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last month

LINK IN BIO TO WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO: Repertoire is my latest solo video, featuring original card flourishes that I created mostly between the span of October 2018-June 2019. This video debuted at Cardistry Con 2019 in Portland Oregon. Thank you, and I hope you enjoy.

June 2019

Daydreamers are now available on Link to my website is in my Instagram bio. Thanks to all who have supported this project that @kevinlimagic and I have been working on for a while now. Here is a quick, second trailer for Daydreamers, featuring me.

May 2019

Daydreamers, a playing card collaboration between myself and @kevinlimagic Coming soon to

May 2019

Coming soon to

April 2019

Black Flora Playing Cards in the hands of @danielmbuck Get them now at

April 2019

Black Floras are now available on my website, The link to get them is in my bio! Thank you all for your support.

April 2019

Black Flora will be released this Saturday, April 20th, 10 AM PST on

April 2019

Floras in the hands of @notseano Black Flora will be officially released on Saturday, April 20th, 10 AM PST on my website,

April 2019

Black Flora will be officially released on Saturday, April 20th, 10 AM PST on my website, The cards were initially supposed to be released a month prior, on March 20th. However, due to logistical reasons, I had to postpone the release. Apologies for the delay, and thanks for your guys’ patience. Photo by @imaprettycooldude and touch ups by me.

March 2019

CCC 2019 Entry, accompanied by iconic music. Hope you enjoy. Great job on designing these sick cards @daniel96928 and @kurtis_lin #15secondstoimpress #cardistrycon #ccc2019

March 2019

Black Floras will be released, April 2nd, in the beginning of spring. They will be available on my website, Raw photo by @chris millon. Color grade/edit by me.

March 2019

Black Flora Box. Printed by @clovestpress Featuring white foil and grey metallic ink in the background, composed of the word ‘Flora’ (or the closest equivalent ) in 25 different languages. Floras will be available in early April. The exact date will be announced soon. Thank you all for your support. Photo by @chris millon. Loop Animation by myself.

February 2019

Here is an awesome video that @kriod made using my playing cards, Casual V2. My newest deck, Flora V2’s, will be available very soon! Stay tuned. Filming credits: @david_guskov and @frozenbite

December 2018

Black Flora. Soon.

November 2018


November 2018

Raw photo taken by @watchalexander

November 2018

Photo by @prettyboymckee

October 2018

Hey all. This is an excerpt from the performance video I made for Cardistry-Con 2018 in Hong Kong. The full video is on YouTube, and the link is in my bio. This video features some of my original card flourishes. I hope you enjoy it. Thanks.

September 2018

From Cardistry Con 2018 in Hong Kong. Photo by the talented @francoisduboisvideo

July 2018

I made this trailer for @geminidecks new deck, Superfly Spitfire. I really like this deck, and you can buy it from his website. Hope you enjoy.

June 2018

Casual V2’s are still available on my website, They feel great, and I appreciate all the support and kind words the community has shared with me about this deck.

June 2018

Here is my entry into this year’s CCC. Good luck to everyone. The competition is crazy this year. #15secondstoimpress #cardistrycon #ccc18

May 2018

Brendan Connor makes Casual V2’s look better than ever. Link my bio if you want to buy some Casuals! Thanks @brendconner

April 2018

A rare picture of me and not my cards.

March 2018

Here is the Casual V2’s Trailer. Casual V2’s are available now at For this trailer, I did not want it to be just a Cardistry video. Rather, I wanted to quickly showcase the actual process I went through to make this deck of playing cards. All of the boxes are hand assembled by myself. I also cello-wrap each deck, one by one. Thank you to @mellenbog3n and @danielmbuck for helping me film and letting me use their space to film. Thank you to @clovestpress press for letting me film in their letterpress facility.

March 2018

Casual V2’s are available now. Link in my bio. Here they are in a thin spring by the amazing @notseano Photo taken by the extremely talented, @hellobrigit

March 2018

This is an awesome photo animation that @uniqueplayingcards made using Casual V2’s! If you want to get Casuals, they are available at The link is in my bio.

March 2018

Link in my bio to pick up Casual V2’s! Available at Photo by the amazing @borderlineadam

March 2018

Casual V2’s are for sale now!!!! Go cop some out I put a lot of work into this deck, and I am proud of the result. Thank you to everyone for the support and kind words I have received.

February 2018

Casual V2’s dropping soon! Photo taken by @annadeguzman

December 2017

This is a trailer I shot and edited for @gotmagic ’s awesome Views Playing Cards that are dropping on January 1st. This is a slightly condensed trailer in comparison to the actual, full trailer (that will be on YouTube ) due to Instagram’s 1 minute video maximum.l allowance. Finally, thank you to @danielmbuck for being in the video.

November 2017

Round 2.

November 2017

Here is a short video I made of the @artofplay pop up from last weekend. Enjoy.

November 2017

Found this cool photo that @notseano took of me last year in Hollywood.

November 2017

For the first time in my life, I got hired to perform and explain Cardistry at a live event! The event is tomorrow, and it will be at @homagepasadena ’s shop. If you are in the area, stop by. It is free to attend.

October 2017

A new cut I made called ‘Slick Wrist’. @bestcardistalive #bestcardistalive

October 2017

I had the pleasure of editing the official Cardistry Con 2017 video this year for @cardistrycon I also helped to film the event under @mellenbog3n ’s guide. Watch the whole video! Link in my bio.

September 2017

Playing with cards is always fun and relaxing. Recently been doing an upside down version of @frankistea ’s move, Dump.

July 2017

Hey everyone! I made this Cardistry performance video for it to be shown live at Cardistry Con 2017. Click on the link in my Instagram bio to watch the entire video! Thank you.

July 2017

Cardistry Con 2017 was so much fun! I met and reunited with so many amazing people. The talent I saw from so many Cardists was unreal. Thanks to @bucktwins for putting on such a great convention.

April 2017

Flora playing cards now available. Link in my bio to cop some! Photo taken by the talented @hellobrigit of the handsome and also talented @notseano

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