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3 hours ago

"When a person comes to my studio, especially if it's somebody that I've never met before, I have to expose my own vulnerabilities first. To give them the signal, look this a safe space. What that ends up doing is it gives the artist an opportunity to tell me things about their personal life they would never in a million years want anyone else to know. So that we can then take those stories and turn them into music, because that's the process." GRAMMY-nominated #producer / #songwriter #OakFelder ( @oakestra ) on finding a safe collaborative space in the studio. #PandEWing

2 days ago

Multi-talented musician/composer @andrewbirdmusic shares his "darkest before the dawn" original song "Olympians" on our latest episode of #PressPlay ! Check out our Story to watch 👀 the full performance! 🎶🎶

1 weeks ago

“I love #mixing , so the show is my release. I get to create and figure out different ways to give the audience the experience they paid for.” Front of House #engineer (FOH ) Amanda Davis @theeamandarenee #PandEWing

2 weeks ago

"Just knowing that...I can actually have a real impact on other people's lives and not just make the music that they can party to, but make something that can help them get through something. I know that my favorite music always did that for me." Check our Story to read our EXCLUSIVE interview with #Lauv ! We discuss "F**k, I'm Lonely," staying independent, #mentalhealth and more!

2 weeks ago

This week soulful singer @ShaundRoss ' powerful #ReImagined rendition of @Cher 's mega-hit "Believe," which won the GRAMMY for Best Dance Recording at the 41st #GRAMMYs in 1999. View out story to watch the full performance.

2 weeks ago

"It took us 28 years to be on this stage…and I'm so happy and so grateful to be headlining, for the first time a Latino act." —GRAMMY-nominated artist @JBALVIN offered positivity, gratitude, inclusiveness and infectious energy during his headlining @Lollapalooza set. The energy levels went from a 10 to 💯 as GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY winners @Wisin y @Yandel ( @WisinYYandel ) took the stage to rap with Balvin for another reggaeton classic, their 2005 debut single, "Rakata." View our story for the VIBRAS that #JBalvin brought to #Lolla + exclusive interviews from artists performing at the #festival #Lolla

3 weeks ago

It's already August! What's been your favorite festival set of the summer? ☀️

3 weeks ago

"If I don't share, then it didn't happen," sings @LaSantaCecilia lead singer @la_marisoul in the hilarious and poignant performace of "Winning," performed exclusively for #PressPlay Watch the full performance from the GRAMMY-winning band in our Story.

3 weeks ago

Hootie & The Blowfish's ( @hootieofficial ) jangly folk-rock has transitioned from '90s frat-guy audiences to Tom Petty-loving dads and families in the 2010s as they tour to celebrate 'Cracked Rear View's' 25th #anniversary and prepare to release a new album later this year, with the likes of #EdSheeran co-writing a song. We recently spoke with lead singer @DariusRucker about the legacy of 'Cracked Rear View,' the #political bent that's gone unnoticed in Hootie’s songs, his belated conversion to #hiphop , and changes in the #country music scene. Visit the link in our bio to read our interview.

3 weeks ago

@Dixie_Chicks earned their first career #GRAMMYs at the 41th GRAMMY Awards in 1999 for Best #Country Performance By A Duo Or Group With Vocal ("There's Your Trouble" ) and Best Country Album ('Wide Open Spaces' ). Since then the trio have gone on to win 12 GRAMMY Awards. #GRAMMYVault #InternationalDayofFriendship

3 weeks ago

"I wanted to really build it up to make it really full and musical. It’s a very droney, vibey piece. I wanted to add a long outro with a guitar, but it can’t be an actual guitar because it’s 2017. We went with something futuristic to give it this nice cool and dark vibe.” GRAMMY-nominated #producer @louisbellmusic on shaping @postmalone ’s "Rockstar"

4 weeks ago

"I’ve been playing in @theblackkeys since I was 16… I was playing with the Black Keys before I was ever in any serious relationships. This is the longest relationship I’ve ever been in with one person." GRAMMY winner #DanAuerbach sat down with us for an exclusive interview to talk rebooting #TheBlackKeys on 'Let's Rock' and getting back to the basics with bandmate @officerpatrickcarney 🎶

4 weeks ago

Originally released in 1969, @DavidBowie 's "Space Oddity" captured the sentiment of our global fascination with humanity's strange journey to reach the stars. Paired with a profound arrangement of orchestral backing tracks and touches of classic '60s British whimsy, the song cemented the beginnings of what would become Bowie's trademark "far out" persona and career-spanning incorporation of cosmic motifs.

