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4 hours ago

Vote ! Vote ! Vote ! This is the most important election for everyone. Vote Liberal Democrat or Green as this is the only way to protect the future for children and their future. It is above party politics . Vote tactically to stop the rise of the populist right wing parties across Europe. These elections are incredibly important ! Vote ! This is a picture of Craig McDean’s eye. / @craigmcdeanstudio The wonderful @wolfgang_tillmans and I have worked together on this campaign. #eu #vote #europe #stopbrexit

12 hours ago

'O Medea' by world-renowned American choreographer @TrajalHarrell How would Medea speak, dance, and take her revenge in 2019? Harrell presents the world premiere of his new work at @onassis stegi. A five-person Chorus in the role of Medea re-reads the work’s ethical and political issues, revising them for a contemporary context. Performed by Titalayo Adebayo, Frances Chiaverini, Maria Ferreira Silva, Vania Doutel Vaz and Trajal Harrell, the world premiere is showcased at Onassis Stegi, Athens 30 May to 2 June 2019. Ticket available at! Produced by @mirfestival , O Medea forms one part of a trilogy, Porca Miseria, commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Zurich Schauspielhaus Zurich, ONASSIS STEGI, Kampnagel (Hamburg ), Holland Festival, Barbican and Dance Umbrella, NYU Skirball, Berliner Festspiele and The Arts Center at NYU Abu Dhabi.

21 hours ago

It’s very simple : vote Liberal Democrat or Green in Thursdays’ European Elections to help stop the rise of the far right and populist parties across Europe . For this you have to put the economic, climatic and cultural future of the country ahead of party political allegiances. There will not be another chance , please vote on Thursday, it’s so important!


Image from the project Soft Furnishings about the sexualisation of our surroundings. Based on Peter Saville’s Mayfair Appartement . Set by @gideonponte Styling by @franburns Nails by @mariannewman Make up @hannah_murray1 Hair by @cwoodhair Model @zimzimzimmer


Vote Liberal Democrat or Green in the European elections on Thursday or risk Nigel Farage’s Brexit party who have no policies ( other than dragging Britain into isolation and economic irrelevance ) will be the people in charge of representing the UK in Europe. There is now a very real chance we will stay in Europe and his party have said they just want to frustrate and take every opportunity to obstruct the workings of the European Parliament. Basically they not only want to leave the biggest and most powerful trading block in the world they also want to ruin it for everyone else . This is not the politics I want to see representing this country. It’s shameful as well as obscene. Imagine if we do leave how incredibly difficult it will be to get thé European Union to deal with the UK . This is such unbelievably short sighted and frankly moronic behaviour, it has to be stopped . The only parties to vote for are the Lib Democrats or the Green Party as they are the only ones who openly say the want to keep the UK in Europe. It is a hugely important vote that will affect the rest of your lives and your children’s future. This time you have to forget party allegiance and vote to stay in Europe . Please share this image i created with @wolfgang_tillmans and help give us the politics and politicians we can respect .

4 days ago

Working on a new film for @maisonmargiela

6 days ago

Boxer From my film fashion film Beasting which is on Styling @simonfoxton Fashion by @jgalliano

6 days ago

Time lapse of my @burberry Monogram Collection with the beautiful @gigihadid Creative Direction : @riccardotisci17 Art Direction : Peter Saville Film @brittlloyd_ Styling : @katyengland Make Up : @isamayaffrench Hair : @garygillhair Set Design : @tomotattle Nails : @mariannewman Time lapse by @myleshenrikhall and @raquel_couceiro_ Production : @liberteproductions Assisting : @thomasalexanderphoto @ralph_h_lawson

1 weeks ago

Peter Saville and I talking to the very wonderful @gigihadid during the @burberry Monogram shoot with @riccardotisci17 Picture by Myles Hall

2 weeks ago

@brittlloyd_ wonderful film of my @burberry Monogram Collection campaign starring the beautiful @gigihadid Credits The Monogram Collection #ThomasBurberryMonogram #BurberryGeneration @Burberry Creative Direction : @riccardotisci17 Art Direction : Peter Saville Film @brittlloyd_ Directed by me . Styling : @katyengland Edited by @raquel_couceiro_ Make Up : @isamayaffrench Hair : @garygillhair Set Design : @tomotattle Nails : @mariannewman Production : @liberteproductions Assisting : @thomasalexanderphoto @ralph_h_lawson

2 weeks ago

The wonderful @gigihadid stars in my new @burberry for the Monogram Collection campaign. #ThomasBurberryMonogram #BurberryGeneration @Burberry The Burberry Gentlemen Portrayed by @GigiHadid A Team of British Creatives Creative Direction : @riccardotisci17 Art Direction : Peter Saville Styling : @katyengland Make Up : @isamayaffrench Hair : @garygillhair Set Design : @tomotattle Nails : @mariannewman Production : @liberteproductions Assisting : @thomasalexanderphoto @ralph_h_lawson

2 weeks ago

The beautiful @gigihadid for my latest campaign for @riccardotisci17 ‘s @burberry Credits : The Monogram Collection #ThomasBurberryMonogram #BurberryGeneration @Burberry The Burberry Lady . Portrayed by @GigiHadid Creative Direction : @riccardotisci17 Art Direction : Peter Saville Styling : @katyengland Film by @brittlloyd_ Make Up : @isamayaffrench Hair : @garygillhair Set Design : @tomotattle Nails : @mariannewman Production : @liberteproductions Assisting : @thomasalexanderphoto @ralph_h_lawson

