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The real danger is that if we hear enough lies, then we no longer recognize the truth at all . Valery Legasov from Chernobyl. Somehow these words are just as relevant today #womenstreetphotographers #latergram #nyc



So awesome Christina 👌💯

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So atmospheric 😍👌🏻

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XperiMenTs In Image Making

Fabulous atmosphere created by the steam, have a beautiful day today 📸

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Thomas Kakareko

Powerful words and shot! 👌

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Erhan Gurkan


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Michael Cannon

Excellent. 👍❤️👍 Yes, just like the figure in the image we’re waking through a fog of truth and lies!

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Maria Kokkinou

Yes!! I love everything about this shot💙

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Henri Prestes

Beautiful image and powerful quote

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Joanna Janczak |aka Asia |

Very strong words and very accurate. Chernobyl was nasty and all the lies around it too. One day, we will destroy ourselves. We don’t have enough of respect for Mother Nature, we don’t have enough respect for humans who are in need, who are different .... we want more and more of everything ...

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D U T C H - E N G E L S

Absolutely love how you’ve captured this Christina! 💙

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