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16 hours ago

Did you know that there is a species of dolphin that does not have a dorsal fin? These elusive, playful and rarely seen dolphins exist in big numbers off the west coast of British Columbia. What species are they? Here is a hint…the word whale is part of their name. #nature #naturelovers #dolphin #love #beauty #explore


Orcas patrol the open blue sea off the West coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. So often I put my camera down to enjoy such charismatic megafauna but when a pattern presents itself, my instinct is to capture the moment. Why do things usually look better in threes? #orca #nature #beauty #bw #blackandwhite


Two humans for whom I have a ton of respect. Love you @ladzinski Thanks @prideofgypsies for the wishes and warrior cry. #respect #specialbirthdaywishes #gratitude

3 days ago

Heading home to the land of wolves, bears and orcas. Can’t wait to explore BC. Encountering wolves like this gorgeous female sea wolf is the ultimate gift. #home

3 days ago

Just finished two days of snorkeling with our #Omaze winner Stephanie @ward6585 and her partner Kevin @kyinthesky71 Couldn’t ask for nicer people. The whale sharks were everywhere doing what they do best and that is skimming the surface for fish eggs. More importantly, every year stricter rules are being put in place to protect these sharks from harassment and excessive boat traffic. I love seeing progress. We sincerely appreciate all of those who entered as those funds will go directly to our conservation campaigns and as you know there is much work to be done. For @sealegacy with @cristinamittermeier and @candace crespi

4 days ago

A mother humpback helps her young calf rest on the surface on the Silver Bank of the Dominican Republic in a display of nurturing that was humbling to witness. Before this moment, I never would have imagined that I would get a chance to lay motionless next to a mother humpback whale and her calf - and for them both to fully accept our presence. Here, these whales come to give birth in shallow warm, water before eventually turning back to feed on nutrient-rich water in the far North. The average humpback's migration covers a distance as long as 5000km; they travel to eat and breed, and mothers stay with their calves for about a year. Follow @SeaLegacy for more on ocean conservation. #TurningTheTide #gratitude

6 days ago

That moment when an orca descends underwater towards you and your boat; its sleek and powerful body curving like a bow, dorsal fin slicing through the midnight-dark waters in northern Norway. That is when you place your snorkel in your mouth, grab an underwater camera and slip over the edge of the zodiac. Your gut tells you that you might be foolish - that you might be taking your life in your hands when you decide to meet this great species face to face, but rationale is overrated when you put your trust and faith in the most intelligent top predator on this planet. And then you realize that you have taken your life in your hands, but not in the way you thought, because being in the water next to an orca changes something inside of you. With @cristinamittermeier @goranehlme and @hannestrager for @sealegacy

1 weeks ago

Video and text by @BertieGregory | Having recently broken out of the den with their mother, these three-month-old polar bear cubs were unbelievably cute. But although they look small here, they were born much smaller. To learn more about these lovely little animals check out my new online series for National Geographic, ‘Wild_Life: The Big Freeze’. Watch it on National Geographic Youtube or visit

2 weeks ago

Thank you for the awesome shoot @oren lawson and as always Cyper the wonder dog/wolf stole the show. #gratitude #friends #dog

2 weeks ago

The endless shapes and patterns of glacier ice in Antarctica. Something I will never tire of studying. From my latest book "Born To Ice”. #fineart #nature #beauty #ice #photography

2 weeks ago

In the Galápagos Islands, the wildlife literally rules the roost. It is so refreshing to watch wildlife come first. #nature #naturelovers

2 weeks ago

I love pushing the boundaries of what is possible in filming. I was told that the drone would not work inside an ice cave. It was a little confused, but we got the shot. With @bradleyfriesen

3 weeks ago

I am constantly hitting all of you with heavy conservation messages and that can get depressing. Therefore, as a brief palate cleanser, I offer you this cute baby fur seal from Antarctica. Now it is back to business as usual as there is much work to be done. Thanks for always being there. #wildlife #love #beauty #gratitude #naturelovers

3 weeks ago

We are constantly seeing signs of boats going too fast in wildlife corridors. Luckily this green sea turtle seems to have made a full recovery. #slowdown #nature

