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@jawaraw 🖤

last month

damn sam kirsten and steven lmaoooo

last month

“WHEN I GET HOME “ Film Screenings 🖤🖤 See the full list and RSVP at @wetransfer 💫 (Link in bio )

last month

“WHEN I GET HOME” Extended Directors Cut featuring a brand new scenes a new score and re-mastered will be RELEASED DIGITALLY EVERYWHERE AUGUST 5TH!! w/ special screenings at museums and theaters in US and Europe... and i got so much Joy and Gratitude in my heart about the hopes that every body and they mama will see iiiit 🖤 I feel so much thanks to every hand who lended itself to its creation , im so proud of the work we’ve done...the worlds we created....the ship we sent out into the universe...our black planet ! ahhhhhh mark ya calendarsss 🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤😭😭😭 i love and appreciate u all so much !!!

May 2019

so excited to announce “Witness!” a special performance piece composed and directed by myself at the phenomenal @elbphilharmonie (photo’d here: ) tickets on sale friday may 31 🖤!

May 2019

promise to love uuuuu (meee )

March 2019

THANK U TO ALL OF THE BLACK COWBOYS IN THE LAND WHO HAVE PUT YOUR BODIES ON THE LINE TIME AND TIME AGAIN TO WRITE HISTORY SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME. I learned so much from all of you and feel infinite gratitude for you trusting in meeeeee. Link in bioooo

March 2019

“When I Get Home” film (link in the biooo ) directed n designed by me: )

March 2019


February 2019

When I Get Home ...out midnight 2night 🖤🖤

February 2019

callll meeee 281-330-8004 ! s/o mike jones 4 life! special announcement on the hotliiiiiinnne!!!

February 2019

shout out devin the duuuude

February 2019

www.blackplanet.com/solange 🖤

February 2019

taking ovaa www.blackplanet.com/solange/ 🖤🖤 new world wiide web ⚫️ (link in daa )

February 2019

hey y’aallll 🖤🖤🖤 endless thanks to @i_d & the legends tim walker and ib kamara so much gratitude wow

April 2018

so excited to premier Metatronia (Metatrons Cube ) (2018 ), a performance piece film featuring my newest sculpture, i directed and conceived in partnership with @uniqlousa at the @hammer_museum tomorrow ⬜️ .... it’s been a dream to build modular sculptures that can tour, interact, and engage with the public (will update u on this sooon ) and i truly can’t thank you all for this support and space to evolve with these practices. it means the utmost.... can’t thank you enough @griffin_frazen for bringing this sculpture to life... to @onvacation for literally moving mountains to support my dreams and visions and @uniqlo and droga 5 for helping this all come to fruition. thank you,

April 2018

metatronia (metatrons cube ) (2018 ) photo: @tylersphotos

April 2018

metatronia (metatrons cube ) (2018 ) modular sculpture and performance piece

December 2017

Scales (2017 ) performance piece. Marfa Texas October 8, 2017 @chinatifoundation @juddfoundation Directed, Composed, Choreographed by myself Associate Director : @carlooto Stage Design: Julia Heymans Costume Design: Myself and @carlooto Additional Styling: @solangefranklin

December 2017

Scales (2017 ) Performance Piece Marfa, Texas @chinatifoundation Photo by @__enmi

December 2017

Scales (2017 ) In the field at 15 untitled works in concrete by Donald Judd "Donald Judd, 15 untitled works in concrete. Courtesy of the Chinati Foundation. Copyright Judd Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS ), New York. Photo : @__enmi

December 2017

Scales (2017 ) In the field at 15 untitled works in concrete by Donald Judd "Donald Judd, 15 untitled works in concrete. Courtesy of the Chinati Foundation. Copyright Judd Foundation / Artists Rights Society (ARS ), New York.

September 2017

my interactive dossier and musical score for the @tate : "we sleep in our clothes" (2016 ) featuring : @sophiamoniquebrown on the Tate website sidebar: whoever the lovely human in houston was who let me borrow your moog that night to make this when my synth connect fell thru and I had 30 minutes to finish this, i can't thank you enough.

August 2017

(we sleep in our clothes ) jun 5 2016- for the @tate modern museum ......featuring Capsules (NBP x me-you ) 2010 by Ricardo Basbaum. music composed by myself

August 2017

my piece "seventy states" (2017 ) for the @tate screened last week, and is now up as a digital dossier you can view on your desktop via their website... the piece in response to their "Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power" show, features original performance concepts I explored during the creation of the DTMH and Cranes videos, filmed by Alan Ferguson.... as well as an original performance piece filmed by @alandelrio titled "We sleep in our clothes". Dossier design by @carlota_guerrero and @queridastudio

May 2017

"An ode to" 2017

May 2017

"An ode to" 2017. I am still seeing your faces and I'm fulllll w gratitude and abundance. Thank you so much to @rbma and the @guggenheim for all of your work on bringing this piece to life.