Hank Allen

October 2018

Great story from my son. #Repost @jonahallenstudio with @get_repost ・・・ ARTIST STORY 📖 It all began on the shores of the Gulf Coast. When I was ten years old, I surfed my first wave in Seaside, Florida while on vacation with my family. This experience single handedly changed my life because it taught me the transformative power of water. From this day onward, I became obsessed with flowing water. Yet, I did not grow up near the coastline. I was raised in the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia – 6 hours from the nearest ocean. The distance kept me from surfing, so I began photographing water instead. Thankfully, my family returned to the Gulf annually. While staying for extended periods of time, I spent countless hours in the emerald sea, mesmerized by the energy within it. With the camera, I could capture those fleeting moments and take them back to Georgia as memories. But, this created a division within myself: I lived in Atlanta, but my true home was near the beach. The division lasted 15 years until I finally decided it was time to leave Georgia. Instead of moving immediately to the Gulf, I capitalized on an opportunity of a lifetime. Because my Dad worked for the airlines, I could fly at a shockingly low fare to almost anywhere in the world until I turned 24. So, I saved up for a year, selling photographic artwork and T-shirts at craft fairs in between university classes. With nothing but a surfboard and backpack full of clothes, a tent, a sleeping bag, and camera gear, I set out on a yearlong journey to surf the earth and document the waters along the way..... Want to read the full story and see more pictures? 👉🏼 https://www.jonahallen.com/artist-story