3 weeks ago

A humpback whale descends into the depths of Gerlache Strait, Antarctica to gorge on krill. Tragically, another Grey whale has washed up dead near Seattle this week. That adds up to over 70 dead grey whales this summer alone. 37 dead whales have been found in California, three in Oregon, 25 in Washington, five in Alaska and an additional five along the coast of British Columbia. These are the ones we know about which means that there is a massive die off of whales taking place. This die-off is the highest in 20 years. Scientists believe most of the massive animals are starving to death and speculate that it’s because food sources are vanishing in the dramatically warmer waters triggered by climate change. Massive global effects caused by climate change are no longer a discussion for the future. We are in the middle of a radically and rapidly changing planet. #nature

3 weeks ago

This small group of orcas kept spy-hopping around our inflatable boat in the northern fjords of Lofoten, Norway. They were showing so much curiosity that it seemed like an invitation to get in the water with them. As soon as we did the young calf brought over a jellyfish and then proceeded to play with it in front of us for quite some time. With my good friends @hannestrager and @frederik wolff #photography #nature #naturelovers #orcas #love #bw #whales

3 weeks ago

Finally, at home in British Columbia and it is time to turn my camera towards our local marine creatures like these Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. #nature #gratitude #greattobehome #bw #photography

3 weeks ago

What a wonderful homecoming and greeting committee. @cristinamittermeier and I are finally back home after a very productive @sealegacy expedition to the Galapagos. Our team has gone its separate ways for now to plan for the next expedition. Our México rescue pups are safe and sound after so many people took such good care of them for us. As soon as we got home they jumped into my lap and fell asleep. Thanks Mom and @chelsie_x_b for looking after them!!! #reunited #family

4 weeks ago

My life’s art has been to walk in the shadows of creatures more complete than I am- to go unnoticed in the wild lands where they live and eat and breed. Over the course of my career I have followed the footsteps of polar bears through fields of snow in the deep Arctic; watched from the sidelines as 80 lb emperor penguins launched themselves like rockets out of the water; camped out for weeks through blizzards and rainstorms in the hopes of getting the perfect shot. In this photo, a pod of humpbacks bubble feed in the light of the setting sun, and the photo only captures a fraction of what it was like to witness this in person. #whales #sunset #gratitude

4 weeks ago

The story of Bristol Bay is about a movement to keep one of America's last true wild places out of the hands of industry titans, because what happens to these waters, happens to all of us. With your help, we have sent 45,000+ signatures to Congress asking them to put a stop to the creation of the largest gold and copper mine the world has ever seen; a mine that would alter the face and the future of Bristol Bay forever. Your voices were heard, and the U.S. House of Representative has taken a first step toward protection. In the coming months, the administration's Army Corps of Engineers and the Senate will continue to play critical roles as they consider next steps. As this unfolds, I may call on you to take further action. For now, thank you for joining me, @SeaLegacy and everyone in Alaska already standing up for Bristol Bay. We couldn't do what we do without you. #NoPebbleMine #SaveBristolBay #TurningTheTide

4 weeks ago

We've reached zero hour for Pebble Mine. The window of time left to convince Congressional leaders that political intervention is necessary to stop Pebble Mine's permitting process is closing fast. In 2014, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA ) published the Bristol Bay Watershed Assessment after an exhaustive, three-year process evaluating the risks posed by the Pebble Mine. They concluded that even under a best-case scenario, Pebble would pose an unacceptable risk to Bristol Bay’s watershed and wild fish. Five years later, Pebble is closer than ever before to being permitted. Under the current Administration, EPA leadership has reversed course on its 2014 determination, and has instead set out to fast-track the permitting process at unprecedented speed. Are you prepared to stand with me, @CristinaMittermeier and @Sealegacy ? Please, sign the petition at the link in my bio.

4 weeks ago

How do you begin to tell a story that encompasses the beauty of a place and illustrates the peril that it faces? You go there. You spend time with the people who live and work there. You capture their stories and perspectives — and then you do everything you can to make sure the world hears them. We are living in a climate crisis where extreme weather events are predicted to increase in magnitude and frequency. A 1.4-billion ton mine, the largest proposed gold and copper mine in the world, built in an unstable seismic zone prone to earthquakes is not the way forward. If the Pebble Mine in Alaska becomes a reality, toxic mine waste will have to be managed in tailings dams for the rest of time - forever susceptible to failures. Send a message to US Congress and the Army Corps of Engineers - #NoPebbleMine - link in bio.

