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18 hours ago

Don’t explain your philosophy, embody it...keep showing up. 👊🏼 🐲 🔥 . . Sweaty Spartan ⚔️ 300 Rep Challenge 😅 3 exercises, 10 reps each for 10 rounds. That’s 300 reps 👋🏼 . 1️⃣ Skiers: 10 reps (50 lb dumbbells shown here ). . 2️⃣ Pull-ups: 10 reps (No pull-up bar, no worries, I used a door frame ). Talk about grip strength! 🦍 . 3️⃣ Seated Incline DB Curl: 10 reps, palms up supinated (35 lb dumbbells shown here ).


Today’s #FitnessFriday is all about getting creative with our routine - because at the end of the day, each body is unique! Fine-tuning our workouts to meet our personal fitness goals is the easiest way to see the results we want to see. Check today’s #PHITTalks for inspiration as @halleberry and I discuss working out without a trainer, conventional equipment, mixing cardio into your routine, full-body workouts versus targeting individual trouble areas and how to finally walk up to those free weights and show them who’s boss! Let’s celebrate the individual today, because you are AMAZING. Tune in to today's stories or IGTV and Happy Friday! 📷  @grantlegan

1 weeks ago

A very good Saturday morning to you ☀️ Try my quick, killer Box and Bells set up. All you need are boxing gloves 🥊 and dumbells (35lbs shown here ). Perform each exercise for 40 seconds of work with 20 seconds of rest in between. Strive to transition quickly. Go through all four exercises for four complete rounds (yes, all four movements equal one round ) for a massive cardio and arm pump 💪🏼 Perform all four movements on your knees, taking the stability of your legs out of the equation thus, recruiting more intrinsic muscle stabilizers / core. No heavy bag, no problem. Grab some gloves and use a stacked up padded mat, sometimes I just use a wall. You’ll be sweaty and salty in no time 😅 C’mon you got this. Always believe 👊🏼

3 weeks ago

I hope you already set your intentions for this  #FitnessFriday and the entire weekend because @halleberry and I are tackling #Motivation on #PHITTalks ! We talk about using a workout partner to stay focused, staying inspired and disciplined when you exercise, eating healthy with depression / anxiety, and what to do when you just can’t get that booty up in the morning for a work out! Tune in to today's stories or IGTV to join the conversation! 📷  @grantlegan

3 weeks ago

Ultimate Weekend Warrior Workout 💪🏼 500 rep challenge. Perform 💯 reps of each movement before moving on to the next exercise. Take as many breaks as you need along your journey until you accomplish 💯 reps. Track your time and seek good quality reps not just how quick you can get it done ⏰ This kicked my butt due to the high mountain altitude 🏔 Beginners, start with a smaller goal oriented number such as 50. Tag your workout partner 🏷 C’mon! Let’s get it done, always believe! 👊🏼 💥

4 weeks ago

A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a human perfected without trials... 💎 Training with my brother Daniel 👊🏼 @atelier_faust @heidis_garden

5 weeks ago

Game face on! Let’s GO, #FitnessFriday ! Happy to be back with @halleberry for another #PHITTalks because this week’s topic - training smarter, not harder - it’s so important. Halle and I answer questions about the negative effects of overtraining, benefits of changing up your workout routine, and the balance between your caloric intake and the amount of calories you burn 🔥 Tune in to today's stories or IGTV to join the conversation!

5 weeks ago

Be. Real. In the end, that’s all we’ve really got. Things change as we go. We fall and we grow. We shine and we glow. Sometimes I pretend that I know. Then the universe smacks me like...bitch, let go! I realize and I flow. On and on and round and round we go. But if there is one thing I do know, I love this life more than you know. BE REAL, let it show.

last month

Dear Martial Artist, Buried within the boldness of admitting I don’t know is the gift of self acceptance. Stepping forward not knowing is the root of humility, faith and growth. Had the greatest training today at @87elevenaction with @kitdaleofficial , @hugh_gregoryfitzgerald @stephendunlevy Thank you for your continued wealth of knowledge 🙏🏼 🥋

last month

Happy Fitness Friday everyone. Today, we’re focusing on our hips 🧘‍♂️ It’s been addressed that several people (especially ladies ) hold a great deal of stress and anxiety in their hip area, hence the importance of targeting this area while stretching. When we take time to work on our hip mobility and stability, we’re not only deepening our flexibility however decompressing and allowing stagnant energy to flow. Check out today’s stories for 5 hip stability stretches that might help you out. Let me know what you think in the comments!✨ 📸 @grantlegan

last month

Happy post-holiday #FitnessFriday , Warriors! ⚔️ Now who’s ready to get back to work!? This week is dedicated to those whom have asked me about how to achieve toned arms... I know how difficult it can be if you have stubborn biceps or triceps however @halleberry & I have five effective exercises that really target those problem areas and kick-start muscle growth! So let’s grab those dumbbells and follow along in today’s stories to feel that burn! 💪🏼🤘🏼 🔥

last month

last month

It’s #FitnessFriday and the first day of Summer ☀️💪🏼 For me, this Summer will be about embracing a shift in training (new workouts and ideologies as well as learning a new Art ) while maintaining resilience and staying committed through it all. On that note, @halleberry and I will be demonstrating effective core exercises that can all be completed with ONE seasonal essential... - a TOWEL. This quick workout isolates various muscles in your entire body including the abdomen, lungs, legs and butt. In turn, it will ignite your whole core no matter where you are. Check stories for our 5 go-to summer shred exercises, and get your BEAST ON 🐲 🔥 📸 @grantlegan )

last month

Sitting over here like... 🎶 “Maybe I’m just too demanding...or maybe I’m just like my father, too bold...or maybe I’m just like my mother...she’s never satisfied”. 🎶 🖤

