April 2019

A little appreciation post This right here is my Bestfriend d Alexandra she has been there for through everything g in the year we have known each other she is my other half and my Bestfriend I’m so glad I met this is my ride or die my day one if u ever try to hurt her u will have me to deal with So glad I can surround my self with amazing ppl like her if it wasn’t for her I don’t know where my life would be this is now my wife (my Bestfriend wife ) who ever marries her best know they need my permission first love ya Alexandra thnx for being my Bestfriend @xngelxface


Alexandra🌺 🌸🇭🇳

Love you with all my heart. Sorry I fell asleep right after I ate dinner last night 🤣💗💗💗💗

April 2019