4 weeks ago

How do we first start to change the world? By adding our voices to important movements and by refusing to sit quietly while the might of industry drives us deeper into climate crisis. The construction of Pebble Mine would forever change the future of Bristol Bay, Alaska - and for all of the people and animals that live there. It will destroy 3,500 acres of wetlands and 80 miles of salmon streams that are a critical part of the system where half of the world's remaining wild salmon population returns to spawn every year. Bears will be displaced and disturbed by the port construction, port activity, and the travel corridor. We cannot let this beautiful place turn into another industrial wasteland. Please, join me and sign the petition to stop the Pebble Mine at the link in my bio. #NoPebbleMine #WeAreBristolBay #ExtinctionEndsHere #TurningTheTide

5 weeks ago

As I was saying, being a Galapagos Sea Lion would be a pretty good life. Especially at the Golden Bay Hotel where this seat is always reserved for this beautiful girl. While all of the other sea lions bicker over space on the beach, this girl shows up every morning and takes her seat for a few hours of uninterrupted sleep before heading back to sea in the afternoon. @goldenbaygalapagos #thegoodlife

5 weeks ago

Galapagos Sea Lions doing what they do best. Affection, relaxation, socialization and long bouts of play seem to make up the majority of their day. To amuse myself I often wonder what animal I would like to come back as in my next life and a sea lion seems like a good option. What would be one of your choices? Shot on assignment for @sealegacy #nature #naturelovers

5 weeks ago

Two species and two worlds come together just like the mixed currents that wrap around the Galapagos Islands allowing for all of this density and diversity of life. A wave of Black-Striped Salema almost block out the sun as Yellow-Tailed Surgeon Fish feast on the algae covered rocks off the coast of San Cristóbal Island. Please stay tuned for the next wave of images and footage as we embark on the crown jewel of this expedition. For @sealegacy

5 weeks ago

Unusual weather patterns. Melting sea ice. Forest fires. Droughts. Wildfires. Floods. This is climate change at work. I know that there are people out there who can’t wrap their heads around this; people who deny the climate crisis and can’t see it even though its right in front of their faces - in their backyards, in the media, in the air that they breathe. The closest I can get to understanding this denial is thinking about it like this: that you can’t really see your own face unless you look in a mirror. One of the ways that we can try to get around this is by reflecting the world back at them in images that tell powerful stories about the state of the world, and the health of our oceans, and the terrifying realities of climate change. Join me and @SeaLegacy as we strive toward a better future for our oceans. #TurningTheTide

5 weeks ago

Tomorrow, we head out to shoot for @sealegacy at Wolf and Darwin Islands in the Galapagos archipelago. We now have had a couple of prep days on the Island of San Cristobal. @cristinamittermeier and I decided to test out our cameras on a local dive. The wonderful dive shop said not to expect too much this time of year. They thought we might find a few fish and a couple of turtles. Little did they know that we have been diving in most places around the world and many of those places have seen either a dramatic decline or complete collapse of their marine ecosystems due to mismanagement. They do however, realize the true value of this natural treasure that they are sitting on because the Government had the foresight of protecting complete land and marine ecosystems. On this average dive, we swam through massive clouds of Salema fish, we were greeted by dozens of green sea turtles and even got buzzed by schooling hammerheads. If this is average and next week is supposed to be epic, then I cannot wait to share the results with you. The amazing thing about nature is that it wants to thrive. All we have to do is draw a line around it on a map, respect the laws, follow the rules and voila, nature will take care of the rest. It has been doing it for 4 billion years. #nature #MPA #marineprotectedareas