2 weeks ago

The wonderful @gigihadid is the star of my new campaign for @burberry The Monogram Collection #ThomasBurberryMonogram #BurberryGeneration @Burberry The Burberry Girl , Portrayed by @GigiHadid Creative Direction : @riccardotisci17 Art Direction : Peter Saville Styling : @katyengland Film by @brittlloyd_ Make Up : @isamayaffrench Hair : @garygillhair Set Design : @tomotattle Nails : @mariannewman Production : @liberteproductions Assisting : @thomasalexanderphoto @ralph_h_lawson

2 weeks ago

Very excited to start to show my @burberry Monogram Collection campaign with the beautiful @gigihadid Crédits read : The Burberry Boy, Portrayed by @GigiHadid #ThomasBurberryMonogram #BurberryGeneration @Burberry A Team of British Creatives Creative Direction : @riccardotisci17 Art Direction : Peter Saville Styling : @katyengland Film by @brittlloyd_ Make Up : @isamayaffrench Hair : @garygillhair Set Design : @tomotattle Nails : @mariannewman Production : @liberteproductions Assisting : @thomasalexanderphoto @ralph_h_lawson

2 weeks ago

Working with the brilliant @sjodwyer today and tomorrow. Check out what we are doing live by looking at the web cam . This picture of the beautiful @jade_o_belle Makeup @lauradomini2 Hair @martincullen65 Nails @mariannewman Assisting @thomasalexanderphoto

2 weeks ago

Spending my day trying to find the right music for a film I am working on . In so doing realising that back in the mid 1970s this woman with her truly amazing voice and music changed my life for ever . Chaka Khan , thank you .

2 weeks ago

Studio. Set by @tomotattle

2 weeks ago

Michael on the bed . 10/8 colour negative inverted .

2 weeks ago

Louis XIV . Bernini . 1665 .

3 weeks ago

On Friday I will be at the Victoria and Albert museum talking to the brilliant nail artist @mariannewman to celebrate the release of her new book, @mimmav will be chairing the discussion. @mariannewman has worked with me on nearly all the major fashion campaigns I have done from Dior to McQueen to Gareth Pugh to Burberry. A fantastic talent who started out as a forensic scientist and became the worlds leading nail artist . Marian did the nails on this shot of the beautiful @raquel_zimmermann for Vogue magazine Styled by Lucinda Chambers Hair by @sammcknight1 Make up by @thevalgarland

3 weeks ago

Working on creating a set of beautiful huge prints of my rose pictures for a really exciting exhibition this Summer.

3 weeks ago

The process of retouching and working on my Roses from my Garden pictures for exhibition occasionally presents some very unexpected and interesting visions . #roses #AI

3 weeks ago

On the SHOWstudio Tumblr the wonderful team at @fash_rev are the curators all this week! Telling a different story about the clothes we wear, the Fashion Revolution take-over visually answers the questions: who is shaking up the industry? Who needs a louder voice? How can we create positive change? Tune in to the SHOWstudio Tumblr for a full feed of fashion's greatest potential.

3 weeks ago

'Best in Show' is back on .The first instalment of the season sees John Matheson – known widely for his Instagram account @McQueen_Vault – unpick an exquisite getup from @Erdem Analysing the detailing, silhouette and craft of the dress, Matheson articulates the fascinating story that inspired the collection. Watch it on and stay tuned for more instalments... Our beautiful model is @melodypurple11 Make up by @indiaexcell

3 weeks ago

Poetry is in the streets.

4 weeks ago

Things that catch my eye 4. The joy of instagram initially for me was that it felt like a visual notebook . The pure spontaneity of it felt refreshing. It has since become a lot more but it still retains the ability to be a place to put images that one has no great understanding of their appeal or place but somehow feel interesting to me.

4 weeks ago

SHOWstudio this morning. Working on my rose pictures. Exhibition coming soon .

last month

For anyone who still thinks they were not lied to and mislead about leaving the European Union , watch this TED talk . Link in bio. Shame on the people complicit in the single biggest deceit of the British people in history. “Spreading lies in darkness with illegal cash “ that is Brexit’s version of democracy.

last month

My heart goes out to all the people who died and to all the families so dreadfully damaged and broken by the atrocities against humanity in SriLanka . There is nothing in this world that makes the killing of entirely innocent people justified. No cause, no belief, no ideology can justify the murder of innocent people. I send my love to all those whose lives are now shattered by this inhuman act . We need peace, tolerance and compassion in this world now more than ever . 💔

last month

Ballet dancer Marcelino @marcisambe shot for MMW/Nike.

last month has 100s of amazing and beautiful films on it . If you haven’t visited it before you really are missing a treat . Celebrate Easter by spending some time in the ARCHIVE! 'The Tale of the Bravest Warrior' (2013 ), an exclusive film by wonderful filmmaker @erica schreiner is just one of the poetic and brilliant films on The work builds on Erica’s explorations of making and destroying, and tells a tale of courage in the face of seemingly impossible odds. Watch on! Happy Easter !

last month

SHOWstudio ❤️

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