Gary Gough

2 weeks ago

There is a thin walkway that goes around a mariner. When the tide is very high it looks like people are walking in water. Watch the video and you’ll see what I mean 😁 [video is titled: copying other photographers] Search "Gary Gough Photography" on YT Is copying a bad thing? Musicians, artists and footballers copy their idols so why can't we? Watch the video and leave a comment. Full credit for the originator offered. #landscapephotography #photography #photographylovers #photographylover #fleetwithpike #warnscalebothy #lakedistrict #garygoughphotographer #westkirby #WestKirbyBeach #liverpool #landscapelovers #seascape #seascapephotography #longshutterspeed #longshutter #longexposure #longexposures #longexposhots #ukhiddengems



i like your YT videos and photography 👍 and copy: it is never the same. It is the moment and the feeling that arises.

2 weeks ago

Jon Scriven

Very nicely done 👌🏼

2 weeks ago


That really is a stunning image. Even though the person and dog are so small.. they are striking. 😍👏👌

2 weeks ago

Visual Art

Talk about the big picture

2 weeks ago

David Dewhurst

Watched the video, looks a great place! No problem with capturing the same compersiton , they will never be the same!

2 weeks ago

Ulrich Koellner

I love the minimalistic look of that picture much. Personaly I believe to copy existing pictures can help to improve the own skills. At least in painting this seemed the be quite common . Also immitation is the highest form of appreciation... ; )

2 weeks ago

Damian Waters Photography

That could be me walking the dog!

2 weeks ago

Charles Welch

This is perfect.

2 weeks ago

Martin Godwyn

Love this, Gary!

2 weeks ago

Andy Russell

Great photo. Enjoy your YouTube channel also

2 weeks ago

Wirral Sailing Centre

Wow! @ garygoughphotography may I share on Wirral Sailing Centre's page please?

2 weeks ago


뿅간다 기여엉 ㅎㅅㅎ 이뻐요 하핫 오아 리얼루다가

2 weeks ago

Tony Emery


6 days ago

@asma alsubaie5 يصصير اييج الصبح ؟؟

14 hours ago


Yapma git benimle bozulursun mete vallahi kardeşim orda diğeri orda gitt onların ikisi emo mutlu eder seni ben değil severim ama bozulursun fırtınam da mutlu ol

12 hours ago