Brendan van Son

5 days ago

I haven't seen my laptop in 10 days, but I'm trying to edit some photos on my phone to share. This is a travel portrait of a Kazakh eagle hunter in Western Mongolia. Actually, he and his daughter - who I also met - we're made famous for a Netflix documentary they starred in. We slept on the floor of their house (in the background ), they feed us cheese curds (not at all like that on poutine ), and could not have been more welcoming. The last of my Sri Lanka vlogs just went up, then on Sunday the first of these Mongolia videos will be coming your way. Spoiler: they're epic. Follow #BvSMongolia to see what the rest of the squad is up to!


Carlo Bueno

Which documentary?

5 days ago

Lisa Morales

EB sells that right?

5 days ago

matthew jones

That's amazing! I bet it was an amazing experience 😀

5 days ago

Justin L Miller


5 days ago

Aditi / Suman


5 days ago

Hans Vera

Your phone screen is obviously too small for editing or you have become the ultimate fan of vignetting.😂

5 days ago

Steven W. Jones

Dude!! You look different, Mongolia has really changed you.

5 days ago

Jeff Bartlett

I hope you purchased a similar jacket for yourself

5 days ago



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Rob Bowman

Nice photo


Joseph Ray

They took you in & fed you, that's awesome; I hope you gave them a gift of some sort, too show your gratitude & respect for their hospitality.

2 days ago


Has there been a video up on youtube from this contry im in the highlands in scotland and only on 3G 😐

3 days ago

That documentary was amazing. Legit pic.

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4 days ago


Your feed is so powerful and so inspiring to me! ❤❤❤

4 days ago

julian elliott

Cool! I stayed at his house back in March just after an Eagle Festival.

4 days ago

Jay Swank


4 days ago

Discover Portugal & Spain 🇵🇹🇪🇸

Great photo my friend 👌

4 days ago

Suzanne Jeffree

love it!

4 days ago