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I love it when the morning birds sing 😌

1 weeks ago

last day in my ancestors’ home country, Italy

2 weeks ago

Deaf people face disturbing, inappropriate discrimination everyday and everywhere we go. We are not second-class citizens. TONIGHT with @johnquinones for @abcnetwork ’s “What Would You Do?” we test if bystanders are willing to help prevent injustice among deaf people.... Will our faith be restored?.... see you tonight on ABC at 9/8c And come back with your thoughts!!! #wwydabc #WWYD

3 weeks ago

thank you in advance 🤟🏼🤟🏼

last month

IVY FOR PRESIDENT! @ivyalonasjourney is a brilliant 9 year old Deaf Trans girl from Michigan ❤️🌈 SHARE.

last month

Absolutely loved meeting deaf children and their families! Thank you @socalhondadealers for letting me be a part of the #RandomActsofHelpfulness , an experience I will never forget! #ad

last month

Happy 4th of July!!! Stay safe everybody ❤️🇺🇸 Taken by my amazing sister in law @chrissyleigh_

last month

Impromptu photoshoot inside the sea cave 😍 (impromptu flex, questionable )

last month

#ad Use your difference and your identity as an asset. Learn what it means to live unapologetically in my new series with @outmagazine and @dietcoke See the full series on Out.com. #DietCoke #Pride

June 2019

There are so many deaf/disabled individual out there with incredible skills left to oblivions. So, when I was thrusted into the limelight I experienced struggle and obstacles because there wasn't enough representation. Today I took @CEO_Action 's #IActOn pledge, which is a personal pledge that any individual can take to commit to mitigating any unconscious biases, and act on driving more inclusive behaviors in their everyday lives. Everyday we see diversity, everywhere we go. Diversity and inclusion shouldn’t be and is not about ensuring representative numbers but about making the world as it is. I am committed to my pledge of reaching over 10K signatures from all of you. Join me and take the pledge using the link in my bio.

June 2019

I think it’s about time for a Deaf James Bond. Yes or no?

June 2019

How does my bow tie look?? About to attend the biggest charity event in Europe @lifeball_official , wearing the best @armani 🤟🏽

June 2019

entire summer mood 📸: @laurenbenedictmowl

June 2019

It was so great to hang out with the @SoCalHondaDealers today! Can’t Wait for you to see the surprise! #RandomActsofHelpfulness #ad

May 2019

PSA: Being Deaf doesn’t mean you can’t hear shit. While I’m profoundly deaf, I can still hear : - loud music - dogs barking (definitely not chihuahuas tho ) - screaming drunks - motorcycles roaring past - and sometimes @SamuelLJackson tweets 😂 And it’ll be different for every deaf individual. Have a good day. 🤟🏽

May 2019

Thank you everybody for wishing me a happy birthday! Transcript: hey everyone I wanted to say thank you all so much for wishing me a happy birthday today has been amazing. by far the best birthday ever I'm finally 30. I never thought that my 20s would ever wrap up. for some reason it seemed impossible that my 20s would ever end. I thought they'd go on forever but at the same time they flew by. so many things happened in my 20s and now is a wonderful time to reflect. I remember in my early 20s my goal was to become a math teacher. I wanted to teach at a deaf school to deaf students and of course I went through college I got my degree in math I was ready to start grad school, but as it got closer and closer and I was ready to begin my career, I still realized I had life to figure out till I was 24 when America's Next Top Model sent me one simple message they DM’d me on Instagram and it completely changed my life. I remember when I got the DM I thought that it's a scam. obviously right everything on Instagram seems to be a scam these days you know. so I ignored it I didn't let it bother me but they kept at it and I got with my mom and you know my mom said listen nyle if you go ahead and take this opportunity it means you're gonna have to change your entire career once again you know what I had already had my life figured out at that point I wanted to stick to it you know but I was curious at the same time and my mom said look nyle this is a golden opportunity and she was right I mean all mothers are always right! right so of course she was right I took advantage of the opportunity and turned my life upside down. completely changed my life and my career for the better but at the same time this industry, it has a way of making me feel insecure, has a way of making me feel that I'm never good enough, but this industry is also a hot mess. I mean I'm a hot mess you know and so much of this has changed my career and it's always felt that it's not stable, which is true but at the same time this industry has a way of making me feel that as a deaf person I may never last as long. it's a very risky business and I'm taking a huge gamble on it b

