Interview. Emerald Brilliant designs tailor made authentic Cheongsams ♥️

February 2018

I was always afraid of ghosts,demons, monsters as these things hurt people...That was because I allowed them to live inside of me and not letting them go. We conquer them by not being afraid....

January 2018

How fortunate we are in our home country.. #keepthemsafe

January 2018

It's been pretty quiet and still but Happy 2018! #2018

January 2018

Happy New Year my good baby fluffy unicorn 💖✨💤💤 @jaewen @brandonchewcw #huskies #newyear2018 Name : Donald (Trump descendant ) Nickname : Agent Sparky

November 2017

Support @ewalofficial @ewalaf2014 in his upcoming music 🌟✨💫

July 2017

Always in my memory and playlist ❤🥀✨💫🌈❄🌹 #rip #frontman #lp

May 2017

Myanmar sells baby rabbits just like this ❤😍😋☺🐇🐇🐰 #driftingaway satayisforbidden @sangeetkaurr

March 2017


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