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🇸🇪 Stockholm is... * great for traveling with children! On our first day with @tallinksilja_germany we flew in to Stockholm and spent the whole day in the city before boarding our ship in the evening. * Stockholm is perfect for families! Seriously! Kids are everywhere! * We stayed in the Northern part of the city which is more residential and less touristy (thank you @miss_okapi for your tips ). * What you see a lot are men with kids! Swedish dads take very active role is bringing up kids which you will notice immediately after having a walk through Stockholm. Pushing strollers, jumping on playgrounds, in cafes, name it! * You can take strollers everywhere. Most of the places have baby chairs and changing facilities. * Pavements are all stroller-friendly * And buses are for free if you are traveling with a stroller (buses only ). * Stockholm, you get a star from us as a family friendly city❤️ #werbung #sponsored #tallinksilja #tallinksilja_germany #minicruise #itsmyminicruise


Wendy | Nomadic Fare

This framing is so lovely! And congrats on the WaPo feature! 💙

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TEKLA Travel

this view is so nice 🙌

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TRAVEL COUPLE ✈️Scott+Collette

I’ve always wanted to explore Stockholm

2 weeks ago

Nadia daily s'elf travels

Good to know - maybe for the future 😆

2 weeks ago

Christina T

❤️😘 Freut mich dass es euch so gut gefällt!!!

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Марсель вспомнился ; )

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Tolles Motiv ♥️♥️

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Jackie • Get Lost With Jackie

I love the framing of this 😍

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Nico | @hansegang

Toller Frame

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Johanna H.

Das hört sich perfekt an!! 😍🙌🏻 Wunderschönes Bild.

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Tuğçe & Murat

Nice shot! Good framing 👌

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Haley • Austin Travel Blogger

I’d definitely love to go back there again!

2 weeks ago

Debbie Arcangeles

Oo what a great place to visit with a family.

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Adventure | Luxury | Travel

Such a beautiful angle in this photo!!! 💙

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I need to start checking out this part of Europe with my kid

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Twenty-Four With Me

Sounds like the perfect city to raise kids

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Christof & Marcus

Ahh cool wo geht's als nächstes hin?

2 weeks ago

Looks beautiful 😍

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