June 2019

This #FitnessFriday is about to motivate some of those who think they don’t have enough time in their day to complete a full body workout. We are about to introduce you to your new best friend … the 15-Min Mini Circuit. This circuit can be squeezed into nearly every schedule and I’m not kidding when I say it will KICK. YOUR. BUTT. It’s a great combination of strength training and quick cardio, plus it requires little to no equipment! Head to stories for the breakdown of each exercise - let’s all take 15 and break a quick sweat. 💦

June 2019

🎶”Why pamper life's complexities When the leather runs smooth on the passenger seat?” 🎶 ”I would go out tonight But I haven't got a stitch to wear... This man said "It's gruesome That someone so handsome should care"

June 2019

Happy #FitnessFriday Welcoming the weekend with one of my favorite breathing, stretching and strengthening flows. This week we go allll the way back. I’m talkin’ WAY back. Get ready to learn from the OGs, because this series of exercises is reported to be over 2,500 YEARS OLD. When you have a busy life you often need go-to moves that can help make a bad day bright again and in turn will revitalize you. When I shared the five #TibetanRites with @halleberry , she was amazed because they really awaken the body, mind and spirit. This ancient knowledge has been used for centuries to increase energy, reduce stress, create an enhanced sense of calm and clarity of thought, increase strength and flexibility, detoxify the body and improve focus. Give it a try and let me know what you think! Head to stories to learn more. 🧘‍♂️ ✨

May 2019

Got to witness the incredible Champ @gggboxing today at the open workout 🥊 😱

May 2019

Big Trouble In Little China Workout 🐲 📸 @chrisbalualua

May 2019

This #FitnessFriday is about to get real heavy - we’ve got vacation body on the mind, and regular cardio just ain’t gonna cut it. Sometimes you gotta add light weights, and @halleberry and I know exactly how to do the damn thing. Head to today’s stories for 4 key cardio exercises that incorporate light weights to set your body (and fat ) on FIRE.🔥 Let’s show Summer we didn’t come here to play ⚔️

May 2019

Today is a very special Fitness Friday because it’s Wick Night as well. A true warrior like JOHN WICK starts within, and you fight only as good as your source of fuel ⚡️ Today’s #PHITTalks is ALL about nutrition and ritual, and @halleberry and I got the hook up! We talk transitioning into the keto lifestyle, why cheating on your diet is the BEST, the pros & cons of creatine (+ vegan friendly options! ), AND Halle’s go-to meal replacement shake 🥤 - Head to stories or IGTV to check it out & happy #FitnessFriday ! ♥️ 💪🏼

May 2019

I’ve died and went to heaven... 😇 Surround yourself with strong extraordinary women. Here is to strong women. May we know them. May we be them. May we raise them. They create, nurture and transform 🦋

May 2019


May 2019

“Learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end. Defeat is a state of mind. No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality. Preparation for tomorrow is hard work today.” -Bruce Lee 🐲 📸 @balualua666

May 2019

Trying to keep my poker face, moments later...it didn’t last long 😂 Life is better when you’re laughing with @halleberry 🦋 It’s that time of year! Spring is in the air, and while we know how to have a good time, this sh** is no laughing matter - because it’s officially becoming beach season! Our abs already know what time it is, and now it’s your turn. This #FitnessFriday , check stories for 5 ab shredding workouts that strengthen your foundation (because let’s face it your core is EVERYTHING ) so let’s level up your beach swagger in the summer months to come 🔥

May 2019

Mortal Kombat Workout 🐲🔥 Keep Calm & “Finish Him”! 📸 @balualua666 Beautiful Wall Art 🎨 by: @laurentsai

May 2019

“What stands in the way, becomes the way. If it’s endurable, then endure it”. - Marcus Aurelius 🔱

May 2019

May the 4th be with you! Sith Rule! Inspired by my bro @iamraypark (aka Darth Maul ) 👹 My midichlorian count was average today. Gotta keep leveling up 💪🏼

May 2019

Thinking about not getting up is an option, but not getting up isn’t! Champions and losers feel exactly the same thing. Champions just react to it differently. You’re not in a fight until there’s resistance, pressure, overcoming something. You don’t know who you are until you’re tested. You have to find a way when the fight comes to you. Keep walking through the thunderstorm, it can’t rain all the time. ⚡️

April 2019

It’s a beautiful #FitnessFriday , and @halleberry and I are in complete meditation mode 🧘‍♂️ 🧘‍♀️ Join us for today’s #PHITTalks as we discuss ways to stay focused in your meditation routine - incorporating music into your practice, using meditation to deepen your relationships, and easy breathing exercises that will make even the NASTIEST commutes completely zen. Catch our conversation today on stories & IGTV and Happy Friday!! ✨

April 2019

Don’t promise to live forever. Promise to forever live while you’re alive. Everyday starts from scratch. Make the promise to yourself to continue cultivating your greatness.

April 2019

This #FitnessFriday , we’re taking it to the block. The way we see it, a true warrior can look at ANY environment and find new and exciting ways to challenge their routine (fancy gym membership NOT necessary! ) - As soon as @halleberry and I spotted these cinder blocks, we knew just what time it was! The variable sizes of nontraditional weights can help build more uncommonly used muscles, leaving you challenged, motivated and sore af. 🤨 Check out today’s stories for 3 exercises and let’s hit the blocks!!

April 2019

If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass but oh so rewarding. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet introspection. Travel well and safe this weekend my friends. Have a wonderful Easter 🐰

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