Micah Adams

3 weeks ago

Stop living In your head. The past is done. Bury it. Say your goodbyes. Leave your flowers. Exit the cemetery. You don’t need to dwell and mourn the old you and your mistakes. Let it go. Be free. Notice the beauty around you. Inhale love and step toward the light. Just because you failed a few times, it doesn’t mean you’re destined to fail permanently. You will use the lessons you’ve learned and you’ll build stronger foundations. Every day is a chance to work and love again. - words by the super dope @writingtoinspire



Detail is amazing!

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Awesome fam ❤️

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Beautiful mate

3 weeks ago

Jamal C.

Thank you for using my work in your caption and for tagging me. You're awesome. Love the work, my friend

3 weeks ago

Jaxson Pohlman

Yes man thank you for this, I love it all

3 weeks ago

Deanna Burton

What a beautiful sky

3 weeks ago

Jimmy Daboul

Now that's as natural looking as it gets 🙌👏👏👏

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Virginia Keller


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Le Voov

Nice post. Working on it!🙏🏻

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Francisco Javier García Díaz


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So damn great Micah....👌👌👌

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Jeremy Givens

Awesome shot, man!

3 weeks ago

Larry Smith

Great visual and words. Kudos to you both.

3 weeks ago

Andrew Rhinesmith

If I could triple love this I would.

3 weeks ago

Brett Sylvia

This is badass. Great shot 👍

3 weeks ago

AJ Richards

You are a master! Incredible work brother💪🏽👊🏽❤️

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