4 weeks ago

GRAMMY and @LatinGRAMMYs nominee @Angela_Aguilar_ performs a riveting cover of @LadyGaga and #BradleyCooper 's GRAMMY-winning song "Shallow." Watch the full performance in our Story. 🎶 ---------------------------------------------------------- Nominada al GRAMMY and Latin GRAMMY Angela Aguilar interpreta la canción "Shallow" de #LadyGaga y BradleyCooper. Ve nuestro Story para el video completo. 🎶

4 weeks ago

“I tried to embrace the concept of the sampler as an instrument, looking at how to take it artistically to another place where it can be appreciated, more than just taking someone’s song and doing a 4-bar loop.” - GRAMMY-winning producer No I.D. #PAndEWing

4 weeks ago

Next Tuesday @angela_aguilar_ performs @LadyGaga and #BradleyCooper 's GRAMMY-winning song "Shallow" as part of our #ReImagined series! The video premieres exclusively on our Youtube channel July 23rd at 10 a.m. PST.

5 weeks ago

@shaundross delivers an EXCLUSIVE performance of his enchanting song “Good Vein” on #PressPlay ! Need more? WATCH the full song in our Story. 🎶

last month

It's #WorldEmojiDay ! You just found out you won a GRAMMY...which #emoji describes the look on your face? 😱

last month

From #producers and club #DJs innovating #housemusic in the 1980s to hometown musicians like #KanyeWest , @chancetherapper and @common dominating the airwaves, #Chicago holds a central role in hip-hop’s development. But compared to coastal scenes in #LA and #NYC , it's an unassuming cultural tastemaker. Similarly, the history of American queer art often focuses on New York and #SanFrancisco , but Chicago has a longstanding and flourishing #LGBTQ + community and is a hotbed for drag performance and nightlife talent. But in a music industry that’s still heavily straight and male-dominated, and in a city that's still deeply segregated, queer artists are creating spaces for themselves. While racism and homophobia are still rampant, #Chicago 's queer rappers prove art can be a force of not only resilience, but progress for their city. View our Instagram Story to learn queer artists like Roy Kinsey, @mothernaturebarz , @mistercoolmom (co-founder of @futurehood insta ) are challenging preconceptions of who can be a rapper.

last month

After 40 years on Earth, 'Mingus' has only grown into its own as one of the most important titles in the #JoniMitchell catalog, the fearlessness by which she channeled her love and appreciation for #jazz and created a deeply personal and exploratory thematic work with little care as to what the record business, music critics, or anyone for that matter, had to say. View our Instagram Story to explore the direct collaboration between Mitchell and jazz master, Charles Mingus.

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I need to see a music documentary about ______

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"The best sessions are always gonna be when things are free-flowing. Nothing feels robotic and stagnant. You want to make sure that [the artist] is happy with what's being captured. I think once you gain the trust of the artist in that way, everything starts to be the natural flow of, 'Hey, what do you think?' They start to ask you for your input." - Marcella Araica ( @incrediblelago ), recording and mixing engineer. #PandEWing

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last month

"And we'll never be royals It don't run in our blood That kind of lux just ain't for us We crave a different kind of buzz" @lordemusic performs "Royals" at the 56th #GRAMMYs in 2014🎶 ( #LyricFind )

last month

"I prefer to record in the same room that the equipment is in, especially if I’m engineering for another artist, because the artist is right next to me, they’re not standing behind the glass, we’re not separated from each other." - @sylvia_massy , #PandEWing member

last month

What's on your #4thofJuly #playlist ? 📻🎶

last month

"The deeper I got into my own culture, the more it allowed me to connect with others. I felt like that was so important to get a clear vision of what Haiti represents to me and that led the album, that led the organization of it and the sounds." Haiti's @michaelbrun spoke to us about his debut LP 'LOKAL,' friendship with @JBalvin & @Diplo and his legacy as a global artist🎶 Check out our Story for the full exclusive.

last month

“Analogue is the medium of all the kinds of music that I am really fond of. Form follows function. You have to ask yourself what you are trying to accomplish. What are you trying to make it sound like? When you are recording and producing, you are aiming for something and if you want vibe, warmth, soulfulness, things like that, you will always be drawn back to analogue.” - #JackWhite , GRAMMY winner and #PandEWing member.

last month

🎶 And I can't change Even if I tried Even if I wanted to My love, my love, my love 🎶 @macklemore + @ryanlewis + @marylambertsing + @madonna + @queenlatifah performed "Same Love" at the 56th #GRAMMYs in 2014. ( #LyricFind )

last month

Feel the power in @iamsheadiamond ’s words and voice by WATCHING this exclusive performance of her new single "Don't Shoot" for our #PrideMonth edition of #PressPlay Full video in our Story!

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Albums or Playlists?

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"I'm always trying to experiment and come up with new palettes of sound and new combinations of music that you haven't really heard or seen." GRAMMY-winning producer and #PandEWing member, @ludwiggoransson , is constantly pushing the envelope to find new ways to reinvent himself.

last month

"Having my single where I'm singing about loving another woman on the radio is a big deal... I feel like we still need some more representation out there, there's still people who aren't represented." GRAMMY-nominated singer/songwriter @iamasiahn performs “Like You” on our #pridemonth special edition of #PressPlay 🎶 Check out our Story to watch the full performance!

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