5 weeks ago

Over 60 million fish travel upriver here each year and bring life to the bear oasis that is Katmai National Park and Preserve. In its bays and streams, massive brown bears gather by the dozen along the water's edge, feasting side by side only a few feet from you. There is no doubt in my mind that the Pebble Mine project would have dire consequences for the bears of the Alaskan Peninsula. I'm so happy to see that more than 25,000 of you signed and supported the people of Bristol Bay asking for this place to be protected. Thank you for showing up and taking action. If you haven't already, please sign through the link in my bio. We cannot let this beautiful place turn into another industrial wasteland. #NoPebbleMine #SaveBristolBay

last month

We are at the halfway point of our expedition throughout the Galapagos Islands. For me, it is incredibly refreshing when a country like Ecuador realizes the true value and importance of its wild ecosystems. The rules are strict, the protections are deep and here, the wildlife comes first. To walk or dive around these islands is a chance to go back a thousand years in time. This newborn Galapagos sea lion with a face full of sand has been born into a bright future with clean beaches, waters abundant with fish and a park service that puts its rights first. Of course, like everywhere, it is not perfect and there is still work to be done but we are grateful for the opportunity to have a chance to turn our cameras towards these jewels of the sea. For @sealegacy with @cristinamittermeier and @luksth Gracias @metropolitantouring

last month

As an artist I strive to always capture the feeling of raw moments like these in all of the work that I do, and I believe in the power of visuals and experience to activate change. This is a key part of @SeaLegacy ’s philosophy. It is also the reason that I am on Instagram. I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with @omazeworld , and to get to meet a couple of you on our next trip to Isla Mujeres. There is only one week left to enter for your chance to join me and @CristinaMittermeier in Mexico as we support the implementation of more regulations around eco-tourism and blue experiences. Every donation supports our work @SeaLegacy You can enter through the link in my bio or at #onlyatomaze

last month

BREAKING NEWS ON #NOPEBBLEMINE : The US House of Representatives has approved an amendment to a bill that would block a permit for the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska. This is an important first step toward protecting Bristol Bay, but our fight to #SaveBristolBay is not over. A bill cannot pass unless both bodies of US Congress agree that it should become law, and the Senate still has to write their own version of the bill. @SeaLegacy and I remain committed with the same message: Bristol Bay is no place for a toxic mine. Will you join us and make sure US Congress knows that you're #TurningTheTide for the last wild salmon stronghold on Earth? Please, sign the petition at the link in my bio and stand with #TheTide

last month

Gentoo penguin parents tend their nest, made mostly of stones, around their new chick. These stones are so prized that male gentoo use them to try and attract females, and fights over stones are common at nesting time. Males and females build their nest together, and then alternate feeding and keeping chicks warm until they are old enough to leave home and head out into the great, wide world all on their own - just 30 days after hatching. #nature #wildlife #penguins #birdsofintagram

last month

A Sea Otter in Homer, Alaska grooms itself while resting in sheltered waters. #nature #love #beauty #wildlife #beauty #feelgood

last month

Throughout my career, I have been on countless expeditions to document the brown bears of Alaska, and the bear oasis that is Bristol Bay holds a special place in my heart. The construction of Pebble Mine would forever change the face and future of this magical place - and of all of the people and animals that live there. Bristol Bay is just one critical decision away from possibly losing everything that makes it a national treasure. But the project is still under review, and we still have a chance to encourage U.S. Congress to make the right choice. Join me, @CristinaMittermeier and @SeaLegacy as we stand alongside those already rallying to #SaveBristolBay Find out how you can add your voice at the link in my bio. #NoPebbleMine #WeAreBristolBay

last month

There are only a few truly wild places left on earth. We have to do everything we can to protect them. In this photo, a Katmai brown bear dives for his lunch in Alaska, where the proposed construction of Pebble Mine will have catastrophic effects on salmon and bears of the Bristol Bay watershed if it is not stopped. The story of Bristol Bay is one of perseverance in the face of incredible odds; a story about the movement to keep one of America's last true wild places out of the hands of industry titans. The project is still under review, and there is still time to encourage U.S. Congress to make the right decision. I just signed a petition to stop Pebble Mine. You can add yours by signing at the link in my bio. Join @SeaLegacy , @CristinaMittermeier and myself as we add our voices to the cacophony already rallying for Bristol Bay. #NoPebbleMine #WeAreBristolBay @wildsalmoncenter @unitedtribesofbristolbay @salmonstateak @alaskacenter @inletkeeper @defendbristolbay @friendsofmcneilriver @thewildfilm @wearebristolbay

last month

Hey Followers. I am sorry that I have to say this but If anybody writes you a DM from any page that resembles my name then it is a scam. I will never write anyone directly for money. It is truly tragic that there are people or organizations preying on kind and trusting people. If contacted, please report them immediately. I am sorry for this inconvenience.

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