May 2019

quick escape to Palm Springs 😎☀️ - 📸 @laurenbenedictmowl

April 2019

I am EXCITED to finally be able to share with you all that I will be on @STATION19 on @abcnetwork Very ecstatic to add depth to the show as a Deaf... Fireman! 👨🏼‍🚒👨🏼‍🚒 It is also exhilarating playing a role that is not ‘one dimensional’ aka being limited to the perception of Deaf people. Deaf people can be so much more and we ARE so much more. I cant wait for you all to see it on May 16! You don’t want to miss it... trust me 😝

April 2019

Rest In Peace, Mark Medoff. Thank you for writing and creating Children of a Lesser God. Thank you for spotlighting the Deaf community. Our story. Our struggle and triumph. Thank you for empowering our community with voice. Thank you for creating and opening hundreds, if not thousands, opportunities for aspiring Deaf performers. Thank you for believing in me and allowing me join as Producer for your Broadway revival of Children of a Lesser God last year. It was my very first time as Producer and… ever since that experience, you’ve inspired me to take similar path. That is to create stories about the deaf... There is so many to tell. Again, thank you for everything, Mark Medoff. My condolences to the Medoff family ❤️

April 2019

CAN I GET A YEEHAW! - 📸: @taylormillerphoto for @_manabouttownuk Styled by: @dogreene

April 2019

Digital cover of @_manabouttownuk honoring National American Sign Language Day! On April 15, 1817 (202 years ago ), the first school for the deaf opened in Connecticut! The children intermingled Native American Signs, French Sign Language, and Martha’s Vineyard Language... this process brought forth modern American Sign Language 🤟🏽🤟🏽 Photography - @taylormillerphoto Fashion - @dogreene Words - @cecilypierce Model - @nyledimarco Photography Assistant - @joeycupelli

April 2019

😂😂 doing the woah challenge with a TWIST! (🤟🏽 = I love you in american sign language ) Did I do it right? #woahchallenge

March 2019

when you’re bored at a hotel in rochester 😂😂

March 2019


February 2019

when your gym has a rooftop 😎☀️

February 2019

woke up in kansas and apparently my leg does weird things

January 2019

when you’re hot and cold 📸: @taylormillerphoto

January 2019

Why I‘ve never once wished I could hear; The first reason is... I was born Deaf. I believe that people should embrace what they have & love themselves in order to glow, thrive, and breakdown what is in front of them. Check out the full interview (link in bio ) to find out how you can use your difference/identity as an advantage! - Thank you @huffpost #huffpost #deafgain

January 2019

Alright alright alright my turn! 10-year challenge!!! I was 19. Traveled around Costa Rica with my school backpack at the time this picture was taken. I only brought two shirts, two shorts and a pair of shoes. BROKE BUT HAPPY. Slept in hostels, hammocks by the beach, stranger’s home, and even on streets (how did I not get attacked or robbed!?! I guess me being deaf helped ignore thiefs trying to talk to me! ). Life of the party and did not care about my future because my passion was no where to be found. Oh to go back... and at the same time to leave it there because I absolutely love what I do now, specifically changing the perception of deaf and disabled people. If I told my 19 year old self who I would be in 10 years, my 19 year old self would throw his first generation T-Mobile sidekick phone (at the time ) to my current self, thinking I’m one crazy fucker! love you all and pura vida!!! xx #10yearchallenge

January 2019

Big DEAF Energy!!! - I’ve been getting messages regarding sudden loss of hearing and/or the compatibility of fluency in sign language (or lack thereof ) with the deaf community. Well @chellaman and I are here to tell you that there is no one right way to be deaf... so just BE YOU. Love yourself. Be your authentic self. And then the stars will align. I promise you this 🤟🏽

November 2018

🍁🍂 feelin cute, might delete later tho idk

November 2018

remote and wild 📸: @tatephoto

November 2018

Gotta get them angles 😝👻 📸: @tatephoto

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