Adrienne Norris

June 2019

Please dont miss this one! Everone can relate!! Trust me when I tell you!! #redtabletalk


Acne Expert Skincare

Can’t wait ❤️

June 2019

Kelly Kelly

People confuse changing the role with changing the relationship #truth ! Another good analogy I’ve heard is that a relationship is a dance and when you change the steps YOUR doing then the dance changes

June 2019

Annette Vargas

This was amazing and so spot on ❤️🙏 thank you ladies your awesome 😘👏🏼

June 2019

Sergio Soler

Her name should be captain obvious.

June 2019


Where can I get those beautiful earrings you’re wearing?💜

June 2019

CrazyBoy Joe

@adriennebanfieldnorris 👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿

June 2019


Dropping gems in less then a minute, wow❤️

June 2019

Abby Rankin

@tcrankin this is good

July 2019


This episode was soooo good👏👏

July 2019

Powerful!!!🔥So many are living a "Life Story" not a "Love Story"... Let us rewrite the chapters of our lives, that it may always be full of joy and filled with LOVE 💞

2 weeks ago